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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1ASCII, PDF, HTMLHost Software S. CrockerApril 1969    Unknown
RFC 2ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, HTMLHost software B. DuvallApril 1969ErrataUnknown
RFC 3ASCII, PDF, HTML Documentation conventions S.D. CrockerApril 1969Obsoleted by RFC 10Unknown
RFC 4ASCII, PDF, HTML Network timetable E.B. ShapiroMarch 1969    Unknown
RFC 5ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Decode Encode Language (DEL) J. RulifsonJune 1969ErrataUnknown
RFC 6ASCII, PDF, HTML Conversation with Bob Kahn S.D. CrockerApril 1969    Unknown
RFC 7ASCII, PDF, HTML Host-IMP interface G. DelocheMay 1969    Unknown
RFC 8PDF with Images, HTMLARPA Network Functional SpecificationsG. DelocheMay 1969    Unknown
RFC 9PDF with Images, HTMLHost Software G. DelocheMay 1969    Unknown
RFC 10ASCII, PDF, HTML Documentation conventions S.D. CrockerJuly 1969Obsoletes RFC 3, Obsoleted by RFC 16, Updated by RFC 24, RFC 27, RFC 30Unknown
RFC 11ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, HTMLImplementation of the Host - Host Software Procedures in GORDOG. DelocheAugust 1969Obsoleted by RFC 33Unknown
RFC 12ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML IMP-Host interface flow diagrams M. WingfieldAugust 1969    Unknown
RFC 13ASCII, PDF, HTML Zero Text Length EOF Message V. CerfAugust 1969    Unknown
RFC 15ASCII, PDF, HTML Network subsystem for time sharing hosts C.S. CarrSeptember 1969    Unknown
RFC 16ASCII, PDF, HTML M.I.T S. CrockerAugust 1969Obsoletes RFC 10, Obsoleted by RFC 24, Updated by RFC 24, RFC 27, RFC 30Unknown
RFC 17ASCII, PDF, HTML Some questions re: Host-IMP Protocol J.E. KreznarAugust 1969    Unknown
RFC 18ASCII, PDF, HTML IMP-IMP and HOST-HOST Control Links V. CerfSeptember 1969    Unknown
RFC 19ASCII, PDF, HTML Two protocol suggestions to reduce congestion at swap bound nodes J.E. KreznarOctober 1969    Unknown
RFC 21ASCII, PDF, HTML Network meeting V.G. CerfOctober 1969    Unknown
RFC 22ASCII, PDF, HTML Host-host control message formats V.G. CerfOctober 1969    Unknown
RFC 23ASCII, PDF, HTML Transmission of Multiple Control Messages G. GreggOctober 1969    Unknown
RFC 24ASCII, PDF, HTML Documentation Conventions S.D. CrockerNovember 1969Obsoletes RFC 16, Updates RFC 10, RFC 16, Updated by RFC 27, RFC 30Unknown
RFC 25ASCII, PDF, HTML No High Link Numbers S.D. CrockerOctober 1969    Unknown
RFC 27ASCII, PDF, HTML Documentation Conventions S.D. CrockerDecember 1969Updates RFC 10, RFC 16, RFC 24, Updated by RFC 30Unknown
RFC 28ASCII, PDF, HTML Time Standards W.K. EnglishJanuary 1970    Unknown