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RFC 9592HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRetiring the Tao of the IETFN. ten Oever, G. WoodJune 2024Obsoletes RFC 6722Informational
RFC 9519HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUpdate to the IANA SSH Protocol Parameters Registry RequirementsP. YeeJanuary 2024Updates RFC 4250, RFC 4716, RFC 4819, RFC 8308Proposed Standard
RFC 9500HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLStandard Public Key Cryptography (PKC) Test KeysP. Gutmann, C. BonnellDecember 2023    Informational
RFC 9422HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe LIMITS SMTP Service ExtensionN. Freed, J. KlensinFebruary 2024    Proposed Standard
RFC 9416 part of BCP 72

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSecurity Considerations for Transient Numeric Identifiers Employed in Network ProtocolsF. Gont, I. ArceJuly 2023Updates RFC 3552Best Current Practice
RFC 9373HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLEdDSA Value for IPSECKEYR. Moskowitz, T. Kivinen, M. RichardsonMarch 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9371HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRegistration Procedures for Private Enterprise Numbers (PENs)A. Baber, P. HoffmanMarch 2023    Informational
RFC 9309HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRobots Exclusion ProtocolM. Koster, G. Illyes, H. Zeller, L. SassmanSeptember 2022ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 9285HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataThe Base45 Data EncodingP. Fältström, F. Ljunggren, D.W. van GulikAugust 2022ErrataInformational
RFC 9283 part of BCP 39

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIAB Charter Update for RFC Editor ModelB. Carpenter, Ed.June 2022Updates RFC 2850Best Current Practice
RFC 9282 part of BCP 9

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLResponsibility Change for the RFC SeriesB. RosenJune 2022Updates RFC 2026Best Current Practice
RFC 9281 a.k.a. BCP 11

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLEntities Involved in the IETF Standards ProcessR. SalzJune 2022Obsoletes RFC 2028Best Current Practice
RFC 9245 a.k.a. BCP 45

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIETF Discussion List CharterL. Eggert, S. HarrisJune 2022Obsoletes RFC 3005, Updates RFC 3683Best Current Practice
RFC 9233HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInternationalized Domain Names for Applications 2008 (IDNA2008) and Unicode 12.0.0P. FältströmMarch 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9231HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAdditional XML Security Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)D. Eastlake 3rdJuly 2022Obsoletes RFC 6931Proposed Standard
RFC 9183HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSingle Nickname for an Area Border RBridge in Multilevel Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)M. Zhang, D. Eastlake 3rd, R. Perlman, M. Cullen, H. ZhaiFebruary 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9169HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNew ASN.1 Modules for the Evidence Record Syntax (ERS)R. Housley, C. WallaceDecember 2021    Informational
RFC 9141HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUpdating References to the IETF FTP ServiceR. DanyliwNovember 2021Errata, Updates RFC 2077, RFC 2418, RFC 2648, RFC 2954, RFC 2955, RFC 3020, RFC 3083, RFC 3201, RFC 3202, RFC 3295, RFC 3684, RFC 3962, RFC 3970, RFC 4036, RFC 4131, RFC 4251, RFC 4323, RFC 4546, RFC 4547, RFC 4639, RFC 4682, RFC 5098, RFC 5428, RFC 6756, RFC 7241Proposed Standard
RFC 9121HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDeprecating Infrastructure "int" DomainsK. Davies, A. BaberApril 2023Obsoletes RFC 1528, Updates RFC 1706Informational
RFC 9116HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataA File Format to Aid in Security Vulnerability DisclosureE. Foudil, Y. ShafranovichApril 2022ErrataInformational
RFC 9078HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLReaction: Indicating Summary Reaction to a MessageD. Crocker, R. Signes, N. FreedAugust 2021    Experimental
RFC 8989HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAdditional Criteria for Nominating Committee EligibilityB. Carpenter, S. FarrellFebruary 2021Obsoleted by RFC 9389Experimental
RFC 8959HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe "secret-token" URI SchemeM. NottinghamJanuary 2021ErrataInformational
RFC 8958 part of BCP 65

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUpdated Registration Rules for URI.ARPAT. HardieDecember 2020Updates RFC 3405Best Current Practice
RFC 8917HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe LoST-Validation Straightforward-Naming Authority PoinTeR (S-NAPTR) Application Service TagR. Gellens, B. RosenOctober 2020Updates RFC 5222Proposed Standard