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Attendees: Heather, Paul, Tony, Dave, Robert, Alice, Joe, Nevil, Julian

0. Administrivia

  1. Next call scheduled for May 29; HLF unavailable but let her know if you want to use the webex for specific discussions

1. Status of existing drafts

* xml2rfc v2 - any further work left, or should we nudge it towards publication?

(Julian) want to think more about possible extensions for these files; other than that was planning on adding examples. Julian can produce a new version of the draft with that one change, and then ask for a final review and say the draft is ready except for examples. After the review, we can decide on how to proceed.

(Paul) There are some changes that people requested in v3 that would be parallel in v2

(Julian) yes, need to look at changes in existing elements and consider whether/how to consolidate them

(Paul) instead of waiting on examples, maybe we start another doc that is examples of both v2 and v3, which would serve two purposes: help people still using v2, and help focus on differences with v3

(Julian) that’s a good point, let’s push those into a different document.

(Paul) hoping that when we ask for something that processes v3, that there will be a converter from v2 to v3 which may do nothing more than list what is deprecated, but if it could also do best-guess changes and leave comments for what it couldn’t figure out would be great. (Robert) I’m on top of that.

(Tony) there might be a section on things that are difficult to do in v2 that are improved in v3

(Robert) in the working copy, have you changed the working status? Julian and Paul both to do that for their drafts. (Heather) I will ask for an early Gen-ART review for v2 when Julian pushes out the next draft

* SVG draft - any further work left; do we expect to test implementation before nudging towards publication? Nevil has some prototype checker code; we may have to leave the detail for later, when we gain more experience

(Paul) not all that many people will need this, so don’t over optimize now

(Joe) there are image diff-ing tools that might be interesting to incorporate here.

(Nevil) draft will be ready to go out to the community in another 2-3 weeks

(RjS) there may be an opportunity to make a recommendation or policy: if you can say something with uncomplicated SVG, do so. (Paul) we may have gone too far in that direction already with current ASCII art. (RjS) we should look for opportunities to both encourage prose and diagrams as simple as is reasonable

* PDF draft - will the -00 be published soon?

* non-ASCII draft - text is done, but the CSS for the web page needs serious work This is an opportunity for more design input.

(Paul) for actual content, we haven’t really dealt with IDN sufficiently, though that may not be something we have to deal with right now. (email addresses, URIs)

* HTML draft - need to start updating content

Heather to work on this on the plane tomorrow.

* xml2rfc v3 - what's left?

covered earlier and in email

* other drafts needed?

(Paul) We need a text draft, a la PDF, HTML format drafts. We need something that says what will the new text format will look like. There is an indication on rfc-i that people are making assumptions about plain text that aren’t accurate. On the positive side, there will be longer line lengths, on the negative side the new features in v3 may not translate very well to the text file.

2. Document prototypes

* feedback on the I-D, v2, and v3 version of draft-hildebrand-html-rfc

Julian to poke at a tool to automate the v3 checking against defined grammar

3. AOB

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