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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1163ASCII, PDF, HTML Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) K. Lougheed, Y. RekhterJune 1990Obsoletes RFC 1105, Obsoleted by RFC 1267Historic
RFC 1164ASCII, PDF, HTML Application of the Border Gateway Protocol in the Internet J.C. Honig, D. Katz, M. Mathis, Y. Rekhter, J.Y. YuJune 1990Obsoleted by RFC 1268Historic
RFC 1245ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML OSPF Protocol Analysis J. MoyJuly 1991    Informational
RFC 1246ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML Experience with the OSPF Protocol J. MoyJuly 1991    Informational
RFC 1247ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML OSPF Version 2 J. MoyJuly 1991Obsoletes RFC 1131, Obsoleted by RFC 1583, Updated by RFC 1349Draft Standard
RFC 1252ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Version 2 Management Information Base F. Baker, R. ColtunAugust 1991Obsoletes RFC 1248, Obsoleted by RFC 1253Proposed Standard
RFC 1265ASCII, PDF, HTML BGP Protocol Analysis Y. RekhterOctober 1991    Informational
RFC 1266ASCII, PDF, HTML Experience with the BGP Protocol Y. RekhterOctober 1991    Informational
RFC 1267ASCII, PDF, HTML Border Gateway Protocol 3 (BGP-3) K. Lougheed, Y. RekhterOctober 1991Obsoletes RFC 1163Historic
RFC 1268ASCII, PDF, HTML Application of the Border Gateway Protocol in the Internet Y. Rekhter, P. GrossOctober 1991Obsoletes RFC 1164, Obsoleted by RFC 1655Historic
RFC 1269ASCII, PDF, HTML Definitions of Managed Objects for the Border Gateway Protocol: Version 3 S. Willis, J.W. BurrussOctober 1991Obsoleted by RFC 4273Proposed Standard
RFC 1322ASCII, PDF, HTML A Unified Approach to Inter-Domain Routing D. Estrin, Y. Rekhter, S. HotzMay 1992ErrataInformational
RFC 1349ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Type of Service in the Internet Protocol Suite P. AlmquistJuly 1992Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 2474, Updates RFC 1248, RFC 1247, RFC 1195, RFC 1123, RFC 1122, RFC 1060, RFC 791Proposed Standard
RFC 1354ASCII, PDF, HTML IP Forwarding Table MIB F. BakerJuly 1992Obsoleted by RFC 2096Proposed Standard
RFC 1364ASCII, PDF, HTML BGP OSPF Interaction K. VaradhanSeptember 1992Obsoleted by RFC 1403Proposed Standard
RFC 1387ASCII, PDF, HTML RIP Version 2 Protocol Analysis G. MalkinJanuary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1721Informational
RFC 1388ASCII, PDF, HTML RIP Version 2 Carrying Additional Information G. MalkinJanuary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1723, Updates RFC 1058Proposed Standard
RFC 1389ASCII, PDF, HTML RIP Version 2 MIB Extensions G. Malkin, F. BakerJanuary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1724Proposed Standard
RFC 1397ASCII, PDF, HTML Default Route Advertisement In BGP2 and BGP3 Version of The Border Gateway Protocol D. HaskinJanuary 1993    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1477ASCII, PDF, HTML IDPR as a Proposed Standard M. SteenstrupJuly 1993    Informational (changed from Proposed Standard)
RFC 1478ASCII, PDF, HTML An Architecture for Inter-Domain Policy Routing M. SteenstrupJune 1993    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1479ASCII, PDF, HTML Inter-Domain Policy Routing Protocol Specification: Version 1 M. SteenstrupJuly 1993    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1586ASCII, PDF, HTML Guidelines for Running OSPF Over Frame Relay Networks O. deSouza, M. RodriguesMarch 1994    Informational
RFC 1587ASCII, PDF, HTML The OSPF NSSA Option R. Coltun, V. FullerMarch 1994Obsoleted by RFC 3101Proposed Standard
RFC 1654ASCII, PDF, HTML A Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4) Y. Rekhter, Ed., T. Li, Ed.July 1994Obsoleted by RFC 1771Proposed Standard