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Parent issue: Statistics and Metrics

Specific issue: Reporting

Size (time): 6-18 months from start Importance/Urgency: Yes/No

Problem Statement: There are currently mixed reviews on the utility of the metrics being reported out from the RFC Editor function. Some time needs to be taken to review exactly what stats exist, how they might be represented, and what other useful information might be shared. The goal is to end the manual effort required to create stats and metrics info.

More information: Most of the statistics collected are included in a monthly report to the IAD, found here: A weekly summary of statistics is provided on the RFC Editor website: Of the 22 discrete reports (details forthcoming) that are provided for the IAD, the IETF Chair, the IESG, and others on a regular basis, 3 are automatically generated and 19 are manually created.


RSE Actions: * Review current reports * suggest alternatives to the RFC Prod Ctr and Publisher * Determine if any new programming effort will be required for different/better stats to be created and what funding might be required to get there from here * solicit feedback from RSOC, IAB, Stream Managers on revised stats if appropriate

RSOC Actions: * discussion of funding and recommend to the IAB if appropriate

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions: * suggest alternatives and indicate what is already in progress for modification * provide feedback on level of effort required to different options

Costs/Benefits: Financial: Project schedules: Reputation:

Estimated completion date:

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