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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 887ASCII, PDF, HTML Resource Location Protocol M. AccettaDecember 1983    Experimental
RFC 908ASCII, PDF, HTML Reliable Data Protocol D. Velten, R.M. Hinden, J. SaxJuly 1984Updated by RFC 1151Experimental
RFC 909ASCII, PDF, HTML Loader Debugger Protocol C. Welles, W. MillikenJuly 1984    Experimental
RFC 938ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol functional and interface specification T. MillerFebruary 1985    Experimental
RFC 998ASCII, PDF, HTML NETBLT: A bulk data transfer protocol D.D. Clark, M.L. Lambert, L. ZhangMarch 1987Obsoletes RFC 969Experimental
RFC 1004ASCII, PDF, HTML Distributed-protocol authentication scheme D.L. MillsApril 1987    Experimental
RFC 1045ASCII, PDF, HTML VMTP: Versatile Message Transaction Protocol: Protocol specification D.R. CheritonFebruary 1988    Experimental
RFC 1075ASCII, PDF, HTML Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol D. Waitzman, C. Partridge, S.E. DeeringNovember 1988    Experimental
RFC 1105ASCII, PDF, HTML Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) K. Lougheed, Y. RekhterJune 1989Obsoleted by RFC 1163Experimental
RFC 1138ASCII, PDF, HTML Mapping between X.400(1988) / ISO 10021 and RFC 822 S.E. KilleDecember 1989Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 2156, RFC 1327, Updates RFC 1026, RFC 987, RFC 822, Updated by RFC 1148Experimental
RFC 1143ASCII, PDF, HTML The Q Method of Implementing TELNET Option Negotiation D.J. BernsteinFebruary 1990    Experimental
RFC 1148ASCII, PDF, HTML Mapping between X.400(1988) / ISO 10021 and RFC 822 S.E. KilleMarch 1990Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 2156, RFC 1327, Updates RFC 1026, RFC 987, RFC 1138, RFC 822Experimental
RFC 1149ASCII, PDF, HTML Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian carriers D. Waitzman1 April 1990Errata, Updated by RFC 2549, RFC 6214Experimental
RFC 1151ASCII, PDF, HTML Version 2 of the Reliable Data Protocol (RDP) C. Partridge, R.M. HindenApril 1990Updates RFC 908Experimental
RFC 1153ASCII, PDF, HTML Digest message format F.J. WanchoApril 1990    Experimental
RFC 1154ASCII, PDF, HTML Encoding header field for internet messages D. Robinson, R. UllmannApril 1990Obsoleted by RFC 1505Experimental
RFC 1159ASCII, PDF, HTML Message Send Protocol R. NelsonJune 1990Obsoleted by RFC 1312Experimental
RFC 1161ASCII, PDF, HTML SNMP over OSI M.T. RoseJune 1990Obsoleted by RFC 1418Experimental
RFC 1162ASCII, PDF, HTML Connectionless Network Protocol (ISO 8473) and End System to Intermediate System (ISO 9542) Management Information Base G. SatzJune 1990Obsoleted by RFC 1238Experimental
RFC 1165ASCII, PDF, HTML Network Time Protocol (NTP) over the OSI Remote Operations Service J. Crowcroft, J.P. OnionsJune 1990    Experimental
RFC 1176ASCII, PDF, HTML Interactive Mail Access Protocol: Version 2 M.R. CrispinAugust 1990Obsoletes RFC 1064Experimental
RFC 1183ASCII, PDF, HTML New DNS RR Definitions C. Everhart, L. Mamakos, R. Ullmann, P. Mockapetris, Ed.October 1990Errata, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, Updated by RFC 5395, RFC 5864, RFC 6195, RFC 6895Experimental
RFC 1185ASCII, PDF, HTML TCP Extension for High-Speed Paths V. Jacobson, R.T. Braden, L. ZhangOctober 1990Obsoleted by RFC 1323Experimental
RFC 1187ASCII, PDF, HTML Bulk Table Retrieval with the SNMP M.T. Rose, K. McCloghrie, J.R. DavinOctober 1990    Experimental
RFC 1190ASCII, PDF, HTML Experimental Internet Stream Protocol: Version 2 (ST-II) C. TopolcicOctober 1990Obsoletes IEN 119, Obsoleted by RFC 1819Experimental
RFC 1204ASCII, PDF, HTML Message Posting Protocol (MPP) S. Yeh, D. LeeFebruary 1991    Experimental
RFC 1224ASCII, PDF, HTML Techniques for managing asynchronously generated alerts L. SteinbergMay 1991    Experimental
RFC 1226ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet protocol encapsulation of AX.25 frames B. KantorMay 1991    Experimental
RFC 1228ASCII, PDF, HTML SNMP-DPI: Simple Network Management Protocol Distributed Program Interface G. Carpenter, B. WijnenMay 1991Obsoleted by RFC 1592Experimental
RFC 1235ASCII, PDF, HTML Coherent File Distribution Protocol J. Ioannidis, G. MaguireJune 1991    Experimental
RFC 1238ASCII, PDF, HTML CLNS MIB for use with Connectionless Network Protocol (ISO 8473) and End System to Intermediate System (ISO 9542) G. SatzJune 1991Obsoletes RFC 1162Experimental
RFC 1241ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML Scheme for an internet encapsulation protocol: Version 1 R.A. Woodburn, D.L. MillsJuly 1991    Experimental
RFC 1279ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML X.500 and Domains S.E. Hardcastle-KilleNovember 1991    Experimental
RFC 1283ASCII, PDF, HTML SNMP over OSI M. RoseDecember 1991Obsoleted by RFC 1418Experimental
RFC 1307ASCII, PDF, HTML Dynamically Switched Link Control Protocol J. Young, A. NicholsonMarch 1992    Experimental
RFC 1312ASCII, PDF, HTML Message Send Protocol 2 R. Nelson, G. ArnoldApril 1992Obsoletes RFC 1159Experimental
RFC 1339ASCII, PDF, HTML Remote Mail Checking Protocol S. Dorner, P. ResnickJune 1992    Experimental
RFC 1348ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS NSAP RRs B. ManningJuly 1992Obsoleted by RFC 1637, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035Experimental
RFC 1383ASCII, PDF, HTML An Experiment in DNS Based IP Routing C. HuitemaDecember 1992    Experimental
RFC 1405ASCII, PDF, HTML Mapping between X.400(1984/1988) and Mail-11 (DECnet mail) C. AllocchioJanuary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 2162Experimental
RFC 1409ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Authentication Option D. Borman, Ed.January 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1416Experimental
RFC 1411ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Authentication: Kerberos Version 4 D. Borman, Ed.January 1993    Experimental
RFC 1412ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Authentication: SPX K. AlagappanJanuary 1993    Experimental
RFC 1416ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Authentication Option D. Borman, Ed.February 1993Obsoletes RFC 1409, Obsoleted by RFC 2941Experimental
RFC 1433ASCII, PDF, HTML Directed ARP J. Garrett, J. Hagan, J. WongMarch 1993    Experimental
RFC 1440ASCII, PDF, HTML SIFT/UFT: Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer R. TrothJuly 1993    Experimental
RFC 1455ASCII, PDF, HTML Physical Link Security Type of Service D. Eastlake 3rdMay 1993Obsoleted by RFC 2474Experimental
RFC 1459ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Internet Relay Chat Protocol J. Oikarinen, D. ReedMay 1993Errata, Updated by RFC 2810, RFC 2811, RFC 2812, RFC 2813, RFC 7194Experimental
RFC 1464ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Using the Domain Name System To Store Arbitrary String Attributes R. RosenbaumMay 1993ErrataExperimental
RFC 1465ASCII, PDF, HTML Routing Coordination for X.400 MHS Services Within a Multi Protocol / Multi Network Environment Table Format V3 for Static Routing D. EppenbergerMay 1993    Experimental
RFC 1476ASCII, PDF, HTML RAP: Internet Route Access Protocol R. UllmannJune 1993    Experimental
RFC 1486ASCII, PDF, HTML An Experiment in Remote Printing M. Rose, C. MalamudJuly 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1528, RFC 1529Experimental
RFC 1505ASCII, PDF, HTML Encoding Header Field for Internet Messages A. Costanzo, D. Robinson, R. UllmannAugust 1993Obsoletes RFC 1154Experimental
RFC 1507ASCII, PDF, HTML DASS - Distributed Authentication Security Service C. KaufmanSeptember 1993    Experimental
RFC 1545ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP Operation Over Big Address Records (FOOBAR) D. PiscitelloNovember 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1639Experimental
RFC 1561ASCII, PDF, HTML Use of ISO CLNP in TUBA Environments D. PiscitelloDecember 1993    Experimental
RFC 1592ASCII, PDF, HTML Simple Network Management Protocol Distributed Protocol Interface Version 2.0 B. Wijnen, G. Carpenter, K. Curran, A. Sehgal, G. WatersMarch 1994Obsoletes RFC 1228Experimental
RFC 1608ASCII, PDF, HTML Representing IP Information in the X.500 Directory T. Johannsen, G. Mansfield, M. Kosters, S. SataluriMarch 1994    Experimental
RFC 1609ASCII, PDF, HTML Charting Networks in the X.500 Directory G. Mansfield, T. Johannsen, M. KnopperMarch 1994ErrataExperimental
RFC 1637ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS NSAP Resource Records B. Manning, R. ColellaJune 1994Obsoletes RFC 1348, Obsoleted by RFC 1706Experimental
RFC 1639ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP Operation Over Big Address Records (FOOBAR) D. PiscitelloJune 1994Obsoletes RFC 1545Experimental
RFC 1641ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML Using Unicode with MIME D. Goldsmith, M. DavisJuly 1994    Experimental
RFC 1642ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML UTF-7 - A Mail-Safe Transformation Format of Unicode D. Goldsmith, M. DavisJuly 1994Obsoleted by RFC 2152Experimental
RFC 1664ASCII, PDF, HTML Using the Internet DNS to Distribute RFC1327 Mail Address Mapping Tables C. Allocchio, A. Bonito, B. Cole, S. Giordano, R. HagensAugust 1994Obsoleted by RFC 2163Experimental
RFC 1712ASCII, PDF, HTML DNS Encoding of Geographical Location C. Farrell, M. Schulze, S. Pleitner, D. BaldoniNovember 1994ErrataExperimental
RFC 1735ASCII, PDF, HTML NBMA Address Resolution Protocol (NARP) J. Heinanen, R. GovindanDecember 1994    Experimental
RFC 1756ASCII, PDF, HTML Remote Write Protocol - Version 1.0 T. RinneJanuary 1995    Experimental
RFC 1765ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Database Overflow J. MoyMarch 1995    Experimental
RFC 1768ASCII, PDF, HTML Host Group Extensions for CLNP Multicasting D. MarlowMarch 1995    Experimental
RFC 1791ASCII, PDF, HTML TCP And UDP Over IPX Networks With Fixed Path MTU T. SungApril 1995    Experimental
RFC 1792ASCII, PDF, HTML TCP/IPX Connection Mib Specification T. SungApril 1995    Experimental
RFC 1797ASCII, PDF, HTML Class A Subnet Experiment Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)April 1995    Experimental
RFC 1801ASCII, PDF, HTML MHS use of the X.500 Directory to support MHS Routing S. KilleJune 1995    Experimental
RFC 1804ASCII, PDF, HTML Schema Publishing in X.500 Directory G. Mansfield, P. Rajeev, S. Raghavan, T. HowesJune 1995    Experimental
RFC 1806ASCII, PDF, HTML Communicating Presentation Information in Internet Messages: The Content-Disposition Header R. Troost, S. DornerJune 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2183Experimental
RFC 1830ASCII, PDF, HTML SMTP Service Extensions for Transmission of Large and Binary MIME Messages G. VaudreuilAugust 1995Obsoleted by RFC 3030Experimental
