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RFC files available on the website

The files listed below are available from via various methods.

  • “Before” means below RFC 8650 (i.e., before the format change).
  • “After” means RFC 8650 and higher (i.e., after the format change). See [4] for information on the format change.

in the primary directory

File extension Description Reference
.txt Before: plain text file
After: the text output of xml2rfc (UTF-8-encoded file with a byte order mark)
RFC 7994
.pdf Before: (rare cases) a scan of a hardcopy RFC or a PDF with images added by authors (see [1] for details).
After: the PDF output of xml2rfc converted to PDF/A-3 using pdfaPilot [2].
RFC 7995
.html Before: HTML created from TXT using rfc2html [3]
After: the HTML output of xml2rfc.
RFC 7992
.xml Before: if an XML file exists, the RFC Editor can provide it on request.
After: the source file; the output of the preptool
RFC 7991 and RFCXML vocabulary reference
.json metadata file; see [5] for details.

in inline-errata/

File extension Description
.html An informative rendering of an RFC that includes verified errata. The file exists for a given RFC only if there exist verified errata. Created from TXT using rfc-errata.

in pdfrfc/

File extension Description
.txt.pdf Before: PDF created directly from the TXT file
After: This file is no longer created. It is replaced by the PDF output of xml2rfc.

in prerelease/

File extension Description
.notprepped.xml The source file before using xml2rfc --preptool. This is provided for authors who may create a bis document.


Note: Generally, the “v3 era” refers to after the format change, i.e., RFC 8650 and higher. Time-wise, this was October 2019 and afterwards. (There exists one exception, which was not published in the v3 format -- RFC 8489, published February 2020. Its RFC number is intentionally lower than RFC 8650.)

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