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Parent issue: Fifty Years of RFCs anniversary (7 April 2019)

Size (time): 1-6 months from start

Importance/Urgency: Medium/Low

Problem Statement: RFC exist marking the anniversary of RFC 1 at thirty years as well as forty years. In that pattern, an RFC should document the fiftieth anniversary as well.

RSE Actions:

  • Identity and work with key figures to contribute to the draft and provide structure and context for the document.

See draft-flanagan-fiftyyears

RSOC Actions:

  • Review and endorse draft-flanagan-fiftyyears to the IAB

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:

  • Sandy Ginoza was identified as one of the key people to contribute DONE


Financial: no direct impact

Project schedules:

  • Goal - have the RFC published on the anniversary MISSED
  • Update
    • Submitted to the IAB for consideration as an IAB stream doc May 2019
    • Sent out for community comment July 2019
    • Updates made, request to approve for publication August 2019
    • Expected publication date October 2019


Revised Estimated completion date: October 2019

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