RFC 1836ASCII, PDF, HTML Representing the O/R Address hierarchy in the X.500 Directory Information Tree S. KilleAugust 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2294Experimental
RFC 1837ASCII, PDF, HTML Representing Tables and Subtrees in the X.500 Directory S. KilleAugust 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2293Experimental
RFC 1838ASCII, PDF, HTMLUse of the X.500 Directory to support mapping between X.400 and RFC 822 Addresses S. KilleAugust 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2164Experimental
RFC 1845ASCII, PDF, HTML SMTP Service Extension for Checkpoint/Restart D. Crocker, N. Freed, A. CargilleSeptember 1995    Experimental
RFC 1846ASCII, PDF, HTML SMTP 521 Reply Code A. Durand, F. DupontSeptember 1995Updated by RFC 7504Experimental
RFC 1851ASCII, PDF, HTML The ESP Triple DES Transform P. Karn, P. Metzger, W. SimpsonSeptember 1995    Experimental
RFC 1852ASCII, PDF, HTML IP Authentication using Keyed SHA P. Metzger, W. SimpsonSeptember 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2841Experimental
RFC 1868ASCII, PDF, HTML ARP Extension - UNARP G. MalkinNovember 1995    Experimental
RFC 1872ASCII, PDF, HTML The MIME Multipart/Related Content-type E. LevinsonDecember 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2112Experimental
RFC 1873ASCII, PDF, HTML Message/External-Body Content-ID Access Type E. LevinsonDecember 1995    Experimental
RFC 1874ASCII, PDF, HTML SGML Media Types E. LevinsonDecember 1995    Experimental
RFC 1876ASCII, PDF, HTML A Means for Expressing Location Information in the Domain Name System C. Davis, P. Vixie, T. Goodwin, I. DickinsonJanuary 1996Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035Experimental
RFC 1897ASCII, PDF, HTML IPv6 Testing Address Allocation R. Hinden, J. PostelJanuary 1996Obsoleted by RFC 2471Experimental
RFC 1911ASCII, PDF, HTML Voice Profile for Internet Mail G. VaudreuilFebruary 1996Obsoleted by RFC 2421, RFC 2422, RFC 2423Experimental
RFC 1949ASCII, PDF, HTML Scalable Multicast Key Distribution A. BallardieMay 1996    Experimental
RFC 1965ASCII, PDF, HTML Autonomous System Confederations for BGP P. TrainaJune 1996Obsoleted by RFC 3065Experimental
RFC 1966ASCII, PDF, HTML BGP Route Reflection An alternative to full mesh IBGP T. Bates, R. ChandraJune 1996Obsoleted by RFC 4456, Updated by RFC 2796Experimental
RFC 1986ASCII, PDF, HTML Experiments with a Simple File Transfer Protocol for Radio Links using Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol (ETFTP) W. Polites, W. Wollman, D. Woo, R. LanganAugust 1996    Experimental
RFC 2009ASCII, PDF, HTML GPS-Based Addressing and Routing T. Imielinski, J. NavasNovember 1996    Experimental
RFC 2016ASCII, PDF, HTML Uniform Resource Agents (URAs) L. Daigle, P. Deutsch, B. Heelan, C. Alpaugh, M. MaclachlanOctober 1996    Experimental
RFC 2052ASCII, PDF, HTML A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) A. Gulbrandsen, P. VixieOctober 1996Obsoleted by RFC 2782Experimental
RFC 2063ASCII, PDF, HTML Traffic Flow Measurement: Architecture N. Brownlee, C. Mills, G. RuthJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2722Experimental
RFC 2064ASCII, PDF, HTML Traffic Flow Measurement: Meter MIB N. BrownleeJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2720Experimental
RFC 2066ASCII, PDF, HTML TELNET CHARSET Option R. GellensJanuary 1997    Experimental
RFC 2075ASCII, PDF, HTML IP Echo Host Service C. PartridgeJanuary 1997    Experimental
RFC 2090ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Multicast Option A. EmbersonFebruary 1997    Experimental
RFC 2093ASCII, PDF, HTML Group Key Management Protocol (GKMP) Specification H. Harney, C. MuckenhirnJuly 1997    Experimental
RFC 2094ASCII, PDF, HTML Group Key Management Protocol (GKMP) Architecture H. Harney, C. MuckenhirnJuly 1997    Experimental
RFC 2117ASCII, PDF, HTML Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM): Protocol Specification D. Estrin, D. Farinacci, A. Helmy, D. Thaler, S. Deering, M. Handley, V. Jacobson, C. Liu, P. Sharma, L. WeiJune 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2362Experimental
RFC 2120ASCII, PDF, HTML Managing the X.500 Root Naming Context D. ChadwickMarch 1997    Experimental
RFC 2143ASCII, PDF, HTML Encapsulating IP with the Small Computer System Interface B. EllistonMay 1997    Experimental
RFC 2154ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata OSPF with Digital Signatures S. Murphy, M. Badger, B. WellingtonJune 1997ErrataExperimental
RFC 2161ASCII, PDF, HTML A MIME Body Part for ODA H. AlvestrandJanuary 1998    Experimental
RFC 2162ASCII, PDF, HTML MaXIM-11 - Mapping between X.400 / Internet mail and Mail-11 mail C. AllocchioJanuary 1998Obsoletes RFC 1405Experimental
RFC 2168ASCII, PDF, HTML Resolution of Uniform Resource Identifiers using the Domain Name System R. Daniel, M. MeallingJune 1997Obsoleted by RFC 3401, RFC 3402, RFC 3403, RFC 3404, Updated by RFC 2915Experimental
RFC 2217ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Telnet Com Port Control Option G. ClarkOctober 1997ErrataExperimental
RFC 2295ASCII, PDF, HTML Transparent Content Negotiation in HTTP K. Holtman, A. MutzMarch 1998    Experimental
RFC 2307ASCII, PDF, HTML An Approach for Using LDAP as a Network Information Service L. HowardMarch 1998ErrataExperimental
RFC 2337ASCII, PDF, HTML Intra-LIS IP multicast among routers over ATM using Sparse Mode PIM D. Farinacci, D. Meyer, Y. RekhterApril 1998    Experimental
RFC 2343ASCII, PDF, HTML RTP Payload Format for Bundled MPEG M. Civanlar, G. Cash, B. HaskellMay 1998    Experimental
RFC 2345ASCII, PDF, HTML Domain Names and Company Name Retrieval J. Klensin, T. Wolf, G. OglesbyMay 1998    Experimental
RFC 2362ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM): Protocol Specification D. Estrin, D. Farinacci, A. Helmy, D. Thaler, S. Deering, M. Handley, V. Jacobson, C. Liu, P. Sharma, L. WeiJune 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2117, Obsoleted by RFC 4601, RFC 5059Experimental
RFC 2414ASCII, PDF, HTML Increasing TCP's Initial Window M. Allman, S. Floyd, C. PartridgeSeptember 1998Obsoleted by RFC 3390Experimental
RFC 2443ASCII, PDF, HTML A Distributed MARS Service Using SCSP J. Luciani, A. GalloNovember 1998    Experimental
RFC 2481ASCII, PDF, HTML A Proposal to add Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to IP K. Ramakrishnan, S. FloydJanuary 1999Obsoleted by RFC 3168Experimental
RFC 2483ASCII, PDF, HTML URI Resolution Services Necessary for URN Resolution M. Mealling, R. DanielJanuary 1999    Experimental
RFC 2498ASCII, PDF, HTML IPPM Metrics for Measuring Connectivity J. Mahdavi, V. PaxsonJanuary 1999Obsoleted by RFC 2678Experimental
RFC 2520ASCII, PDF, HTML NHRP with Mobile NHCs J. Luciani, H. Suzuki, N. Doraswamy, D. HortonFebruary 1999    Experimental
RFC 2521ASCII, PDF, HTML ICMP Security Failures Messages P. Karn, W. SimpsonMarch 1999    Experimental
RFC 2522ASCII, PDF, HTML Photuris: Session-Key Management Protocol P. Karn, W. SimpsonMarch 1999    Experimental
RFC 2523ASCII, PDF, HTML Photuris: Extended Schemes and Attributes P. Karn, W. SimpsonMarch 1999    Experimental
RFC 2540ASCII, PDF, HTML Detached Domain Name System (DNS) Information D. Eastlake 3rdMarch 1999    Experimental
RFC 2565ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Encoding and Transport R. Herriot, Ed., S. Butler, P. Moore, R. TurnerApril 1999Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 2910Experimental
RFC 2566ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Model and Semantics R. deBry, T. Hastings, R. Herriot, S. Isaacson, P. PowellApril 1999Obsoleted by RFC 2911Experimental
RFC 2567ASCII, PDF, HTML Design Goals for an Internet Printing Protocol F. WrightApril 1999    Experimental
RFC 2568ASCII, PDF, HTML Rationale for the Structure of the Model and Protocol for the Internet Printing Protocol S. ZillesApril 1999    Experimental
RFC 2569ASCII, PDF, HTML Mapping between LPD and IPP Protocols R. Herriot, Ed., T. Hastings, N. Jacobs, J. MartinApril 1999    Experimental
RFC 2582ASCII, PDF, HTML The NewReno Modification to TCP's Fast Recovery Algorithm S. Floyd, T. HendersonApril 1999Obsoleted by RFC 3782Experimental
RFC 2593ASCII, PDF, HTML Script MIB Extensibility Protocol Version 1.0 J. Schoenwaelder, J. QuittekMay 1999Obsoleted by RFC 3179Experimental
RFC 2649ASCII, PDF, HTML An LDAP Control and Schema for Holding Operation Signatures B. Greenblatt, P. RichardAugust 1999    Experimental
RFC 2654ASCII, PDF, HTML A Tagged Index Object for use in the Common Indexing Protocol R. Hedberg, B. Greenblatt, R. Moats, M. WahlAugust 1999    Experimental
RFC 2655ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata CIP Index Object Format for SOIF Objects T. Hardie, M. Bowman, D. Hardy, M. Schwartz, D. WesselsAugust 1999ErrataExperimental
RFC 2656ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Registration Procedures for SOIF Template Types T. HardieAugust 1999ErrataExperimental
RFC 2657ASCII, PDF, HTML LDAPv2 Client vs. the Index Mesh R. HedbergAugust 1999    Experimental
RFC 2659ASCII, PDF, HTML Security Extensions For HTML E. Rescorla, A. SchiffmanAugust 1999    Experimental
RFC 2676ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata QoS Routing Mechanisms and OSPF Extensions G. Apostolopoulos, S. Kama, D. Williams, R. Guerin, A. Orda, T. PrzygiendaAugust 1999ErrataExperimental
RFC 2692ASCII, PDF, HTML SPKI Requirements C. EllisonSeptember 1999    Experimental
RFC 2693ASCII, PDF, HTML SPKI Certificate Theory C. Ellison, B. Frantz, B. Lampson, R. Rivest, B. Thomas, T. YlonenSeptember 1999    Experimental
RFC 2716ASCII, PDF, HTML PPP EAP TLS Authentication Protocol B. Aboba, D. SimonOctober 1999Obsoleted by RFC 5216Experimental
RFC 2724ASCII, PDF, HTML RTFM: New Attributes for Traffic Flow Measurement S. Handelman, S. Stibler, N. Brownlee, G. RuthOctober 1999    Experimental
RFC 2756ASCII, PDF, HTML Hyper Text Caching Protocol (HTCP/0.0) P. Vixie, D. WesselsJanuary 2000    Experimental
RFC 2758ASCII, PDF, HTML Definitions of Managed Objects for Service Level Agreements Performance Monitoring K. WhiteFebruary 2000    Experimental
RFC 2762ASCII, PDF, HTML Sampling of the Group Membership in RTP J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneFebruary 2000    Experimental
RFC 2770ASCII, PDF, HTML GLOP Addressing in 233/8 D. Meyer, P. LothbergFebruary 2000Obsoleted by RFC 3180Experimental
RFC 2773ASCII, PDF, HTML Encryption using KEA and SKIPJACK R. Housley, P. Yee, W. NaceFebruary 2000Updates RFC 959Experimental
RFC 2786ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Diffie-Helman USM Key Management Information Base and Textual Convention M. St. JohnsMarch 2000ErrataExperimental
RFC 2823ASCII, PDF, HTML PPP over Simple Data Link (SDL) using SONET/SDH with ATM-like framing J. Carlson, P. Langner, E. Hernandez-Valencia, J. ManchesterMay 2000    Experimental
