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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 2167ASCII, PDF, HTML Referral Whois (RWhois) Protocol V1.5 S. Williamson, M. Kosters, D. Blacka, J. Singh, K. ZeilstraJune 1997Obsoletes RFC 1714Informational
RFC 4955ASCII, PDF, HTMLDNS Security (DNSSEC) ExperimentsD. BlackaJuly 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4956ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDNS Security (DNSSEC) Opt-InR. Arends, M. Kosters, D. BlackaJuly 2007ErrataExperimental
RFC 5155ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDNS Security (DNSSEC) Hashed Authenticated Denial of ExistenceB. Laurie, G. Sisson, R. Arends, D. BlackaMarch 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 6840, RFC 6944, RFC 9077, RFC 9157, RFC 9276Proposed Standard
RFC 6840ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataClarifications and Implementation Notes for DNS Security (DNSSEC)S. Weiler, Ed., D. Blacka, Ed.February 2013Errata, Updates RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035, RFC 5155, Updated by RFC 8749Proposed Standard
RFC 8901HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLMulti-Signer DNSSEC ModelsS. Huque, P. Aras, J. Dickinson, J. Vcelak, D. BlackaSeptember 2020    Informational