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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 2246ASCII, PDF The TLS Protocol Version 1.0 T. Dierks, C. AllenJanuary 1999Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 4346, Updated by RFC 3546, RFC 5746, RFC 6176, RFC 7465, RFC 7507, RFC 7919Proposed Standard
RFC 2487ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over TLS P. HoffmanJanuary 1999Obsoleted by RFC 3207Proposed Standard
RFC 2595ASCII, PDF Using TLS with IMAP, POP3 and ACAP C. NewmanJune 1999Errata, Updated by RFC 4616, RFC 7817, RFC 8314Proposed Standard
RFC 2712ASCII, PDF Addition of Kerberos Cipher Suites to Transport Layer Security (TLS) A. Medvinsky, M. HurOctober 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2716ASCII, PDF PPP EAP TLS Authentication Protocol B. Aboba, D. SimonOctober 1999Obsoleted by RFC 5216Experimental
RFC 2817ASCII, PDF Upgrading to TLS Within HTTP/1.1 R. Khare, S. LawrenceMay 2000Errata, Updates RFC 2616, Updated by RFC 7230, RFC 7231Proposed Standard
RFC 2818ASCII, PDF HTTP Over TLS E. RescorlaMay 2000Errata, Updated by RFC 5785, RFC 7230Informational
RFC 2830ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Extension for Transport Layer Security J. Hodges, R. Morgan, M. WahlMay 2000Obsoleted by RFC 4511, RFC 4513, RFC 4510, Updated by RFC 3377Proposed Standard
RFC 3207ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over Transport Layer Security P. HoffmanFebruary 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2487, Updated by RFC 7817Proposed Standard
RFC 3268ASCII, PDF Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Ciphersuites for Transport Layer Security (TLS) P. ChownJune 2002Obsoleted by RFC 5246Proposed Standard
RFC 3436ASCII, PDF Transport Layer Security over Stream Control Transmission Protocol A. Jungmaier, E. Rescorla, M. TuexenDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3546ASCII, PDF Transport Layer Security (TLS) Extensions S. Blake-Wilson, M. Nystrom, D. Hopwood, J. Mikkelsen, T. WrightJune 2003Obsoleted by RFC 4366, Updates RFC 2246Proposed Standard
RFC 3734ASCII, PDF Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Transport Over TCP S. HollenbeckMarch 2004Obsoleted by RFC 4934Proposed Standard
RFC 3749ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security Protocol Compression Methods S. HollenbeckMay 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3943ASCII, PDF Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Compression Using Lempel-Ziv-Stac (LZS) R. FriendNovember 2004    Informational
RFC 4132ASCII, PDFAddition of Camellia Cipher Suites to Transport Layer Security (TLS)S. Moriai, A. Kato, M. KandaJuly 2005Obsoleted by RFC 5932Proposed Standard
RFC 4162ASCII, PDFAddition of SEED Cipher Suites to Transport Layer Security (TLS)H.J. Lee, J.H. Yoon, J.I. LeeAugust 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4169ASCII, PDFHypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Digest Authentication Using Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) Version-2V. Torvinen, J. Arkko, M. NaslundNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4217ASCII, PDFSecuring FTP with TLSP. Ford-HutchinsonOctober 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4261ASCII, PDFCommon Open Policy Service (COPS) Over Transport Layer Security (TLS)J. Walker, A. Kulkarni, Ed.December 2005Updates RFC 2748Proposed Standard
RFC 4279ASCII, PDFPre-Shared Key Ciphersuites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)P. Eronen, Ed., H. Tschofenig, Ed.December 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4346ASCII, PDFThe Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.1T. Dierks, E. RescorlaApril 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2246, Obsoleted by RFC 5246, Updated by RFC 4366, RFC 4680, RFC 4681, RFC 5746, RFC 6176, RFC 7465, RFC 7507, RFC 7919Proposed Standard
RFC 4347ASCII, PDFDatagram Transport Layer SecurityE. Rescorla, N. ModaduguApril 2006Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6347, Updated by RFC 5746, RFC 7507Proposed Standard
RFC 4366ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security (TLS) ExtensionsS. Blake-Wilson, M. Nystrom, D. Hopwood, J. Mikkelsen, T. WrightApril 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3546, Obsoleted by RFC 5246, RFC 6066, Updates RFC 4346, Updated by RFC 5746Proposed Standard
RFC 4492ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Cipher Suites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)S. Blake-Wilson, N. Bolyard, V. Gupta, C. Hawk, B. MoellerMay 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5246, RFC 7027, RFC 7919Informational