RFC 2844ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF over ATM and Proxy-PAR T. Przygienda, P. Droz, R. HaasMay 2000    Experimental
RFC 2859ASCII, PDF, HTML A Time Sliding Window Three Colour Marker (TSWTCM) W. Fang, N. Seddigh, B. NandyJune 2000    Experimental
RFC 2903ASCII, PDF, HTML Generic AAA Architecture C. de Laat, G. Gross, L. Gommans, J. Vollbrecht, D. SpenceAugust 2000    Experimental
RFC 2934ASCII, PDF, HTML Protocol Independent Multicast MIB for IPv4 K. McCloghrie, D. Farinacci, D. Thaler, B. FennerOctober 2000    Experimental
RFC 2974ASCII, PDF, HTML Session Announcement Protocol M. Handley, C. Perkins, E. WhelanOctober 2000    Experimental
RFC 3018ASCII, PDF, HTML Unified Memory Space Protocol Specification A. BogdanovDecember 2000    Experimental
RFC 3029ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Data Validation and Certification Server Protocols C. Adams, P. Sylvester, M. Zolotarev, R. ZuccheratoFebruary 2001ErrataExperimental
RFC 3063ASCII, PDF, HTML MPLS Loop Prevention Mechanism Y. Ohba, Y. Katsube, E. Rosen, P. DoolanFebruary 2001    Experimental
RFC 3082ASCII, PDF, HTML Notification and Subscription for SLP J. Kempf, J. GoldschmidtMarch 2001    Experimental
RFC 3088ASCII, PDF, HTML OpenLDAP Root Service An experimental LDAP referral service K. ZeilengaApril 2001    Experimental
RFC 3102ASCII, PDF, HTML Realm Specific IP: Framework M. Borella, J. Lo, D. Grabelsky, G. MontenegroOctober 2001    Experimental
RFC 3103ASCII, PDF, HTML Realm Specific IP: Protocol Specification M. Borella, D. Grabelsky, J. Lo, K. TaniguchiOctober 2001    Experimental
RFC 3104ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata RSIP Support for End-to-end IPsec G. Montenegro, M. BorellaOctober 2001ErrataExperimental
RFC 3105ASCII, PDF, HTML Finding an RSIP Server with SLP J. Kempf, G. MontenegroOctober 2001    Experimental
RFC 3123ASCII, PDF, HTML A DNS RR Type for Lists of Address Prefixes (APL RR) P. KochJune 2001    Experimental
RFC 3125ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Electronic Signature Policies J. Ross, D. Pinkas, N. PopeSeptember 2001ErrataExperimental
RFC 3163ASCII, PDF, HTML ISO/IEC 9798-3 Authentication SASL Mechanism R. Zuccherato, M. NystromAugust 2001    Experimental
RFC 3179ASCII, PDF, HTML Script MIB Extensibility Protocol Version 1.1 J. Schoenwaelder, J. QuittekOctober 2001Obsoletes RFC 2593Experimental
RFC 3183ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Domain Security Services using S/MIME T. Dean, W. OttawayOctober 2001ErrataExperimental
RFC 3208ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata PGM Reliable Transport Protocol Specification T. Speakman, J. Crowcroft, J. Gemmell, D. Farinacci, S. Lin, D. Leshchiner, M. Luby, T. Montgomery, L. Rizzo, A. Tweedly, N. Bhaskar, R. Edmonstone, R. Sumanasekera, L. VicisanoDecember 2001ErrataExperimental
RFC 3334ASCII, PDF, HTML Policy-Based Accounting T. Zseby, S. Zander, C. CarleOctober 2002    Experimental
RFC 3338ASCII, PDF, HTML Dual Stack Hosts Using "Bump-in-the-API" (BIA) S. Lee, M-K. Shin, Y-J. Kim, E. Nordmark, A. DurandOctober 2002Obsoleted by RFC 6535Experimental
RFC 3421ASCII, PDF, HTML Select and Sort Extensions for the Service Location Protocol (SLP) W. Zhao, H. Schulzrinne, E. Guttman, C. Bisdikian, W. JeromeNovember 2002    Experimental
RFC 3430ASCII, PDF, HTML Simple Network Management Protocol Over Transmission Control Protocol Transport Mapping J. SchoenwaelderDecember 2002    Experimental
RFC 3450ASCII, PDF, HTML Asynchronous Layered Coding (ALC) Protocol Instantiation M. Luby, J. Gemmell, L. Vicisano, L. Rizzo, J. CrowcroftDecember 2002Obsoleted by RFC 5775Experimental
RFC 3451ASCII, PDF, HTML Layered Coding Transport (LCT) Building Block M. Luby, J. Gemmell, L. Vicisano, L. Rizzo, M. Handley, J. CrowcroftDecember 2002Obsoleted by RFC 5651Experimental
RFC 3452ASCII, PDF, HTML Forward Error Correction (FEC) Building Block M. Luby, L. Vicisano, J. Gemmell, L. Rizzo, M. Handley, J. CrowcroftDecember 2002Obsoleted by RFC 5052, RFC 5445Experimental
RFC 3465ASCII, PDF, HTML TCP Congestion Control with Appropriate Byte Counting (ABC) M. AllmanFebruary 2003    Experimental
RFC 3522ASCII, PDF, HTML The Eifel Detection Algorithm for TCP R. Ludwig, M. MeyerApril 2003    Experimental
RFC 3528ASCII, PDF, HTML Mesh-enhanced Service Location Protocol (mSLP) W. Zhao, H. Schulzrinne, E. GuttmanApril 2003    Experimental
RFC 3529ASCII, PDF, HTML Using Extensible Markup Language-Remote Procedure Calling (XML-RPC) in Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP) W. HaroldApril 2003Updated by RFC 8553Experimental
RFC 3561ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing C. Perkins, E. Belding-Royer, S. DasJuly 2003ErrataExperimental
RFC 3618ASCII, PDF, HTML Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) B. Fenner, Ed., D. Meyer, Ed.October 2003ErrataExperimental
RFC 3626ASCII, PDF, HTML Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR) T. Clausen, Ed., P. Jacquet, Ed.October 2003ErrataExperimental
RFC 3649ASCII, PDF, HTML HighSpeed TCP for Large Congestion Windows S. FloydDecember 2003    Experimental
RFC 3656ASCII, PDF, HTML The Mailbox Update (MUPDATE) Distributed Mailbox Database Protocol R. SiemborskiDecember 2003Updated by RFC 8996Experimental
RFC 3663ASCII, PDF, HTML Domain Administrative Data in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) A. NewtonDecember 2003    Experimental
RFC 3682ASCII, PDF, HTML The Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (GTSM) V. Gill, J. Heasley, D. MeyerFebruary 2004Obsoleted by RFC 5082Experimental
RFC 3684ASCII, PDF, HTML Topology Dissemination Based on Reverse-Path Forwarding (TBRPF) R. Ogier, F. Templin, M. LewisFebruary 2004Updated by RFC 9141Experimental
RFC 3695ASCII, PDF, HTML Compact Forward Error Correction (FEC) Schemes M. Luby, L. VicisanoFebruary 2004Obsoleted by RFC 5445Experimental
RFC 3708ASCII, PDF, HTML Using TCP Duplicate Selective Acknowledgement (DSACKs) and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Duplicate Transmission Sequence Numbers (TSNs) to Detect Spurious Retransmissions E. Blanton, M. AllmanFebruary 2004    Experimental
RFC 3738ASCII, PDF, HTML Wave and Equation Based Rate Control (WEBRC) Building Block M. Luby, V. GoyalApril 2004    Experimental
RFC 3742ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Limited Slow-Start for TCP with Large Congestion Windows S. FloydMarch 2004ErrataExperimental
RFC 3780ASCII, PDF, HTML SMIng - Next Generation Structure of Management Information F. Strauss, J. SchoenwaelderMay 2004    Experimental
RFC 3781ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Next Generation Structure of Management Information (SMIng) Mappings to the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) F. Strauss, J. SchoenwaelderMay 2004ErrataExperimental
RFC 3832ASCII, PDF, HTML Remote Service Discovery in the Service Location Protocol (SLP) via DNS SRV W. Zhao, H. Schulzrinne, E. Guttman, C. Bisdikian, W. JeromeJuly 2004Updated by RFC 8553Experimental
RFC 3926ASCII, PDF, HTML FLUTE - File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport T. Paila, M. Luby, R. Lehtonen, V. Roca, R. WalshOctober 2004Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6726Experimental
RFC 3929ASCII, PDF, HTMLAlternative Decision Making Processes for Consensus-Blocked Decisions in the IETF T. HardieOctober 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 8717Experimental
RFC 3940ASCII, PDF, HTML Negative-acknowledgment (NACK)-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Protocol B. Adamson, C. Bormann, M. Handley, J. MackerNovember 2004Obsoleted by RFC 5740Experimental
RFC 3941ASCII, PDF, HTML Negative-Acknowledgment (NACK)-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Building Blocks B. Adamson, C. Bormann, M. Handley, J. MackerNovember 2004Obsoleted by RFC 5401Experimental
RFC 3951ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Low Bit Rate Codec (iLBC) S. Andersen, A. Duric, H. Astrom, R. Hagen, W. Kleijn, J. LindenDecember 2004    Experimental
RFC 3952ASCII, PDF, HTML Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Payload Format for internet Low Bit Rate Codec (iLBC) Speech A. Duric, S. AndersenDecember 2004    Experimental
RFC 3973ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Protocol Independent Multicast - Dense Mode (PIM-DM): Protocol Specification (Revised) A. Adams, J. Nicholas, W. SiadakJanuary 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 8736, RFC 9436Experimental
RFC 3988ASCII, PDF, HTML Maximum Transmission Unit Signalling Extensions for the Label Distribution Protocol B. Black, K. KompellaJanuary 2005    Experimental
RFC 4045ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtensions to Support Efficient Carrying of Multicast Traffic in Layer-2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)G. BourdonApril 2005    Experimental
RFC 4049ASCII, PDF, HTMLBinaryTime: An Alternate Format for Representing Date and Time in ASN.1R. HousleyApril 2005Obsoleted by RFC 6019Experimental
RFC 4065ASCII, PDF, HTMLInstructions for Seamoby and Experimental Mobility Protocol IANA AllocationsJ. KempfJuly 2005    Experimental
RFC 4066ASCII, PDF, HTMLCandidate Access Router Discovery (CARD)M. Liebsch, Ed., A. Singh, Ed., H. Chaskar, D. Funato, E. ShimJuly 2005    Experimental
RFC 4067ASCII, PDF, HTMLContext Transfer Protocol (CXTP)J. Loughney, Ed., M. Nakhjiri, C. Perkins, R. KoodliJuly 2005    Experimental
RFC 4068ASCII, PDF, HTMLFast Handovers for Mobile IPv6R. Koodli, Ed.July 2005Obsoleted by RFC 5268Experimental
RFC 4125ASCII, PDF, HTMLMaximum Allocation Bandwidth Constraints Model for Diffserv-aware MPLS Traffic EngineeringF. Le Faucheur, W. LaiJune 2005    Experimental
RFC 4126ASCII, PDF, HTMLMax Allocation with Reservation Bandwidth Constraints Model for Diffserv-aware MPLS Traffic Engineering & Performance ComparisonsJ. AshJune 2005    Experimental
RFC 4127ASCII, PDF, HTMLRussian Dolls Bandwidth Constraints Model for Diffserv-aware MPLS Traffic EngineeringF. Le Faucheur, Ed.June 2005    Experimental
RFC 4138ASCII, PDF, HTMLForward RTO-Recovery (F-RTO): An Algorithm for Detecting Spurious Retransmission Timeouts with TCP and the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)P. Sarolahti, M. KojoAugust 2005Updated by RFC 5682Experimental
RFC 4140ASCII, PDF, HTMLHierarchical Mobile IPv6 Mobility Management (HMIPv6)H. Soliman, C. Castelluccia, K. El Malki, L. BellierAugust 2005Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5380Experimental
RFC 4214ASCII, PDF, HTMLIntra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)F. Templin, T. Gleeson, M. Talwar, D. ThalerOctober 2005Obsoleted by RFC 5214Experimental
RFC 4316ASCII, PDF, HTMLDatatypes for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) PropertiesJ. ReschkeDecember 2005    Experimental
