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RFC 9586HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIMAP Extension for Using and Returning Unique Identifiers (UIDs) OnlyA. Melnikov, A. P. Achuthan, V. Nagulakonda, A. Singh, L. AlvesMay 2024    Experimental
RFC 9539HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataUnilateral Opportunistic Deployment of Encrypted Recursive-to-Authoritative DNSD. K. Gillmor, Ed., J. Salazar, Ed., P. Hoffman, Ed.February 2024ErrataExperimental
RFC 9531HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLPath Steering in Content-Centric Networking (CCNx) and Named Data Networking (NDN)I. Moiseenko, D. OranMarch 2024    Experimental
RFC 9526HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataSimple Provisioning of Public Names for Residential NetworksD. Migault, R. Weber, M. Richardson, R. HunterJanuary 2024ErrataExperimental
RFC 9510HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAlternative Delta Time Encoding for Content-Centric Networking (CCNx) Using Compact Floating-Point ArithmeticC. Gündoğan, T. Schmidt, D. Oran, M. WählischFebruary 2024Updates RFC 8609Experimental
RFC 9508HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInformation-Centric Networking (ICN) Ping Protocol SpecificationS. Mastorakis, D. Oran, J. Gibson, I. Moiseenko, R. DromsMarch 2024    Experimental
RFC 9507HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInformation-Centric Networking (ICN) Traceroute Protocol SpecificationS. Mastorakis, D. Oran, I. Moiseenko, J. Gibson, R. DromsMarch 2024    Experimental
RFC 9477HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLComplaint Feedback Loop Address HeaderJ. BeneckeSeptember 2023    Experimental
RFC 9407HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTetrys: An On-the-Fly Network Coding ProtocolJ. Detchart, E. Lochin, J. Lacan, V. RocaJune 2023    Experimental
RFC 9377HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIS-IS Flood ReflectionT. Przygienda, Ed., C. Bowers, Y. Lee, A. Sharma, R. WhiteApril 2023    Experimental
RFC 9344HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCCNinfo: Discovering Content and Network Information in Content-Centric NetworksH. Asaeda, A. Ooka, X. ShaoFebruary 2023    Experimental
RFC 9332HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDual-Queue Coupled Active Queue Management (AQM) for Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable Throughput (L4S)K. De Schepper, B. Briscoe, Ed., G. WhiteJanuary 2023    Experimental
RFC 9331HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) Protocol for Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable Throughput (L4S)K. De Schepper, B. Briscoe, Ed.January 2023    Experimental
RFC 9306HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLVendor-Specific LISP Canonical Address Format (LCAF)A. Rodriguez-Natal, V. Ermagan, A. Smirnov, V. Ashtaputre, D. FarinacciOctober 2022Updates RFC 8060Experimental
RFC 9275HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAn Extension for Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO): Path VectorK. Gao, Y. Lee, S. Randriamasy, Y. Yang, J. ZhangSeptember 2022    Experimental
RFC 9268HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIPv6 Minimum Path MTU Hop-by-Hop OptionR. Hinden, G. FairhurstAugust 2022    Experimental
RFC 9230HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOblivious DNS over HTTPSE. Kinnear, P. McManus, T. Pauly, T. Verma, C.A. WoodJune 2022ErrataExperimental
RFC 9229HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIPv4 Routes with an IPv6 Next Hop in the Babel Routing ProtocolJ. ChroboczekMay 2022    Experimental
RFC 9228HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDelivered-To Email Header FieldD. Crocker, Ed.April 2022    Experimental
RFC 9226HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLBioctal: Hexadecimal 2.0M. Breen1 April 2022    Experimental
RFC 9188HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLGeneric Multi-Access (GMA) Encapsulation ProtocolJ. Zhu, S. KanugoviFebruary 2022    Experimental
RFC 9163HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLExpect-CT Extension for HTTPE. StarkJune 2022    Experimental
RFC 9162HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCertificate Transparency Version 2.0B. Laurie, E. Messeri, R. StradlingDecember 2021Obsoletes RFC 6962Experimental
RFC 9139HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInformation-Centric Networking (ICN) Adaptation to Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPANs)C. Gündoğan, T. Schmidt, M. Wählisch, C. Scherb, C. Marxer, C. TschudinNovember 2021    Experimental
RFC 9102HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataTLS DNSSEC Chain ExtensionV. Dukhovni, S. Huque, W. Toorop, P. Wouters, M. ShoreAugust 2021ErrataExperimental