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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 2327ASCII, PDF SDP: Session Description Protocol M. Handley, V. JacobsonApril 1998Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 4566, Updated by RFC 3266Proposed Standard
RFC 2848ASCII, PDF The PINT Service Protocol: Extensions to SIP and SDP for IP Access to Telephone Call Services S. Petrack, L. ConroyJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3107ASCII, PDF Carrying Label Information in BGP-4 Y. Rekhter, E. RosenMay 2001Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 8277, Updated by RFC 6790Proposed Standard
RFC 3108ASCII, PDF Conventions for the use of the Session Description Protocol (SDP) for ATM Bearer Connections R. Kumar, M. MostafaMay 2001ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3264ASCII, PDF An Offer/Answer Model with Session Description Protocol (SDP) J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneJune 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2543, Updated by RFC 6157Proposed Standard
RFC 3266ASCII, PDF Support for IPv6 in Session Description Protocol (SDP) S. Olson, G. Camarillo, A. B. RoachJune 2002Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 4566, Updates RFC 2327Proposed Standard
RFC 3322ASCII, PDF Signaling Compression (SigComp) Requirements & Assumptions H. HannuJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3388ASCII, PDF Grouping of Media Lines in the Session Description Protocol (SDP) G. Camarillo, G. Eriksson, J. Holler, H. SchulzrinneDecember 2002Obsoleted by RFC 5888Proposed Standard
RFC 3407ASCII, PDFSession Description Protocol (SDP) Simple Capability Declaration F. AndreasenOctober 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3446ASCII, PDF Anycast Rendevous Point (RP) mechanism using Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) D. Kim, D. Meyer, H. Kilmer, D. FarinacciJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3485ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP) Static Dictionary for Signaling Compression (SigComp) M. Garcia-Martin, C. Bormann, J. Ott, R. Price, A. B. RoachFebruary 2003Updated by RFC 4896Proposed Standard
RFC 3524ASCII, PDF Mapping of Media Streams to Resource Reservation Flows G. Camarillo, A. MonradApril 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3556ASCII, PDF Session Description Protocol (SDP) Bandwidth Modifiers for RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Bandwidth S. CasnerJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3605ASCII, PDF Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) attribute in Session Description Protocol (SDP) C. HuitemaOctober 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3611ASCII, PDF RTP Control Protocol Extended Reports (RTCP XR) T. Friedman, Ed., R. Caceres, Ed., A. Clark, Ed.November 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3618ASCII, PDF Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) B. Fenner, Ed., D. Meyer, Ed.October 2003ErrataExperimental
RFC 3890ASCII, PDF A Transport Independent Bandwidth Modifier for the Session Description Protocol (SDP) M. WesterlundSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 4091ASCII, PDFThe Alternative Network Address Types (ANAT) Semantics for the Session Description Protocol (SDP) Grouping FrameworkG. Camarillo, J. RosenbergJune 2005Obsoleted by RFC 5245Proposed Standard
RFC 4092ASCII, PDFUsage of the Session Description Protocol (SDP) Alternative Network Address Types (ANAT) Semantics in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)G. Camarillo, J. RosenbergJune 2005Obsoleted by RFC 5245Proposed Standard
RFC 4145ASCII, PDFTCP-Based Media Transport in the Session Description Protocol (SDP)D. Yon, G. CamarilloSeptember 2005Updated by RFC 4572Proposed Standard
RFC 4298ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for BroadVoice Speech CodecsJ.-H. Chen, W. Lee, J. ThyssenDecember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4317ASCII, PDFSession Description Protocol (SDP) Offer/Answer ExamplesA. Johnston, R. SparksDecember 2005    Informational
RFC 4435ASCII, PDFA Framework for the Usage of Internet Media Guides (IMGs)Y. Nomura, R. Walsh, J-P. Luoma, H. Asaeda, H. SchulzrinneApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4566ASCII, PDFSDP: Session Description ProtocolM. Handley, V. Jacobson, C. PerkinsJuly 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2327, RFC 3266Proposed Standard
RFC 4567ASCII, PDFKey Management Extensions for Session Description Protocol (SDP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)J. Arkko, F. Lindholm, M. Naslund, K. Norrman, E. CarraraJuly 2006ErrataProposed Standard