RFC 4324ASCII, PDF, HTMLCalendar Access Protocol (CAP)D. Royer, G. Babics, S. MansourDecember 2005    Experimental
RFC 4386ASCII, PDF, HTMLInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Repository Locator ServiceS. Boeyen, P. Hallam-BakerFebruary 2006Updated by RFC 8553Experimental
RFC 4389ASCII, PDF, HTMLNeighbor Discovery Proxies (ND Proxy)D. Thaler, M. Talwar, C. PatelApril 2006ErrataExperimental
RFC 4408ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataSender Policy Framework (SPF) for Authorizing Use of Domains in E-Mail, Version 1M. Wong, W. SchlittApril 2006Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7208, Updated by RFC 6652Experimental
RFC 4410ASCII, PDF, HTMLSelectively Reliable Multicast Protocol (SRMP)M. Pullen, F. Zhao, D. CohenFebruary 2006ErrataExperimental
RFC 4437ASCII, PDF, HTMLWeb Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Redirect Reference ResourcesJ. Whitehead, G. Clemm, J. Reschke, Ed.March 2006    Experimental
RFC 4471ASCII, PDF, HTMLDerivation of DNS Name Predecessor and SuccessorG. Sisson, B. LaurieSeptember 2006    Experimental
RFC 4478ASCII, PDF, HTMLRepeated Authentication in Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) ProtocolY. NirApril 2006    Experimental
RFC 4498ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Managed Object Aggregation MIBG. KeeniMay 2006    Experimental
RFC 4531ASCII, PDF, HTMLLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Turn OperationK. ZeilengaJune 2006Updated by RFC 8996Experimental
RFC 4533ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Content Synchronization OperationK. Zeilenga, J.H. ChoiJune 2006    Experimental
RFC 4540ASCII, PDF, HTMLNEC's Simple Middlebox Configuration (SIMCO) Protocol Version 3.0M. Stiemerling, J. Quittek, C. CadarMay 2006Updated by RFC 8996Experimental
RFC 4620ASCII, PDF, HTMLIPv6 Node Information QueriesM. Crawford, B. Haberman, Ed.August 2006    Experimental
RFC 4624ASCII, PDF, HTMLMulticast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) MIBB. Fenner, D. ThalerOctober 2006    Experimental
RFC 4633ASCII, PDF, HTMLExperiment in Long-Term Suspensions From Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Mailing ListsS. HartmanAugust 2006Updated by RFC 8717Experimental
RFC 4653ASCII, PDF, HTMLImproving the Robustness of TCP to Non-Congestion EventsS. Bhandarkar, A. L. N. Reddy, M. Allman, E. BlantonAugust 2006ErrataExperimental
RFC 4654ASCII, PDF, HTMLTCP-Friendly Multicast Congestion Control (TFMCC): Protocol SpecificationJ. Widmer, M. HandleyAugust 2006ErrataExperimental
RFC 4707ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataNetnews Administration System (NAS)P. Grau, V. Heinau, H. Schlichting, R. SchuettlerOctober 2006ErrataExperimental
RFC 4728ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataThe Dynamic Source Routing Protocol (DSR) for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks for IPv4D. Johnson, Y. Hu, D. MaltzFebruary 2007ErrataExperimental
RFC 4739ASCII, PDF, HTMLMultiple Authentication Exchanges in the Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) ProtocolP. Eronen, J. KorhonenNovember 2006    Experimental
RFC 4764ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe EAP-PSK Protocol: A Pre-Shared Key Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) MethodF. Bersani, H. TschofenigJanuary 2007    Experimental
RFC 4765ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Format (IDMEF)H. Debar, D. Curry, B. FeinsteinMarch 2007    Experimental
RFC 4767ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Intrusion Detection Exchange Protocol (IDXP)B. Feinstein, G. MatthewsMarch 2007    Experimental
RFC 4782ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataQuick-Start for TCP and IPS. Floyd, M. Allman, A. Jain, P. SarolahtiJanuary 2007ErrataExperimental
RFC 4813ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Link-Local SignalingB. Friedman, L. Nguyen, A. Roy, D. Yeung, A. ZininMarch 2007Obsoleted by RFC 5613Experimental
RFC 4828ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataTCP Friendly Rate Control (TFRC): The Small-Packet (SP) VariantS. Floyd, E. KohlerApril 2007ErrataExperimental
RFC 4843ASCII, PDF, HTMLAn IPv6 Prefix for Overlay Routable Cryptographic Hash Identifiers (ORCHID)P. Nikander, J. Laganier, F. DupontApril 2007Obsoleted by RFC 7343Experimental
RFC 4857ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataMobile IPv4 Regional RegistrationE. Fogelstroem, A. Jonsson, C. PerkinsJune 2007ErrataExperimental
RFC 4881ASCII, PDF, HTMLLow-Latency Handoffs in Mobile IPv4K. El Malki, Ed.June 2007    Experimental
RFC 4908ASCII, PDF, HTMLMulti-homing for small scale fixed network Using Mobile IP and NEMOK. Nagami, S. Uda, N. Ogashiwa, H. Esaki, R. Wakikawa, H. OhnishiJune 2007    Experimental
RFC 4910ASCII, PDF, HTMLRobust XML Encoding Rules (RXER) for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)S. Legg, D. PragerJuly 2007    Experimental
RFC 4911ASCII, PDF, HTMLEncoding Instructions for the Robust XML Encoding Rules (RXER)S. LeggJuly 2007    Experimental
RFC 4912ASCII, PDF, HTMLAbstract Syntax Notation X (ASN.X)S. LeggJuly 2007    Experimental
RFC 4913ASCII, PDF, HTMLAbstract Syntax Notation X (ASN.X) Representation of Encoding Instructions for the Generic String Encoding Rules (GSER)S. LeggJuly 2007    Experimental
RFC 4914ASCII, PDF, HTMLAbstract Syntax Notation X (ASN.X) Representation of Encoding Instructions for the XML Encoding Rules (XER)S. LeggJuly 2007    Experimental
RFC 4946ASCII, PDF, HTMLAtom License ExtensionJ. SnellJuly 2007    Experimental
RFC 4956ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDNS Security (DNSSEC) Opt-InR. Arends, M. Kosters, D. BlackaJuly 2007ErrataExperimental
RFC 4973ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF-xTE: Experimental Extension to OSPF for Traffic EngineeringP. Srisuresh, P. JosephJuly 2007    Experimental
RFC 4988ASCII, PDF, HTMLMobile IPv4 Fast HandoversR. Koodli, C. PerkinsOctober 2007    Experimental
RFC 5006ASCII, PDF, HTMLIPv6 Router Advertisement Option for DNS ConfigurationJ. Jeong, Ed., S. Park, L. Beloeil, S. MadanapalliSeptember 2007Obsoleted by RFC 6106Experimental
RFC 5050ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataBundle Protocol SpecificationK. Scott, S. BurleighNovember 2007ErrataExperimental
RFC 5058ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataExplicit Multicast (Xcast) Concepts and OptionsR. Boivie, N. Feldman, Y. Imai, W. Livens, D. OomsNovember 2007ErrataExperimental
RFC 5081ASCII, PDF, HTMLUsing OpenPGP Keys for Transport Layer Security (TLS) AuthenticationN. MavrogiannopoulosNovember 2007Obsoleted by RFC 6091Experimental
RFC 5106ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataThe Extensible Authentication Protocol-Internet Key Exchange Protocol version 2 (EAP-IKEv2) MethodH. Tschofenig, D. Kroeselberg, A. Pashalidis, Y. Ohba, F. BersaniFebruary 2008ErrataExperimental
RFC 5111ASCII, PDF, HTMLExperiment in Exploratory Group Formation within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)B. Aboba, L. DondetiJanuary 2008    Experimental
RFC 5184ASCII, PDF, HTMLUnified Layer 2 (L2) Abstractions for Layer 3 (L3)-Driven Fast HandoverF. Teraoka, K. Gogo, K. Mitsuya, R. Shibui, K. MitaniMay 2008    Experimental
RFC 5201ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity ProtocolR. Moskowitz, P. Nikander, P. Jokela, Ed., T. HendersonApril 2008Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7401, Updated by RFC 6253Experimental
RFC 5202ASCII, PDF, HTMLUsing the Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) Transport Format with the Host Identity Protocol (HIP)P. Jokela, R. Moskowitz, P. NikanderApril 2008Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7402Experimental
RFC 5203ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity Protocol (HIP) Registration ExtensionJ. Laganier, T. Koponen, L. EggertApril 2008Obsoleted by RFC 8003Experimental
RFC 5204ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity Protocol (HIP) Rendezvous ExtensionJ. Laganier, L. EggertApril 2008Obsoleted by RFC 8004Experimental
RFC 5205ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity Protocol (HIP) Domain Name System (DNS) ExtensionsP. Nikander, J. LaganierApril 2008Obsoleted by RFC 8005Experimental
RFC 5206ASCII, PDF, HTMLEnd-Host Mobility and Multihoming with the Host Identity ProtocolP. Nikander, T. Henderson, Ed., C. Vogt, J. ArkkoApril 2008Obsoleted by RFC 8046Experimental
RFC 5210ASCII, PDF, HTMLA Source Address Validation Architecture (SAVA) Testbed and Deployment ExperienceJ. Wu, J. Bi, X. Li, G. Ren, K. Xu, M. WilliamsJune 2008    Experimental
RFC 5257ASCII, PDF, HTMLInternet Message Access Protocol - ANNOTATE ExtensionC. Daboo, R. GellensJune 2008ErrataExperimental
RFC 5320ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataThe Subnetwork Encapsulation and Adaptation Layer (SEAL)F. Templin, Ed.February 2010ErrataExperimental
RFC 5326ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataLicklider Transmission Protocol - SpecificationM. Ramadas, S. Burleigh, S. FarrellSeptember 2008ErrataExperimental
RFC 5327ASCII, PDF, HTMLLicklider Transmission Protocol - Security ExtensionsS. Farrell, M. Ramadas, S. BurleighSeptember 2008    Experimental
RFC 5335ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataInternationalized Email HeadersA. Yang, Ed.September 2008Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6532, Updates RFC 2045, RFC 2822Experimental
RFC 5336ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataSMTP Extension for Internationalized Email AddressesJ. Yao, Ed., W. Mao, Ed.September 2008Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6531, Updates RFC 2821, RFC 2822, RFC 4952Experimental
RFC 5337ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataInternationalized Delivery Status and Disposition NotificationsC. Newman, A. Melnikov, Ed.September 2008Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6533, Updates RFC 3461, RFC 3462, RFC 3464, RFC 3798Experimental
RFC 5338ASCII, PDF, HTMLUsing the Host Identity Protocol with Legacy ApplicationsT. Henderson, P. Nikander, M. KomuSeptember 2008    Experimental
RFC 5352ASCII, PDF, HTMLAggregate Server Access Protocol (ASAP)R. Stewart, Q. Xie, M. Stillman, M. TuexenSeptember 2008    Experimental
RFC 5353ASCII, PDF, HTMLEndpoint Handlespace Redundancy Protocol (ENRP)Q. Xie, R. Stewart, M. Stillman, M. Tuexen, A. SilvertonSeptember 2008    Experimental
RFC 5354ASCII, PDF, HTMLAggregate Server Access Protocol (ASAP) and Endpoint Handlespace Redundancy Protocol (ENRP) ParametersR. Stewart, Q. Xie, M. Stillman, M. TuexenSeptember 2008    Experimental
RFC 5356ASCII, PDF, HTMLReliable Server Pooling PoliciesT. Dreibholz, M. TuexenSeptember 2008    Experimental
