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Sample of an unpaginated text RFC

New features include:

  1. An RFC Editor note indicating that the document contains information that do not render in ASCII
    1. If there is no additional information/artwork, then it seems there should be a PI or attribute in the XML file to make the note appear or not appear.
    2. Does there need to be distinct RFC Editor notes for the three possible cases: an RFC with one or more images, and RFC with one or more scripts, or an RFC with both images and scripts?
  2. Sample text if an image were to be included
    1. When current ASCII-only RFCs contain images such that they must point to a PDF version that contains all the content, they do not have individual pointers to each image; they point to the entire PDF version. Currently suggesting we point to the info pages as the reference point for all images, rather than to a specific image file. This way we do not need to keep separate image pointers live and readers can choose the publication format of their choice.
  3. An author name with Cyrillic script alternative
    1. There are strong arguments for listing the unicode symbols where non-ASCII characters are used in a document; this becomes a consideration particularly when we allow non-ASCII characters in examples and/or other areas of the text (outside Author's Addresses). What kind of checking would we need to make that happen? (see
    2. Can we call this a plain text file if we're allowing alternate scripts anywhere? Or should those be left out of this format?
  4. Note a change in section ordering (Acknowledgments is immediately before Author's Address and is unnumbered, as per Style Guide draft

Testing readability of non-ASCII script

  1. MacOS 10.7.5 Terminal - ok
  2. Firefox 23.0 - ok
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