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RFC 9266HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLChannel Bindings for TLS 1.3S. WhitedJuly 2022Updates RFC 5801, RFC 5802, RFC 5929, RFC 7677Proposed Standard
RFC 9261HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLExported Authenticators in TLSN. SullivanJuly 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9258HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLImporting External Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs) for TLS 1.3D. Benjamin, C. A. WoodJuly 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9257HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLGuidance for External Pre-Shared Key (PSK) Usage in TLSR. Housley, J. Hoyland, M. Sethi, C. A. WoodJuly 2022    Informational
RFC 9191HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLHandling Large Certificates and Long Certificate Chains in TLS-Based EAP MethodsM. Sethi, J. Preuß Mattsson, S. TurnerFebruary 2022    Informational
RFC 9190HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLEAP-TLS 1.3: Using the Extensible Authentication Protocol with TLS 1.3J. Preuß Mattsson, M. SethiFebruary 2022Updates RFC 5216Proposed Standard
RFC 9189HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLGOST Cipher Suites for Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.2S. Smyshlyaev, Ed., D. Belyavsky, E. AlekseevMarch 2022    Informational
RFC 9185HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDTLS Tunnel between a Media Distributor and Key Distributor to Facilitate Key ExchangeP. Jones, P. Ellenbogen, N. OhlmeierApril 2022    Informational
RFC 9175HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP): Echo, Request-Tag, and Token ProcessingC. Amsüss, J. Preuß Mattsson, G. SelanderFebruary 2022Updates RFC 7252Proposed Standard
RFC 9162HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCertificate Transparency Version 2.0B. Laurie, E. Messeri, R. StradlingDecember 2021Obsoletes RFC 6962Experimental
RFC 9155HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDeprecating MD5 and SHA-1 Signature Hashes in TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2L. Velvindron, K. Moriarty, A. GhediniDecember 2021Updates RFC 5246Proposed Standard
RFC 9151HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCommercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite Profile for TLS and DTLS 1.2 and 1.3D. CooleyApril 2022    Informational
RFC 9150HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTLS 1.3 Authentication and Integrity-Only Cipher SuitesN. Cam-Winget, J. VisokyApril 2022    Informational
RFC 9149HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTLS Ticket RequestsT. Pauly, D. Schinazi, C.A. WoodApril 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9147HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) Protocol Version 1.3E. Rescorla, H. Tschofenig, N. ModaduguApril 2022Obsoletes RFC 6347Proposed Standard
RFC 9146HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLConnection Identifier for DTLS 1.2E. Rescorla, Ed., H. Tschofenig, Ed., T. Fossati, A. KrausMarch 2022Updates RFC 6347Proposed Standard
RFC 9103HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Zone Transfer over TLSW. Toorop, S. Dickinson, S. Sahib, P. Aras, A. MankinAugust 2021Updates RFC 1995, RFC 5936, RFC 7766Proposed Standard
RFC 9102HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataTLS DNSSEC Chain ExtensionV. Dukhovni, S. Huque, W. Toorop, P. Wouters, M. ShoreAugust 2021ErrataExperimental
RFC 9077HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNSEC and NSEC3: TTLs and Aggressive UseP. van DijkJuly 2021Updates RFC 4034, RFC 4035, RFC 5155, RFC 8198Proposed Standard
RFC 9001HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUsing TLS to Secure QUICM. Thomson, Ed., S. Turner, Ed.May 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8998HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLShangMi (SM) Cipher Suites for TLS 1.3P. YangMarch 2021    Informational
RFC 8997HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDeprecation of TLS 1.1 for Email Submission and AccessL. Velvindron, S. FarrellMarch 2021Updates RFC 8314Proposed Standard
RFC 8996 part of BCP 195

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDeprecating TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1K. Moriarty, S. FarrellMarch 2021Errata, Obsoletes RFC 5469, RFC 7507, Updates RFC 3261, RFC 3329, RFC 3436, RFC 3470, RFC 3501, RFC 3552, RFC 3568, RFC 3656, RFC 3749, RFC 3767, RFC 3856, RFC 3871, RFC 3887, RFC 3903, RFC 3943, RFC 3983, RFC 4097, RFC 4111, RFC 4162, RFC 4168, RFC 4217, RFC 4235, RFC 4261, RFC 4279, RFC 4497, RFC 4513, RFC 4531, RFC 4540, RFC 4582, RFC 4616, RFC 4642, RFC 4680, RFC 4681, RFC 4712, RFC 4732, RFC 4743, RFC 4744, RFC 4785, RFC 4791, RFC 4823, RFC 4851, RFC 4964, RFC 4975, RFC 4976, RFC 4992, RFC 5018, RFC 5019, RFC 5023, RFC 5024, RFC 5049, RFC 5054, RFC 5091, RFC 5158, RFC 5216, RFC 5238, RFC 5263, RFC 5281, RFC 5364, RFC 5415, RFC 5422, RFC 5456, RFC 5734, RFC 5878, RFC 5953, RFC 6012, RFC 6042, RFC 6083, RFC 6084, RFC 6176, RFC 6347, RFC 6353, RFC 6367, RFC 6460, RFC 6614, RFC 6739, RFC 6749, RFC 6750, RFC 7030, RFC 7465, RFC 7525, RFC 7562, RFC 7568, RFC 8261, RFC 8422Best Current Practice
RFC 8994HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAn Autonomic Control Plane (ACP)T. Eckert, Ed., M. Behringer, Ed., S. BjarnasonMay 2021ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 8940HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLExtensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Session-Id Derivation for EAP Subscriber Identity Module (EAP-SIM), EAP Authentication and Key Agreement (EAP-AKA), and Protected EAP (PEAP)A. DeKokOctober 2020Updates RFC 5247Proposed Standard