RFC 5449ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Multipoint Relay (MPR) Extension for Ad Hoc NetworksE. Baccelli, P. Jacquet, D. Nguyen, T. ClausenFebruary 2009ErrataExperimental
RFC 5467ASCII, PDF, HTMLGMPLS Asymmetric Bandwidth Bidirectional Label Switched Paths (LSPs)L. Berger, A. Takacs, D. Caviglia, D. Fedyk, J. MeuricMarch 2009Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6387Experimental
RFC 5504ASCII, PDF, HTMLDowngrading Mechanism for Email Address InternationalizationK. Fujiwara, Ed., Y. Yoneya, Ed.March 2009Obsoleted by RFC 6530Experimental
RFC 5514ASCII, PDF, HTMLIPv6 over Social NetworksE. Vyncke1 April 2009ErrataExperimental
RFC 5523ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv3-Based Layer 1 VPN Auto-DiscoveryL. BergerApril 2009    Experimental
RFC 5525ASCII, PDF, HTMLReliable Server Pooling MIB Module DefinitionT. Dreibholz, J. MulikApril 2009    Experimental
RFC 5562ASCII, PDF, HTMLAdding Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) Capability to TCP's SYN/ACK PacketsA. Kuzmanovic, A. Mondal, S. Floyd, K. RamakrishnanJune 2009    Experimental
RFC 5572ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataIPv6 Tunnel Broker with the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP)M. Blanchet, F. ParentFebruary 2010ErrataExperimental
RFC 5573ASCII, PDF, HTMLAsynchronous Channels for the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP)M. ThomsonJune 2009    Experimental
RFC 5614ASCII, PDF, HTMLMobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Extension of OSPF Using Connected Dominating Set (CDS) FloodingR. Ogier, P. SpagnoloAugust 2009Updated by RFC 7038, RFC 9454Experimental
RFC 5622ASCII, PDF, HTMLProfile for Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) Congestion ID 4: TCP-Friendly Rate Control for Small Packets (TFRC-SP)S. Floyd, E. KohlerAugust 2009Updated by RFC 6323, RFC 8311Experimental
RFC 5634ASCII, PDF, HTMLQuick-Start for the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP)G. Fairhurst, A. SathiaseelanAugust 2009    Experimental
RFC 5636ASCII, PDF, HTMLTraceable Anonymous CertificateS. Park, H. Park, Y. Won, J. Lee, S. KentAugust 2009ErrataExperimental
RFC 5697ASCII, PDF, HTMLOther Certificates ExtensionS. FarrellNovember 2009    Experimental
RFC 5721ASCII, PDF, HTMLPOP3 Support for UTF-8R. Gellens, C. NewmanFebruary 2010Obsoleted by RFC 6856Experimental
RFC 5726ASCII, PDF, HTMLMobile IPv6 Location Privacy SolutionsY. Qiu, F. Zhao, Ed., R. KoodliFebruary 2010    Experimental
RFC 5738ASCII, PDF, HTMLIMAP Support for UTF-8P. Resnick, C. NewmanMarch 2010Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6855, Updates RFC 3501Experimental
RFC 5739ASCII, PDF, HTMLIPv6 Configuration in Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)P. Eronen, J. Laganier, C. MadsonFebruary 2010ErrataExperimental
RFC 5747ASCII, PDF, HTML4over6 Transit Solution Using IP Encapsulation and MP-BGP ExtensionsJ. Wu, Y. Cui, X. Li, M. Xu, C. MetzMarch 2010    Experimental
RFC 5770ASCII, PDF, HTMLBasic Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Extensions for Traversal of Network Address TranslatorsM. Komu, T. Henderson, H. Tschofenig, J. Melen, A. Keranen, Ed.April 2010    Experimental
RFC 5776ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataUse of Timed Efficient Stream Loss-Tolerant Authentication (TESLA) in the Asynchronous Layered Coding (ALC) and NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) ProtocolsV. Roca, A. Francillon, S. FauriteApril 2010ErrataExperimental
RFC 5780ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataNAT Behavior Discovery Using Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)D. MacDonald, B. LowekampMay 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 8553Experimental
RFC 5787ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv2 Routing Protocols Extensions for Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) RoutingD. PapadimitriouMarch 2010Obsoleted by RFC 6827Experimental
RFC 5805ASCII, PDF, HTMLLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) TransactionsK. ZeilengaMarch 2010ErrataExperimental
RFC 5820ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtensions to OSPF to Support Mobile Ad Hoc NetworkingA. Roy, Ed., M. Chandra, Ed.March 2010Updated by RFC 7137Experimental
RFC 5825ASCII, PDF, HTMLDisplaying Downgraded Messages for Email Address InternationalizationK. Fujiwara, B. LeibaApril 2010Obsoleted by RFC 6530Experimental
RFC 5827ASCII, PDF, HTMLEarly Retransmit for TCP and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)M. Allman, K. Avrachenkov, U. Ayesta, J. Blanton, P. HurtigMay 2010    Experimental
RFC 5842ASCII, PDF, HTMLBinding Extensions to Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)G. Clemm, J. Crawford, J. Reschke, Ed., J. WhiteheadApril 2010    Experimental
RFC 5873ASCII, PDF, HTMLPre-Authentication Support for the Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA)Y. Ohba, A. YeginMay 2010    Experimental
RFC 5878ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataTransport Layer Security (TLS) Authorization ExtensionsM. Brown, R. HousleyMay 2010Errata, Updates RFC 5246, Updated by RFC 8447, RFC 8996Experimental
RFC 5924ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtended Key Usage (EKU) for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) X.509 CertificatesS. Lawrence, V. GurbaniJune 2010    Experimental
RFC 5971ASCII, PDF, HTMLGIST: General Internet Signalling TransportH. Schulzrinne, R. HancockOctober 2010    Experimental
RFC 5973ASCII, PDF, HTMLNAT/Firewall NSIS Signaling Layer Protocol (NSLP)M. Stiemerling, H. Tschofenig, C. Aoun, E. DaviesOctober 2010    Experimental
RFC 5974ASCII, PDF, HTMLNSIS Signaling Layer Protocol (NSLP) for Quality-of-Service SignalingJ. Manner, G. Karagiannis, A. McDonaldOctober 2010    Experimental
RFC 5975ASCII, PDF, HTMLQSPEC Template for the Quality-of-Service NSIS Signaling Layer Protocol (NSLP)G. Ash, Ed., A. Bader, Ed., C. Kappler, Ed., D. Oran, Ed.October 2010    Experimental
RFC 5976ASCII, PDF, HTMLY.1541-QOSM: Model for Networks Using Y.1541 Quality-of-Service ClassesG. Ash, A. Morton, M. Dolly, P. Tarapore, C. Dvorak, Y. El MghazliOctober 2010    Experimental
RFC 5977ASCII, PDF, HTMLRMD-QOSM: The NSIS Quality-of-Service Model for Resource Management in DiffservA. Bader, L. Westberg, G. Karagiannis, C. Kappler, T. PhelanOctober 2010    Experimental
RFC 5979ASCII, PDF, HTMLNSIS Operation over IP TunnelsC. Shen, H. Schulzrinne, S. Lee, J. BangMarch 2011    Experimental
RFC 5981ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataAuthorization for NSIS Signaling Layer ProtocolsJ. Manner, M. Stiemerling, H. Tschofenig, R. Bless, Ed.February 2011ErrataExperimental
RFC 5983ASCII, PDF, HTMLMailing Lists and Internationalized Email AddressesR. GellensOctober 2010Obsoleted by RFC 6783Experimental
RFC 5984ASCII, PDF, HTMLIncreasing Throughput in IP Networks with ESP-Based Forwarding: ESPBasedForwardingK-M. Moller1 April 2011ErrataExperimental
RFC 6023ASCII, PDF, HTMLA Childless Initiation of the Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2) Security Association (SA)Y. Nir, H. Tschofenig, H. Deng, R. SinghOctober 2010    Experimental
RFC 6028ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity Protocol (HIP) Multi-Hop Routing ExtensionG. Camarillo, A. KeranenOctober 2010    Experimental
RFC 6058ASCII, PDF, HTMLTransient Binding for Proxy Mobile IPv6M. Liebsch, Ed., A. Muhanna, O. BlumeMarch 2011    Experimental
RFC 6069ASCII, PDF, HTMLMaking TCP More Robust to Long Connectivity Disruptions (TCP-LCD)A. Zimmermann, A. HannemannDecember 2010    Experimental
RFC 6078ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity Protocol (HIP) Immediate Carriage and Conveyance of Upper-Layer Protocol Signaling (HICCUPS)G. Camarillo, J. MelenJanuary 2011    Experimental
RFC 6079ASCII, PDF, HTMLHIP BONE: Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Based Overlay Networking Environment (BONE)G. Camarillo, P. Nikander, J. Hautakorpi, A. Keranen, A. JohnstonJanuary 2011    Experimental
RFC 6084ASCII, PDF, HTMLGeneral Internet Signaling Transport (GIST) over Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)X. Fu, C. Dickmann, J. CrowcroftJanuary 2011Updated by RFC 8996Experimental
RFC 6095ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtending YANG with Language AbstractionsB. Linowski, M. Ersue, S. KurylaMarch 2011    Experimental
RFC 6126ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataThe Babel Routing ProtocolJ. ChroboczekApril 2011Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 8966, Updated by RFC 7298, RFC 7557Experimental
RFC 6137ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataThe Network Trouble Ticket Data Model (NTTDM)D. Zisiadis, Ed., S. Kopsidas, Ed., M. Tsavli, Ed., G. Cessieux, Ed.February 2011ErrataExperimental
RFC 6179ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Internet Routing Overlay Network (IRON)F. Templin, Ed.March 2011    Experimental
RFC 6197ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocation-to-Service Translation (LoST) Service List Boundary ExtensionK. WolfApril 2011    Experimental
RFC 6210ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataExperiment: Hash Functions with Parameters in the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) and S/MIMEJ. SchaadApril 2011ErrataExperimental
RFC 6217ASCII, PDF, HTMLRegional Broadcast Using an Atmospheric Link LayerT. Ritter1 April 2011    Experimental
RFC 6235ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataIP Flow Anonymization SupportE. Boschi, B. TrammellMay 2011ErrataExperimental
RFC 6237ASCII, PDF, HTMLIMAP4 Multimailbox SEARCH ExtensionB. Leiba, A. MelnikovMay 2011Obsoleted by RFC 7377, Updates RFC 4466Experimental
RFC 6253ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity Protocol CertificatesT. Heer, S. VarjonenMay 2011Obsoleted by RFC 8002, Updates RFC 5201Experimental
RFC 6257ASCII, PDF, HTMLBundle Security Protocol SpecificationS. Symington, S. Farrell, H. Weiss, P. LovellMay 2011ErrataExperimental
RFC 6258ASCII, PDF, HTMLDelay-Tolerant Networking Metadata Extension BlockS. SymingtonMay 2011    Experimental
RFC 6259ASCII, PDF, HTMLDelay-Tolerant Networking Previous-Hop Insertion BlockS. SymingtonMay 2011    Experimental
RFC 6260ASCII, PDF, HTMLCompressed Bundle Header Encoding (CBHE)S. BurleighMay 2011    Experimental
RFC 6261ASCII, PDF, HTMLEncrypted Signaling Transport Modes for the Host Identity ProtocolA. KeranenMay 2011    Experimental
RFC 6296ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataIPv6-to-IPv6 Network Prefix TranslationM. Wasserman, F. BakerJune 2011ErrataExperimental
RFC 6306ASCII, PDF, HTMLHierarchical IPv4 FrameworkP. FrejborgJuly 2011    Experimental
RFC 6317ASCII, PDF, HTMLBasic Socket Interface Extensions for the Host Identity Protocol (HIP)M. Komu, T. HendersonJuly 2011    Experimental
