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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1128ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images Measured performance of the Network Time Protocol in the Internet system D.L. MillsOctober 1989    Unknown
RFC 1126ASCII, PDF Goals and functional requirements for inter-autonomous system routing M. LittleOctober 1989    Unknown
RFC 1125ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images Policy requirements for inter Administrative Domain routing D. EstrinNovember 1989    Unknown
RFC 1124ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images Policy issues in interconnecting networks B.M. LeinerSeptember 1989    Unknown
RFC 1109ASCII, PDF Report of the second Ad Hoc Network Management Review Group V.G. CerfAugust 1989    Unknown
RFC 1104ASCII, PDF Models of policy based routing H.W. BraunJune 1989    Unknown
RFC 1103ASCII, PDF Proposed standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over FDDI Networks D. KatzJune 1989Obsoleted by RFC 1188Unknown
RFC 1102ASCII, PDF Policy routing in Internet protocols D.D. ClarkMay 1989    Unknown
RFC 1101ASCII, PDF DNS encoding of network names and other types P.V. MockapetrisApril 1989Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035Unknown
RFC 1098ASCII, PDF Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) J.D. Case, M. Fedor, M.L. Schoffstall, J. DavinApril 1989Obsoletes RFC 1067, Obsoleted by RFC 1157Unknown
RFC 1097ASCII, PDF Telnet subliminal-message option B. Miller1 April 1989    Unknown
RFC 1095ASCII, PDF Common Management Information Services and Protocol over TCP/IP (CMOT) U.S. Warrier, L. BesawApril 1989Obsoleted by RFC 1189Unknown
RFC 1093ASCII, PDF NSFNET routing architecture H.W. BraunFebruary 1989    Unknown
RFC 1092ASCII, PDF EGP and policy based routing in the new NSFNET backbone J. RekhterFebruary 1989    Unknown
RFC 1090ASCII, PDF SMTP on X.25 R. UllmannFebruary 1989    Unknown
RFC 1089ASCII, PDF SNMP over Ethernet M. Schoffstall, C. Davin, M. Fedor, J. CaseFebruary 1989Obsoleted by RFC 4789Unknown
RFC 1087ASCII, PDF Ethics and the Internet Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities BoardJanuary 1989    Unknown
RFC 1086ASCII, PDF ISO-TP0 bridge between TCP and X.25 J.P. Onions, M.T. RoseDecember 1988    Unknown
RFC 1085ASCII, PDF ISO presentation services on top of TCP/IP based internets M.T. RoseDecember 1988    Unknown
RFC 1084ASCII, PDF BOOTP vendor information extensions J.K. ReynoldsDecember 1988Obsoletes RFC 1048, Obsoleted by RFC 1395, RFC 1497, RFC 1533Unknown
RFC 1082ASCII, PDF Post Office Protocol: Version 3: Extended service offerings M.T. RoseNovember 1988    Unknown
RFC 1081ASCII, PDF Post Office Protocol: Version 3 M.T. RoseNovember 1988Obsoleted by RFC 1225Unknown
RFC 1080ASCII, PDF Telnet remote flow control option C.L. HedrickNovember 1988Obsoleted by RFC 1372Unknown
RFC 1077ASCII, PDF Critical issues in high bandwidth networking B.M. LeinerNovember 1988    Unknown
RFC 1076ASCII, PDF HEMS monitoring and control language G. Trewitt, C. PartridgeNovember 1988Obsoletes RFC 1023Unknown