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Format Transition Details

The RFC Editor will be switching to using xml2rfc v3 to create RFCs. There will be new publication formats (HTML, PDF, and text) created from an XML source file, which uses the v3 vocabulary. This page provides detail for interested parties. Please see this mail for an overview.

For people authoring Internet-Drafts with the goal of publication as an RFC

  • You do not have to change what you submit as an Internet-Draft.
  • You can continue to use the tool of your choice to create their Internet-Draft.
  • If you choose to use xml2rfc v3, you can use new features (e.g., link to specific sections in other RFCs, SVG diagrams, non-ASCII characters, some font styling).

For authors with documents in the RFC Editor queue

  • You do not have to worry; the RFC Editor will convert your v2 XML file to a v3 XML file using xml2rfc --v2v3 and making subsequent updates to the XML.
  • You will no longer have fine control of the page breaks in the final RFC.
  • There will no longer be any “post-xml2rfc” corrections of the output.
  • If a bug in the tool affects the output for your document, publication may be delayed until the tool has been updated. A new queue state -- Tooling Issue (TI) state -- is being introduced to identify this delay.
  • If you have any questions, please send mail

Specifically for authors with documents in AUTH48 state

  • In September, documents already in AUTH48 will be converted to XML v3 and the files will be reposted. We will notify you and the relevant parties when the updated files are available.
  • If you have already approved the file for publication, your approvals of the content will stand; however, you will be asked to review the v3 files and provide a second approval for the v3 XML and outputs.
  • If you have not yet provided an approval, your approval will be considered approval for the content, v3 XML, and v3 XML outputs.
  • You will be provided with a snapshot of the initially converted XMLv2 to XMLv3 and the formatted XMLv3 file (after some updates are made to the format) so you can easily view the formatting updates with minimal noise. We will continue to provide diffs of the text so you can review the content updates.

For working group chairs, Area Directors, stream managers, and other leaders in the community

  • Please help authors review the new output formats during AUTH48 state.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the new features of xml2rfc v3.
  • Note that stream managers will determine when Internet-Drafts that make use of the new features will be approved.

For interested parties

Related discussion occurs on these mailing lists:

To report a bug

To discuss possible new features and schema changes

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