RFC 6346ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Address plus Port (A+P) Approach to the IPv4 Address ShortageR. Bush, Ed.August 2011    Experimental
RFC 6356ASCII, PDF, HTMLCoupled Congestion Control for Multipath Transport ProtocolsC. Raiciu, M. Handley, D. WischikOctober 2011    Experimental
RFC 6358ASCII, PDF, HTMLAdditional Master Secret Inputs for TLSP. HoffmanJanuary 2012    Experimental
RFC 6451ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocation-to-Service Translation (LoST) Protocol ExtensionsA. Forte, H. SchulzrinneDecember 2011    Experimental
RFC 6496ASCII, PDF, HTMLSecure Proxy ND Support for SEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND)S. Krishnan, J. Laganier, M. Bonola, A. Garcia-MartinezFebruary 2012    Experimental
RFC 6521ASCII, PDF, HTMLHome Agent-Assisted Route Optimization between Mobile IPv4 NetworksA. Makela, J. KorhonenFebruary 2012    Experimental
RFC 6537ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity Protocol Distributed Hash Table InterfaceJ. AhrenholzFebruary 2012    Experimental
RFC 6541ASCII, PDF, HTMLDomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Authorized Third-Party SignaturesM. KucherawyFebruary 2012    Experimental
RFC 6559ASCII, PDF, HTMLA Reliable Transport Mechanism for PIMD. Farinacci, IJ. Wijnands, S. Venaas, M. NapieralaMarch 2012    Experimental
RFC 6593ASCII, PDF, HTMLService Undiscovery Using Hide-and-Go-Seek for the Domain Pseudonym System (DPS)C. Pignataro, J. Clarke, G. Salgueiro1 April 2012    Experimental
RFC 6601ASCII, PDF, HTMLGeneric Connection Admission Control (GCAC) Algorithm Specification for IP/MPLS NetworksG. Ash, Ed., D. McDysanApril 2012    Experimental
RFC 6613ASCII, PDF, HTMLRADIUS over TCPA. DeKokMay 2012Updated by RFC 7930Experimental
RFC 6614ASCII, PDF, HTMLTransport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption for RADIUSS. Winter, M. McCauley, S. Venaas, K. WierengaMay 2012Updated by RFC 8996Experimental
RFC 6617ASCII, PDF, HTMLSecure Pre-Shared Key (PSK) Authentication for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE)D. HarkinsJune 2012    Experimental
RFC 6618ASCII, PDF, HTMLMobile IPv6 Security Framework Using Transport Layer Security for Communication between the Mobile Node and Home AgentJ. Korhonen, Ed., B. Patil, H. Tschofenig, D. KroeselbergMay 2012    Experimental
RFC 6621ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataSimplified Multicast ForwardingJ. Macker, Ed.May 2012ErrataExperimental
RFC 6628ASCII, PDF, HTMLEfficient Augmented Password-Only Authentication and Key Exchange for IKEv2S. Shin, K. KobaraJune 2012    Experimental
RFC 6631ASCII, PDF, HTMLPassword Authenticated Connection Establishment with the Internet Key Exchange Protocol version 2 (IKEv2)D. Kuegler, Y. ShefferJune 2012    Experimental
RFC 6661ASCII, PDF, HTMLPre-Congestion Notification (PCN) Boundary-Node Behavior for the Controlled Load (CL) Mode of OperationA. Charny, F. Huang, G. Karagiannis, M. Menth, T. Taylor, Ed.July 2012    Experimental
RFC 6662ASCII, PDF, HTMLPre-Congestion Notification (PCN) Boundary-Node Behavior for the Single Marking (SM) Mode of OperationA. Charny, J. Zhang, G. Karagiannis, M. Menth, T. Taylor, Ed.July 2012    Experimental
RFC 6693ASCII, PDF, HTMLProbabilistic Routing Protocol for Intermittently Connected NetworksA. Lindgren, A. Doria, E. Davies, S. GrasicAugust 2012    Experimental
RFC 6706ASCII, PDF, HTMLAsymmetric Extended Route Optimization (AERO)F. Templin, Ed.August 2012ErrataExperimental
RFC 6739ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataSynchronizing Service Boundaries and Elements Based on the Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) ProtocolH. Schulzrinne, H. TschofenigOctober 2012Errata, Updated by RFC 8996Experimental
RFC 6740ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataIdentifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP) Architectural DescriptionRJ Atkinson, SN BhattiNovember 2012ErrataExperimental
RFC 6741ASCII, PDF, HTMLIdentifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP) Engineering ConsiderationsRJ Atkinson, SN BhattiNovember 2012    Experimental
RFC 6742ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDNS Resource Records for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP)RJ Atkinson, SN Bhatti, S. RoseNovember 2012ErrataExperimental
RFC 6743ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataICMP Locator Update Message for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv6 (ILNPv6)RJ Atkinson, SN BhattiNovember 2012ErrataExperimental
RFC 6744ASCII, PDF, HTMLIPv6 Nonce Destination Option for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv6 (ILNPv6)RJ Atkinson, SN BhattiNovember 2012    Experimental
RFC 6745ASCII, PDF, HTMLICMP Locator Update Message for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv4 (ILNPv4)RJ Atkinson, SN BhattiNovember 2012    Experimental
RFC 6746ASCII, PDF, HTMLIPv4 Options for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP)RJ Atkinson, SN BhattiNovember 2012    Experimental
RFC 6747ASCII, PDF, HTMLAddress Resolution Protocol (ARP) for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv4 (ILNPv4)RJ Atkinson, SN BhattiNovember 2012    Experimental
RFC 6748ASCII, PDF, HTMLOptional Advanced Deployment Scenarios for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP)RJ Atkinson, SN BhattiNovember 2012    Experimental
RFC 6751ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataNative IPv6 behind IPv4-to-IPv4 NAT Customer Premises Equipment (6a44)R. Despres, Ed., B. Carpenter, D. Wing, S. JiangOctober 2012ErrataExperimental
RFC 6807ASCII, PDF, HTMLPopulation Count Extensions to Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)D. Farinacci, G. Shepherd, S. Venaas, Y. CaiDecember 2012    Experimental
RFC 6817ASCII, PDF, HTMLLow Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBAT)S. Shalunov, G. Hazel, J. Iyengar, M. KuehlewindDecember 2012    Experimental
RFC 6824ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataTCP Extensions for Multipath Operation with Multiple AddressesA. Ford, C. Raiciu, M. Handley, O. BonaventureJanuary 2013Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 8684Experimental
RFC 6830ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)D. Farinacci, V. Fuller, D. Meyer, D. LewisJanuary 2013Obsoleted by RFC 9300, RFC 9301, Updated by RFC 8113Experimental
RFC 6831ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) for Multicast EnvironmentsD. Farinacci, D. Meyer, J. Zwiebel, S. VenaasJanuary 2013    Experimental
RFC 6832ASCII, PDF, HTMLInterworking between Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) and Non-LISP SitesD. Lewis, D. Meyer, D. Farinacci, V. FullerJanuary 2013    Experimental
RFC 6833ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Map-Server InterfaceV. Fuller, D. FarinacciJanuary 2013Obsoleted by RFC 9301Experimental
RFC 6834ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Map-VersioningL. Iannone, D. Saucez, O. BonaventureJanuary 2013Obsoleted by RFC 9302Experimental
RFC 6836ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocator/ID Separation Protocol Alternative Logical Topology (LISP+ALT)V. Fuller, D. Farinacci, D. Meyer, D. LewisJanuary 2013    Experimental
RFC 6837ASCII, PDF, HTMLNERD: A Not-so-novel Endpoint ID (EID) to Routing Locator (RLOC) DatabaseE. LearJanuary 2013    Experimental
RFC 6867ASCII, PDF, HTMLAn Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2) Extension to Support EAP Re-authentication Protocol (ERP)Y. Nir, Q. WuJanuary 2013    Experimental
RFC 6882ASCII, PDF, HTMLSupport for Resource Reservation Protocol Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) in Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks (L3VPNs)K. Kumaki, Ed., T. Murai, D. Cheng, S. Matsushima, P. JiangMarch 2013    Experimental
RFC 6919ASCII, PDF, HTMLFurther Key Words for Use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement LevelsR. Barnes, S. Kent, E. Rescorla1 April 2013    Experimental
RFC 6928ASCII, PDF, HTMLIncreasing TCP's Initial WindowJ. Chu, N. Dukkipati, Y. Cheng, M. MathisApril 2013    Experimental
RFC 6937ASCII, PDF, HTMLProportional Rate Reduction for TCPM. Mathis, N. Dukkipati, Y. ChengMay 2013    Experimental
RFC 6962ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataCertificate TransparencyB. Laurie, A. Langley, E. KasperJune 2013Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 9162Experimental
RFC 6968ASCII, PDF, HTMLFCAST: Object Delivery for the Asynchronous Layered Coding (ALC) and NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) ProtocolsV. Roca, B. AdamsonJuly 2013    Experimental
RFC 6971ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDepth-First Forwarding (DFF) in Unreliable NetworksU. Herberg, Ed., A. Cardenas, T. Iwao, M. Dow, S. CespedesJune 2013ErrataExperimental
RFC 6978ASCII, PDF, HTMLA TCP Authentication Option Extension for NAT TraversalJ. TouchJuly 2013    Experimental
RFC 6982ASCII, PDF, HTMLImproving Awareness of Running Code: The Implementation Status SectionY. Sheffer, A. FarrelJuly 2013Obsoleted by RFC 7942Experimental
RFC 6997ASCII, PDF, HTMLReactive Discovery of Point-to-Point Routes in Low-Power and Lossy NetworksM. Goyal, Ed., E. Baccelli, M. Philipp, A. Brandt, J. MartocciAugust 2013    Experimental
RFC 6998ASCII, PDF, HTMLA Mechanism to Measure the Routing Metrics along a Point-to-Point Route in a Low-Power and Lossy NetworkM. Goyal, Ed., E. Baccelli, A. Brandt, J. MartocciAugust 2013    Experimental
RFC 7019ASCII, PDF, HTMLApplication-Layer Multicast Extensions to REsource LOcation And Discovery (RELOAD)J. Buford, M. Kolberg, Ed.September 2013    Experimental
RFC 7028ASCII, PDF, HTMLMulticast Mobility Routing Optimizations for Proxy Mobile IPv6JC. Zuniga, LM. Contreras, CJ. Bernardos, S. Jeon, Y. KimSeptember 2013    Experimental
RFC 7038ASCII, PDF, HTMLUse of OSPF-MDR in Single-Hop Broadcast NetworksR. OgierOctober 2013Updates RFC 5614Experimental
RFC 7046ASCII, PDF, HTMLA Common API for Transparent Hybrid MulticastM. Waehlisch, T. Schmidt, S. VenaasDecember 2013    Experimental
RFC 7052ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataLocator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) MIBG. Schudel, A. Jain, V. MorenoOctober 2013ErrataExperimental
RFC 7086ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Identity Protocol-Based Overlay Networking Environment (HIP BONE) Instance Specification for REsource LOcation And Discovery (RELOAD)A. Keranen, G. Camarillo, J. MaenpaaJanuary 2014    Experimental
RFC 7109ASCII, PDF, HTMLFlow Bindings Initiated by Home Agents for Mobile IPv6H. Yokota, D. Kim, B. Sarikaya, F. XiaFebruary 2014    Experimental
RFC 7122ASCII, PDF, HTMLDatagram Convergence Layers for the Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networking (DTN) Bundle Protocol and Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP)H. Kruse, S. Jero, S. OstermannMarch 2014    Experimental
