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Parent issue: Improving the scholarly reputation of the RFC Series Specific issue: DOI assignments to all RFC

Size (time): 3-4 months Importance/Urgency: Med/Low

Problem Statement: When documenting authored publications, researchers often rely on Digital Object Identifiers ( to find, cite, and report on their publication activity. In some cases, publications do not count as professional publications if a DOI is not assigned. In order to encourage the reputation and value of the Series to academic researchers, adding DOIs to all published RFCs is being considered as a possibility. Using DOIs to uniquely identify publications is considered a standard best practice among the scientific, technical, and medical publishing community.

RSE Actions:

RSOC Actions:

  • review plan, approve membership with

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:

  • Determine what programming will be required
  • Help create project plan
  • Code changes to include information in database, create necessary APIs to register DOI numbers with CrosRef
  • Adjust Procedures Manual accordingly

Costs/Benefits Financial:

  • From EZID -
    • “An annual subscription for a non-profit organization is $2,500 per year. This entitles the organization to up to 1 million identifiers per year, both DOIs and ARKs. You would have a unique prefix assigned to your organization”
  • From CrossRef -
 CrossRef Fees, initial
 Annual Fee = $275
 Deposit Fee (2012-2014) = (610 * 1.00) = $610 
 Deposit Fee (pre-2012) = (6491 * .15) = $973.65
 Total est. for of January 1, 2014 = $1913.65
 Ongoing = $330 (annual fee) + $350 (total yearly deposit fee)

While a subscription service is possible for $2500/year, given the number of RFC's published (approx 350/year) a per document service like makes more sense for the Series.

Project schedules:

Reputation: goal is to improve the overall reputation of the series

Estimated completion date: TBD

Note on API for EZID The API documentation is here:

The API test user account user name: apitest password: apitest

This is a shared account, and the identifiers created are subject to deletion after 2 weeks.

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