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Parent issue: Infrastructure/Data Accessibility Work Specific issue: Efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the RFC Editor

Size (time): 18+ months

Importance/Urgency: High/Medium

Problem Statement: The RFC Editor has identified issues in maintaining the current database and scripts used in the editing and publication of RFCs. The database needs to be refactored and the tools updated as necessary to match. The effort should reduce the redundancies in the database, reconfigure it to follow best DBA practices, and streamline the data where possible. The work should result in an API making the data easily accessible to external developers. At minimum, data on RFCs, errata, and authors should be made available. The tools should, to the extent possible, be made open to take best advantage of the volunteer community in making future changes.

RSE Actions: Bring together a small design team to review the existing architecture and start making plans for future restructuring. Develop a project plan and report out to the RSOC regarding resources required.

RSOC Actions:

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:



Project schedules:


Estimated completion date: TBD

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