RFC 7137ASCII, PDF, HTMLUse of the OSPF-MANET Interface in Single-Hop Broadcast NetworksA. Retana, S. RatliffFebruary 2014Updates RFC 5820Experimental
RFC 7161ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataProxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Multicast Handover Optimization by the Subscription Information Acquisition through the LMA (SIAL)LM. Contreras, CJ. Bernardos, I. SotoMarch 2014ErrataExperimental
RFC 7215ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) Network Element Deployment ConsiderationsL. Jakab, A. Cabellos-Aparicio, F. Coras, J. Domingo-Pascual, D. LewisApril 2014    Experimental
RFC 7238ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Hypertext Transfer Protocol Status Code 308 (Permanent Redirect)J. ReschkeJune 2014Obsoleted by RFC 7538Experimental
RFC 7242ASCII, PDF, HTMLDelay-Tolerant Networking TCP Convergence-Layer ProtocolM. Demmer, J. Ott, S. PerreaultJune 2014    Experimental
RFC 7287ASCII, PDF, HTMLMobile Multicast Sender Support in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) DomainsT. Schmidt, Ed., S. Gao, H. Zhang, M. WaehlischJune 2014    Experimental
RFC 7298ASCII, PDF, HTMLBabel Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC) Cryptographic AuthenticationD. OvsienkoJuly 2014Obsoleted by RFC 8967, Updates RFC 6126Experimental
RFC 7314ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS) EXPIRE OptionM. AndrewsJuly 2014    Experimental
RFC 7334ASCII, PDF, HTMLPCE-Based Computation Procedure to Compute Shortest Constrained Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) Inter-Domain Traffic Engineering Label Switched PathsQ. Zhao, D. Dhody, D. King, Z. Ali, R. CasellasAugust 2014    Experimental
RFC 7360ASCII, PDF, HTMLDatagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) as a Transport Layer for RADIUSA. DeKokSeptember 2014    Experimental
RFC 7367ASCII, PDF, HTMLDefinition of Managed Objects for the Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Simplified Multicast Framework Relay Set ProcessR. Cole, J. Macker, B. AdamsonOctober 2014    Experimental
RFC 7390ASCII, PDF, HTMLGroup Communication for the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)A. Rahman, Ed., E. Dijk, Ed.October 2014    Experimental
RFC 7409ASCII, PDF, HTMLForwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Packet ParallelizationE. Haleplidis, J. HalpernNovember 2014    Experimental
RFC 7411ASCII, PDF, HTMLMulticast Listener Extensions for Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) and Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Fast HandoversT. Schmidt, Ed., M. Waehlisch, R. Koodli, G. Fairhurst, D. LiuNovember 2014Updates RFC 5568Experimental
RFC 7413ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataTCP Fast OpenY. Cheng, J. Chu, S. Radhakrishnan, A. JainDecember 2014ErrataExperimental
RFC 7417ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtensions to Generic Aggregate RSVP for IPv4 and IPv6 Reservations over Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) DomainsG. Karagiannis, A. BhargavaDecember 2014    Experimental
RFC 7486ASCII, PDF, HTMLHTTP Origin-Bound Authentication (HOBA)S. Farrell, P. Hoffman, M. ThomasMarch 2015    Experimental
RFC 7499ASCII, PDF, HTMLSupport of Fragmentation of RADIUS PacketsA. Perez-Mendez, Ed., R. Marin-Lopez, F. Pereniguez-Garcia, G. Lopez-Millan, D. Lopez, A. DeKokApril 2015    Experimental
RFC 7508ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataSecuring Header Fields with S/MIMEL. Cailleux, C. BonattiApril 2015ErrataExperimental
RFC 7514ASCII, PDF, HTMLReally Explicit Congestion Notification (RECN)M. Luckie1 April 2015    Experimental
RFC 7557ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtension Mechanism for the Babel Routing ProtocolJ. ChroboczekMay 2015Obsoleted by RFC 8966, Updates RFC 6126Experimental
RFC 7566ASCII, PDF, HTMLEnumservice Registration for 'acct' URIL. Goix, K. LiJune 2015    Experimental
RFC 7585ASCII, PDF, HTMLDynamic Peer Discovery for RADIUS/TLS and RADIUS/DTLS Based on the Network Access Identifier (NAI)S. Winter, M. McCauleyOctober 2015ErrataExperimental
RFC 7586ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Scalable Address Resolution Protocol (SARP) for Large Data CentersY. Nachum, L. Dunbar, I. Yerushalmi, T. MizrahiJune 2015    Experimental
RFC 7592ASCII, PDF, HTMLOAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration Management ProtocolJ. Richer, Ed., M. Jones, J. Bradley, M. MachulakJuly 2015    Experimental
RFC 7600ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataIPv4 Residual Deployment via IPv6 - A Stateless Solution (4rd)R. Despres, S. Jiang, Ed., R. Penno, Y. Lee, G. Chen, M. ChenJuly 2015ErrataExperimental
RFC 7629ASCII, PDF, HTMLFlow-Binding Support for Mobile IPS. Gundavelli, Ed., K. Leung, G. Tsirtsis, A. PetrescuAugust 2015    Experimental
RFC 7661ASCII, PDF, HTMLUpdating TCP to Support Rate-Limited TrafficG. Fairhurst, A. Sathiaseelan, R. SecchiOctober 2015Obsoletes RFC 2861Experimental
RFC 7722ASCII, PDF, HTMLMulti-Topology Extension for the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2 (OLSRv2)C. Dearlove, T. ClausenDecember 2015Updates RFC 7188, RFC 7631Experimental
RFC 7758ASCII, PDF, HTMLTime Capability in NETCONFT. Mizrahi, Y. MosesFebruary 2016    Experimental
RFC 7765ASCII, PDF, HTMLTCP and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) RTO RestartP. Hurtig, A. Brunstrom, A. Petlund, M. WelzlFebruary 2016    Experimental
RFC 7779ASCII, PDF, HTMLDirectional Airtime Metric Based on Packet Sequence Numbers for Optimized Link State Routing Version 2 (OLSRv2)H. Rogge, E. BaccelliApril 2016    Experimental
RFC 7786ASCII, PDF, HTMLTCP Modifications for Congestion Exposure (ConEx)M. Kuehlewind, Ed., R. ScheffeneggerMay 2016    Experimental
RFC 7804ASCII, PDF, HTMLSalted Challenge Response HTTP Authentication MechanismA. MelnikovMarch 2016ErrataExperimental
RFC 7816ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDNS Query Name Minimisation to Improve PrivacyS. BortzmeyerMarch 2016Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 9156Experimental
RFC 7820ASCII, PDF, HTMLUDP Checksum Complement in the One-Way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP) and Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP)T. MizrahiMarch 2016    Experimental
RFC 7821ASCII, PDF, HTMLUDP Checksum Complement in the Network Time Protocol (NTP)T. MizrahiMarch 2016    Experimental
RFC 7837ASCII, PDF, HTMLIPv6 Destination Option for Congestion Exposure (ConEx)S. Krishnan, M. Kuehlewind, B. Briscoe, C. RalliMay 2016    Experimental
RFC 7859ASCII, PDF, HTMLIdentity-Based Signatures for Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Routing ProtocolsC. DearloveMay 2016    Experimental
RFC 7897ASCII, PDF, HTMLDomain Subobjects for the Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP)D. Dhody, U. Palle, R. CasellasJune 2016    Experimental
RFC 7898ASCII, PDF, HTMLDomain Subobjects for Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE)D. Dhody, U. Palle, V. Kondreddy, R. CasellasJune 2016    Experimental
RFC 7901ASCII, PDF, HTMLCHAIN Query Requests in DNSP. WoutersJune 2016    Experimental
RFC 7929ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) Bindings for OpenPGPP. WoutersAugust 2016ErrataExperimental
RFC 7930ASCII, PDF, HTMLLarger Packets for RADIUS over TCPS. HartmanAugust 2016Updates RFC 6613Experimental
RFC 7974ASCII, PDF, HTMLAn Experimental TCP Option for Host IdentificationB. Williams, M. Boucadair, D. WingOctober 2016    Experimental
RFC 8033ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataProportional Integral Controller Enhanced (PIE): A Lightweight Control Scheme to Address the Bufferbloat ProblemR. Pan, P. Natarajan, F. Baker, G. WhiteFebruary 2017ErrataExperimental
RFC 8039ASCII, PDF, HTMLMultipath Time SynchronizationA. Shpiner, R. Tse, C. Schelp, T. MizrahiDecember 2016    Experimental
RFC 8053ASCII, PDF, HTMLHTTP Authentication Extensions for Interactive ClientsY. Oiwa, H. Watanabe, H. Takagi, K. Maeda, T. Hayashi, Y. IokuJanuary 2017    Experimental
RFC 8059ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataPIM Join Attributes for Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) EnvironmentsJ. Arango, S. Venaas, I. Kouvelas, D. FarinacciJanuary 2017ErrataExperimental
RFC 8060ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataLISP Canonical Address Format (LCAF)D. Farinacci, D. Meyer, J. SnijdersFebruary 2017Errata, Updated by RFC 9306Experimental
RFC 8061ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Data-Plane ConfidentialityD. Farinacci, B. WeisFebruary 2017    Experimental
RFC 8094ASCII, PDF, HTMLDNS over Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)T. Reddy, D. Wing, P. PatilFebruary 2017    Experimental
RFC 8099ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Topology-Transparent ZoneH. Chen, R. Li, A. Retana, Y. Yang, Z. LiuFebruary 2017    Experimental
RFC 8111ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocator/ID Separation Protocol Delegated Database Tree (LISP-DDT)V. Fuller, D. Lewis, V. Ermagan, A. Jain, A. SmirnovMay 2017    Experimental
RFC 8113ASCII, PDF, HTMLLocator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP): Shared Extension Message & IANA Registry for Packet Type AllocationsM. Boucadair, C. JacquenetMarch 2017Obsoleted by RFC 9304, Updates RFC 6830Experimental
RFC 8120ASCII, PDF, HTMLMutual Authentication Protocol for HTTPY. Oiwa, H. Watanabe, H. Takagi, K. Maeda, T. Hayashi, Y. IokuApril 2017    Experimental
RFC 8121ASCII, PDF, HTMLMutual Authentication Protocol for HTTP: Cryptographic Algorithms Based on the Key Agreement Mechanism 3 (KAM3)Y. Oiwa, H. Watanabe, H. Takagi, K. Maeda, T. Hayashi, Y. IokuApril 2017    Experimental
RFC 8135ASCII, PDF, HTMLComplex Addressing in IPv6M. Danielson, M. Nilsson1 April 2017ErrataExperimental
RFC 8162ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataUsing Secure DNS to Associate Certificates with Domain Names for S/MIMEP. Hoffman, J. SchlyterMay 2017ErrataExperimental
RFC 8218ASCII, PDF, HTMLMultipath Extension for the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2 (OLSRv2)J. Yi, B. ParreinAugust 2017    Experimental
RFC 8289ASCII, PDF, HTMLControlled Delay Active Queue ManagementK. Nichols, V. Jacobson, A. McGregor, Ed., J. Iyengar, Ed.January 2018    Experimental
RFC 8290ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Flow Queue CoDel Packet Scheduler and Active Queue Management AlgorithmT. Hoeiland-Joergensen, P. McKenney, D. Taht, J. Gettys, E. DumazetJanuary 2018    Experimental
RFC 8297ASCII, PDF, HTMLAn HTTP Status Code for Indicating HintsK. OkuDecember 2017    Experimental
RFC 8298ASCII, PDF, HTMLSelf-Clocked Rate Adaptation for MultimediaI. Johansson, Z. SarkerDecember 2017    Experimental
