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Parent issue: Vendor satisfaction survey

Size (time): 1-6 months from start

Importance/Urgency: Medium

Problem Statement: Sending out a survey up to 11 months after an author's RFC has been published in order to determine how satisfied the authors were with the editing process is not collecting sufficient information (and the information it does collect may well not be accurate). After discussion with the RSOC, a proposal was put forward to try a satisfaction survey process where the survey is sent out shortly after each RFC is published. This experiment will run from 1 February 2019 through 31 December 2019, at which point we will review the experiment against the following criteria:

  • What was the response rate? (Looking for over 15%)
  • Were the responses in the free-form answer section useful and actionable?
  • Did the community have any issue with the survey itself (will need to send a note to to solicit input on the experiment)

RSE Actions:

RSOC Actions:

  • Review survey feedback reports
  • Work with the RSE to determine success of the experiment

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:

  • No actions required


Financial: Approx $450/annually

Project schedules:

  • First surveys to go out 1 February 2019 DONE
  • RSE to send out surveys on a weekly basis
  • Reports to be offered upon request to the RSOC and at each IETF meeting


Estimated completion date: December 2019

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