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Parent issue: Author Responsibility and Acknowledgement Specific issue: AUTH48 approvals

Size (time): 6-18 months Importance/Urgency: High/Low

Problem Statement: A goal of the RFC Editor is to remove unnecessary barriers to the RFC process. The AUTH48 process is an area due for review to determine if the current method of iterative review by authors via email to the rfc-editor is the most efficient and appropriate for the series. Questions around the process include:

  • What constitutes a positive endorsement of the final version of an RFC?
  • Is it reasonable and appropriate given potential costs versus benefits to create a tool to allow more automation of the process? (i.e. a web form that would allow authors to directly approve specific changes by the RFC Ed and have those changes incorporate in to the doc automatically)
  • How to verify and enforce that everyone listed as an author really is an author.

Much of the AUTH48 process is outside the immediate purview of the RFC Editor. This project must focus on what the RFC Editor can do to improve the process, and pull together suggestions for the Streams if changes in the process on their end might make things more efficient.

RSE Actions:

  • Determine what, if any, projects involving the AUTH48 process are already in queue
    • New tag, AUTH48DONE, to be added to let authors & ADs know when a document is in that stage between AUTH48 and actual publication
  • Determine if there is any work to be done at this time. If so…
  • Discuss with RSAG to gain a better understanding of any particular community sensitivities (“dragons”) in this area
  • Begin discussion with community via rfc-interest
  • Separate any suggested policy changes from tool additions/enhancements
  • Determine full budget cost if it is determined new tool(s) are required

RSOC Actions:

  • input will be required on potential costs/benefits impact (initial review due 24-Mar-2012)

RFC Production Center & Publisher

  • input required on any projects already in queue (due 30-Jan-2012 during onsite meeting at AMS)
  • input will be required on potential costs/benefits impact, particularly to project schedules and financial impact

Child project


Financial: undetermined

Project schedule: undetermined

Reputation: undetermined

Estimated completion date: insufficient data for full completion date

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