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RFC 974 part of STD 10

ASCII, PDF, HTML Mail routing and the domain system C. PartridgeJanuary 1986Obsoleted by RFC 2821Historic (changed from Internet Standard)
RFC 1035 part of STD 13

ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDomain names - implementation and specification P. MockapetrisNovember 1987Errata, Obsoletes RFC 973, RFC 882, RFC 883, Updated by RFC 1101, RFC 1183, RFC 1348, RFC 1876, RFC 1982, RFC 1995, RFC 1996, RFC 2065, RFC 2136, RFC 2181, RFC 2137, RFC 2308, RFC 2535, RFC 2673, RFC 2845, RFC 3425, RFC 3658, RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035, RFC 4343, RFC 5936, RFC 5966, RFC 6604, RFC 7766, RFC 8482, RFC 8490, RFC 8767Internet Standard
RFC 1101ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS encoding of network names and other types P. MockapetrisApril 1989Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035Unknown
RFC 1183ASCII, PDF, HTML New DNS RR Definitions C. Everhart, L. Mamakos, R. Ullmann, P. Mockapetris, Ed.October 1990Errata, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, Updated by RFC 5395, RFC 5864, RFC 6195, RFC 6895Experimental
RFC 1348ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS NSAP RRs B. ManningJuly 1992Obsoleted by RFC 1637, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035Experimental
RFC 1383ASCII, PDF, HTML An Experiment in DNS Based IP Routing C. HuitemaDecember 1992    Experimental
RFC 1386ASCII, PDF, HTML The US Domain A. Cooper, J. PostelDecember 1992Obsoleted by RFC 1480Informational
RFC 1394ASCII, PDF, HTML Relationship of Telex Answerback Codes to Internet Domains P. RobinsonJanuary 1993    Informational
RFC 1401ASCII, PDF, HTML Correspondence between the IAB and DISA on the use of DNS Internet Architecture BoardJanuary 1993    Informational
RFC 1464ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Using the Domain Name System To Store Arbitrary String Attributes R. RosenbaumMay 1993ErrataExperimental
RFC 1480ASCII, PDF, HTML The US Domain A. Cooper, J. PostelJune 1993Obsoletes RFC 1386Informational
RFC 1535ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata A Security Problem and Proposed Correction With Widely Deployed DNS Software E. GavronOctober 1993ErrataInformational
RFC 1536ASCII, PDF, HTML Common DNS Implementation Errors and Suggested Fixes A. Kumar, J. Postel, C. Neuman, P. Danzig, S. MillerOctober 1993Updated by RFC 9210Informational
RFC 1537ASCII, PDF, HTML Common DNS Data File Configuration Errors P. BeertemaOctober 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1912Informational
RFC 1591ASCII, PDF, HTML Domain Name System Structure and Delegation J. PostelMarch 1994    Informational
RFC 1611ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS Server MIB Extensions R. Austein, J. SaperiaMay 1994    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard October 2001)
RFC 1612ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS Resolver MIB Extensions R. Austein, J. SaperiaMay 1994    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard October 2001)
RFC 1637ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS NSAP Resource Records B. Manning, R. ColellaJune 1994Obsoletes RFC 1348, Obsoleted by RFC 1706Experimental
RFC 1664ASCII, PDF, HTML Using the Internet DNS to Distribute RFC1327 Mail Address Mapping Tables C. Allocchio, A. Bonito, B. Cole, S. Giordano, R. HagensAugust 1994Obsoleted by RFC 2163Experimental
RFC 1706ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS NSAP Resource Records B. Manning, R. ColellaOctober 1994Obsoletes RFC 1637, Updated by RFC 9121Historic (changed from Informational April 2023)
RFC 1712ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS Encoding of Geographical Location C. Farrell, M. Schulze, S. Pleitner, D. BaldoniNovember 1994ErrataExperimental
RFC 1713 a.k.a. FYI 27

ASCII, PDF, HTML Tools for DNS debugging A. RomaoNovember 1994    Informational
RFC 1788ASCII, PDF, HTML ICMP Domain Name Messages W. SimpsonApril 1995Obsoleted by RFC 6918Historic (changed from Experimental February 2013)
RFC 1794ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS Support for Load Balancing T. BriscoApril 1995    Informational
RFC 1876ASCII, PDF, HTML A Means for Expressing Location Information in the Domain Name System C. Davis, P. Vixie, T. Goodwin, I. DickinsonJanuary 1996Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035Experimental