RFC 8321ASCII, PDF, HTMLAlternate-Marking Method for Passive and Hybrid Performance MonitoringG. Fioccola, Ed., A. Capello, M. Cociglio, L. Castaldelli, M. Chen, L. Zheng, G. Mirsky, T. MizrahiJanuary 2018Obsoleted by RFC 9341Experimental
RFC 8337ASCII, PDF, HTMLModel-Based Metrics for Bulk Transport CapacityM. Mathis, A. MortonMarch 2018    Experimental
RFC 8350ASCII, PDF, HTMLAlternate Tunnel Encapsulation for Data Frames in Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP)R. Zhang, R. Pazhyannur, S. Gundavelli, Z. Cao, H. Deng, Z. DuApril 2018    Experimental
RFC 8364ASCII, PDF, HTMLPIM Flooding Mechanism (PFM) and Source Discovery (SD)IJ. Wijnands, S. Venaas, M. Brig, A. JonassonMarch 2018Updated by RFC 8736, RFC 9436Experimental
RFC 8378ASCII, PDF, HTMLSignal-Free Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) MulticastV. Moreno, D. FarinacciMay 2018    Experimental
RFC 8382ASCII, PDF, HTMLShared Bottleneck Detection for Coupled Congestion Control for RTP MediaD. Hayes, Ed., S. Ferlin, M. Welzl, K. HiorthJune 2018    Experimental
RFC 8424ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtensions to RSVP-TE for Label Switched Path (LSP) Ingress Fast Reroute (FRR) ProtectionH. Chen, Ed., R. Torvi, Ed.August 2018    Experimental
RFC 8459ASCII, PDF, HTMLHierarchical Service Function Chaining (hSFC)D. Dolson, S. Homma, D. Lopez, M. BoucadairSeptember 2018    Experimental
RFC 8467ASCII, PDF, HTMLPadding Policies for Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS(0))A. MayrhoferOctober 2018ErrataExperimental
RFC 8511ASCII, PDF, HTMLTCP Alternative Backoff with ECN (ABE)N. Khademi, M. Welzl, G. Armitage, G. FairhurstDecember 2018    Experimental
RFC 8547ASCII, PDF, HTMLTCP-ENO: Encryption Negotiation OptionA. Bittau, D. Giffin, M. Handley, D. Mazieres, E. SmithMay 2019    Experimental
RFC 8548ASCII, PDF, HTMLCryptographic Protection of TCP Streams (tcpcrypt)A. Bittau, D. Giffin, M. Handley, D. Mazieres, Q. Slack, E. SmithMay 2019    Experimental
RFC 8569ASCII, PDF, HTMLContent-Centric Networking (CCNx) SemanticsM. Mosko, I. Solis, C. WoodJuly 2019    Experimental
RFC 8609ASCII, PDF, HTMLContent-Centric Networking (CCNx) Messages in TLV FormatM. Mosko, I. Solis, C. WoodJuly 2019Updated by RFC 9510Experimental
RFC 8617ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) ProtocolK. Andersen, B. Long, Ed., S. Blank, Ed., M. Kucherawy, Ed.July 2019ErrataExperimental
RFC 8672HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTLS Server Identity Pinning with TicketsY. Sheffer, D. MigaultOctober 2019    Experimental
RFC 8673HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLHTTP Random Access and Live ContentC. Pratt, D. Thakore, B. StarkNovember 2019    Experimental
RFC 8698HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNetwork-Assisted Dynamic Adaptation (NADA): A Unified Congestion Control Scheme for Real-Time MediaX. Zhu, R. Pan, M. Ramalho, S. MenaFebruary 2020    Experimental
RFC 8699HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCoupled Congestion Control for RTP MediaS. Islam, M. Welzl, S. GjessingJanuary 2020    Experimental
RFC 8771HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe Internationalized Deliberately Unreadable Network NOtation (I-DUNNO)A. Mayrhofer, J. Hague1 April 2020    Experimental
RFC 8773HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataTLS 1.3 Extension for Certificate-Based Authentication with an External Pre-Shared KeyR. HousleyMarch 2020ErrataExperimental
RFC 8803HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML0-RTT TCP Convert ProtocolO. Bonaventure, Ed., M. Boucadair, Ed., S. Gundavelli, S. Seo, B. HesmansJuly 2020    Experimental
RFC 8847HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLProtocol for Controlling Multiple Streams for Telepresence (CLUE)R. Presta, S P. RomanoJanuary 2021    Experimental
RFC 8848HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSession Signaling for Controlling Multiple Streams for Telepresence (CLUE)R. Hanton, P. Kyzivat, L. Xiao, C. GrovesJanuary 2021    Experimental
RFC 8850HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLControlling Multiple Streams for Telepresence (CLUE) Protocol Data ChannelC. HolmbergJanuary 2021    Experimental
RFC 8885HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLProxy Mobile IPv6 Extensions for Distributed Mobility ManagementCJ. Bernardos, A. de la Oliva, F. Giust, JC. Zúñiga, A. MouradOctober 2020    Experimental
RFC 8889HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLMultipoint Alternate-Marking Method for Passive and Hybrid Performance MonitoringG. Fioccola, Ed., M. Cociglio, A. Sapio, R. SistoAugust 2020Obsoleted by RFC 9342Experimental
RFC 8902HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTLS Authentication Using Intelligent Transport System (ITS) CertificatesM. Msahli, Ed., N. Cam-Winget, Ed., W. Whyte, Ed., A. Serhrouchni, H. LabiodSeptember 2020    Experimental
RFC 8927HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLJSON Type DefinitionU. CarionNovember 2020    Experimental
RFC 8942HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLHTTP Client HintsI. Grigorik, Y. WeissFebruary 2021    Experimental
RFC 8989HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAdditional Criteria for Nominating Committee EligibilityB. Carpenter, S. FarrellFebruary 2021Obsoleted by RFC 9389Experimental
RFC 9028HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNative NAT Traversal Mode for the Host Identity ProtocolA. Keränen, J. Melén, M. Komu, Ed.July 2021    Experimental
RFC 9057HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLEmail Author Header FieldD. CrockerJune 2021    Experimental
RFC 9078HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLReaction: Indicating Summary Reaction to a MessageD. Crocker, R. Signes, N. FreedAugust 2021    Experimental
RFC 9091HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLExperimental Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) Extension for Public Suffix DomainsS. Kitterman, T. Wicinski, Ed.July 2021    Experimental
RFC 9102HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataTLS DNSSEC Chain ExtensionV. Dukhovni, S. Huque, W. Toorop, P. Wouters, M. ShoreAugust 2021ErrataExperimental
RFC 9139HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInformation-Centric Networking (ICN) Adaptation to Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPANs)C. Gündoğan, T. Schmidt, M. Wählisch, C. Scherb, C. Marxer, C. TschudinNovember 2021    Experimental
RFC 9162HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCertificate Transparency Version 2.0B. Laurie, E. Messeri, R. StradlingDecember 2021Obsoletes RFC 6962Experimental
RFC 9163HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLExpect-CT Extension for HTTPE. StarkJune 2022    Experimental
RFC 9188HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLGeneric Multi-Access (GMA) Encapsulation ProtocolJ. Zhu, S. KanugoviFebruary 2022    Experimental
RFC 9226HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLBioctal: Hexadecimal 2.0M. Breen1 April 2022    Experimental
RFC 9228HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDelivered-To Email Header FieldD. Crocker, Ed.April 2022    Experimental
RFC 9229HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIPv4 Routes with an IPv6 Next Hop in the Babel Routing ProtocolJ. ChroboczekMay 2022    Experimental
RFC 9230HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOblivious DNS over HTTPSE. Kinnear, P. McManus, T. Pauly, T. Verma, C.A. WoodJune 2022ErrataExperimental
RFC 9268HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIPv6 Minimum Path MTU Hop-by-Hop OptionR. Hinden, G. FairhurstAugust 2022    Experimental
RFC 9275HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAn Extension for Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO): Path VectorK. Gao, Y. Lee, S. Randriamasy, Y. Yang, J. ZhangSeptember 2022    Experimental
RFC 9306HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLVendor-Specific LISP Canonical Address Format (LCAF)A. Rodriguez-Natal, V. Ermagan, A. Smirnov, V. Ashtaputre, D. FarinacciOctober 2022Updates RFC 8060Experimental
RFC 9331HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) Protocol for Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable Throughput (L4S)K. De Schepper, B. Briscoe, Ed.January 2023    Experimental
RFC 9332HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDual-Queue Coupled Active Queue Management (AQM) for Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable Throughput (L4S)K. De Schepper, B. Briscoe, Ed., G. WhiteJanuary 2023    Experimental
RFC 9344HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCCNinfo: Discovering Content and Network Information in Content-Centric NetworksH. Asaeda, A. Ooka, X. ShaoFebruary 2023    Experimental
RFC 9377HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIS-IS Flood ReflectionT. Przygienda, Ed., C. Bowers, Y. Lee, A. Sharma, R. WhiteApril 2023    Experimental
RFC 9407HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTetrys: An On-the-Fly Network Coding ProtocolJ. Detchart, E. Lochin, J. Lacan, V. RocaJune 2023    Experimental
RFC 9477HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLComplaint Feedback Loop Address HeaderJ. BeneckeSeptember 2023    Experimental
RFC 9507HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInformation-Centric Networking (ICN) Traceroute Protocol SpecificationS. Mastorakis, D. Oran, I. Moiseenko, J. Gibson, R. DromsMarch 2024    Experimental
RFC 9508HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInformation-Centric Networking (ICN) Ping Protocol SpecificationS. Mastorakis, D. Oran, J. Gibson, I. Moiseenko, R. DromsMarch 2024    Experimental
RFC 9510HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAlternative Delta Time Encoding for Content-Centric Networking (CCNx) Using Compact Floating-Point ArithmeticC. Gündoğan, T. Schmidt, D. Oran, M. WählischFebruary 2024Updates RFC 8609Experimental
RFC 9526HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataSimple Provisioning of Public Names for Residential NetworksD. Migault, R. Weber, M. Richardson, R. HunterJanuary 2024ErrataExperimental
RFC 9531HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLPath Steering in Content-Centric Networking (CCNx) and Named Data Networking (NDN)I. Moiseenko, D. OranMarch 2024    Experimental
RFC 9539HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataUnilateral Opportunistic Deployment of Encrypted Recursive-to-Authoritative DNSD. K. Gillmor, Ed., J. Salazar, Ed., P. Hoffman, Ed.February 2024ErrataExperimental
RFC 9586HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIMAP Extension for Using and Returning Unique Identifiers (UIDs) OnlyA. Melnikov, A. P. Achuthan, V. Nagulakonda, A. Singh, L. AlvesMay 2024    Experimental