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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1184ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Linemode Option D.A. BormanOctober 1990Obsoletes RFC 1116Draft Standard
RFC 1274ASCII, PDF, HTML The COSINE and Internet X.500 Schema P. Barker, S. KilleNovember 1991Obsoleted by RFC 4524Proposed Standard
RFC 1275ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTMLReplication Requirements to provide an Internet Directory using X.500 S.E. Hardcastle-KilleNovember 1991    Informational
RFC 1276ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, PS Replication and Distributed Operations extensions to provide an Internet Directory using X.500 S.E. Hardcastle-KilleNovember 1991    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1277ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, PS Encoding Network Addresses to Support Operation over Non-OSI Lower Layers S.E. Hardcastle-KilleNovember 1991    Proposed Standard
RFC 1278ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, PS A string encoding of Presentation Address S.E. Hardcastle-KilleNovember 1991    Informational
RFC 1279ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML X.500 and Domains S.E. Hardcastle-KilleNovember 1991    Experimental
RFC 1314ASCII, PDF, HTML A File Format for the Exchange of Images in the Internet A. Katz, D. CohenApril 1992    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1341ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions): Mechanisms for Specifying and Describing the Format of Internet Message Bodies N. Borenstein, N. FreedJune 1992Obsoleted by RFC 1521Proposed Standard
RFC 1342ASCII, PDF, HTML Representation of Non-ASCII Text in Internet Message Headers K. MooreJune 1992Obsoleted by RFC 1522Proposed Standard
RFC 1345ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Character Mnemonics and Character Sets K. SimonsenJune 1992ErrataInformational
RFC 1372ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Remote Flow Control Option C. Hedrick, D. BormanOctober 1992Obsoletes RFC 1080Proposed Standard
RFC 1384ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML Naming Guidelines for Directory Pilots P. Barker, S.E. Hardcastle-KilleJanuary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1617, RTR 11Informational
RFC 1405ASCII, PDF, HTML Mapping between X.400(1984/1988) and Mail-11 (DECnet mail) C. AllocchioJanuary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 2162Experimental
RFC 1408ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Environment Option D. Borman, Ed.January 1993Updated by RFC 1571Historic
RFC 1409ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Authentication Option D. Borman, Ed.January 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1416Experimental
RFC 1411ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Authentication: Kerberos Version 4 D. Borman, Ed.January 1993    Experimental
RFC 1412ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Authentication: SPX K. AlagappanJanuary 1993    Experimental
RFC 1425ASCII, PDF, HTML SMTP Service Extensions J. Klensin, N. Freed, Ed., M. Rose, E. Stefferud, D. CrockerFebruary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1651Proposed Standard
RFC 1426ASCII, PDF, HTML SMTP Service Extension for 8bit-MIMEtransport J. Klensin, N. Freed, Ed., M. Rose, E. Stefferud, D. CrockerFebruary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1652Proposed Standard
RFC 1427ASCII, PDF, HTML SMTP Service Extension for Message Size Declaration J. Klensin, N. Freed, Ed., K. MooreFebruary 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1653Proposed Standard
RFC 1428ASCII, PDF, HTML Transition of Internet Mail from Just-Send-8 to 8bit-SMTP/MIME G. VaudreuilFebruary 1993    Informational
RFC 1430ASCII, PDF, HTML A Strategic Plan for Deploying an Internet X.500 Directory Service S. Hardcastle-Kille, E. Huizer, V. Cerf, R. Hobby, S. KentFebruary 1993    Informational
RFC 1431ASCII, PDF, HTML DUA Metrics (OSI-DS 33 (v2)) P. BarkerFebruary 1993    Informational
RFC 1465ASCII, PDF, HTML Routing Coordination for X.400 MHS Services Within a Multi Protocol / Multi Network Environment Table Format V3 for Static Routing D. EppenbergerMay 1993    Experimental