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RFC 744ASCII, PDF MARS - a Message Archiving and Retrieval Service J. SattleyJanuary 1978    Unknown
RFC 746ASCII, PDF SUPDUP graphics extension R. StallmanMarch 1978    Unknown
RFC 747ASCII, PDF Recent extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol M.R. CrispinMarch 1978    Unknown
RFC 745ASCII, PDF JANUS interface specifications M. BeelerMarch 1978    Unknown
RFC 748ASCII, PDF Telnet randomly-lose option M.R. Crispin1 April 1978    Unknown
RFC 749ASCII, PDF Telnet SUPDUP-Output option B. GreenbergSeptember 1978    Proposed Standard
RFC 750ASCII, PDF Assigned numbers J. PostelSeptember 1978Obsoletes RFC 739, Obsoleted by RFC 755Historic (changed from Unknown May 1979)
RFC 751ASCII, PDF Survey of FTP mail and MLFL P.D. LeblingDecember 1978    Unknown

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