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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1299ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1200-1299 M. KennedyJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1399ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1300-1399 J. ElliottJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1499ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1400-1499 J. ElliottJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1599ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1500-1599 M. KennedyJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1699ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1600-1699 J. ElliottJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1799ASCII, PDF, HTML Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 1700-1799 M. KennedyJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1849ASCII, PDF, HTML"Son of 1036": News Article Format and TransmissionH. SpencerMarch 2010Obsoleted by RFC 5536, RFC 5537Historic
RFC 1899ASCII, PDF, HTML Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 1800-1899 J. ElliottJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1999ASCII, PDF, HTML Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 1900-1999 J. ElliottJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 2000ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Official Protocol Standards J. Postel, Ed.February 1997Obsoletes RFC 1920, Obsoleted by RFC 2200Historic (changed from Internet Standard)
RFC 2001ASCII, PDF, HTML TCP Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance, Fast Retransmit, and Fast Recovery Algorithms W. StevensJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2581Proposed Standard
RFC 2021ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base Version 2 using SMIv2 S. WaldbusserJanuary 1997Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 4502Proposed Standard
RFC 2042ASCII, PDF, HTML Registering New BGP Attribute Types B. ManningJanuary 1997ErrataInformational
RFC 2058ASCII, PDF, HTML Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) C. Rigney, A. Rubens, W. Simpson, S. WillensJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2138Proposed Standard
RFC 2059ASCII, PDF, HTML RADIUS Accounting C. RigneyJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2139Informational
RFC 2063ASCII, PDF, HTML Traffic Flow Measurement: Architecture N. Brownlee, C. Mills, G. RuthJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2722Experimental
RFC 2064ASCII, PDF, HTML Traffic Flow Measurement: Meter MIB N. BrownleeJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2720Experimental
RFC 2065ASCII, PDF, HTML Domain Name System Security Extensions D. Eastlake 3rd, C. KaufmanJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2535, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035Proposed Standard
RFC 2066ASCII, PDF, HTML TELNET CHARSET Option R. GellensJanuary 1997    Experimental
RFC 2067ASCII, PDF, HTML IP over HIPPI J. RenwickJanuary 1997    Draft Standard
RFC 2068ASCII, PDF, HTML Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 R. Fielding, J. Gettys, J. Mogul, H. Frystyk, T. Berners-LeeJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2616Proposed Standard
RFC 2069ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata An Extension to HTTP : Digest Access Authentication J. Franks, P. Hallam-Baker, J. Hostetler, P. Leach, A. Luotonen, E. Sink, L. StewartJanuary 1997Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 2617Proposed Standard
RFC 2070ASCII, PDF, HTML Internationalization of the Hypertext Markup Language F. Yergeau, G. Nicol, G. Adams, M. DuerstJanuary 1997Obsoleted by RFC 2854Historic (changed from Proposed Standard April 2000)
RFC 2071ASCII, PDF, HTML Network Renumbering Overview: Why would I want it and what is it anyway? P. Ferguson, H. BerkowitzJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 2072ASCII, PDF, HTML Router Renumbering Guide H. BerkowitzJanuary 1997Updated by RFC 4192Informational