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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1099ASCII, PDF, HTML Request for Comments Summary: RFC Numbers 1000-1099 J. ReynoldsDecember 1991    Informational
RFC 1108ASCII, PDF, HTML U.S. Department of Defense Security Options for the Internet Protocol S. KentNovember 1991Obsoletes RFC 1038Historic
RFC 1170ASCII, PDF, HTML Public key standards and licenses R.B. FougnerJanuary 1991    Informational
RFC 1180ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata TCP/IP tutorial T.J. Socolofsky, C.J. KaleJanuary 1991ErrataInformational
RFC 1198 a.k.a. FYI 6

ASCII, PDF, HTML FYI on the X window system R.W. ScheiflerJanuary 1991    Informational
RFC 1199ASCII, PDF, HTML Request for Comments Summary Notes: 1100-1199 J. ReynoldsDecember 1991    Informational
RFC 1200ASCII, PDF, HTML IAB official protocol standards Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities BoardApril 1991Obsoletes RFC 1140, Obsoleted by RFC 1250Historic (changed from Internet Standard August 1991)
RFC 1201 a.k.a. STD 46

ASCII, PDF, HTML Transmitting IP traffic over ARCNET networks D. ProvanFebruary 1991Obsoletes RFC 1051Internet Standard
RFC 1202ASCII, PDF, HTML Directory Assistance service M.T. RoseFebruary 1991    Informational
RFC 1203ASCII, PDF, HTML Interactive Mail Access Protocol: Version 3 J. RiceFebruary 1991Obsoletes RFC 1064Historic
RFC 1204ASCII, PDF, HTML Message Posting Protocol (MPP) S. Yeh, D. LeeFebruary 1991    Experimental
RFC 1205ASCII, PDF, HTML 5250 Telnet interface P. ChmielewskiFebruary 1991Updated by RFC 2877Informational
RFC 1206ASCII, PDF, HTML FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to commonly asked "new Internet user" questions G.S. Malkin, A.N. MarineFebruary 1991Obsoletes RFC 1177, Obsoleted by RFC 1325Informational
RFC 1207 a.k.a. FYI 7

ASCII, PDF, HTML FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to commonly asked "experienced Internet user" questions G.S. Malkin, A.N. Marine, J.K. ReynoldsFebruary 1991    Informational
RFC 1208ASCII, PDF, HTMLA Glossary of Networking TermsO.J. Jacobsen, D.C. LynchMarch 1991    Informational
RFC 1209 a.k.a. STD 52

ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Transmission of IP Datagrams over the SMDS ServiceD. Piscitello, J. LawrenceMarch 1991    Internet Standard
RFC 1210ASCII, PDF, HTML Network and infrastructure user requirements for transatlantic research collaboration: Brussels, July 16-18, and Washington July 24-25, 1990 V.G. Cerf, P.T. Kirstein, B. RandellMarch 1991    Informational
RFC 1211ASCII, PDF, HTML Problems with the maintenance of large mailing lists A. Westine, J. PostelMarch 1991    Informational
RFC 1212 part of STD 16

ASCII, PDF, HTML Concise MIB definitions M.T. Rose, K. McCloghrieMarch 1991    Internet Standard
RFC 1213 a.k.a. STD 17

ASCII, PDF, HTMLManagement Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based internets: MIB-IIK. McCloghrie, M. RoseMarch 1991Obsoletes RFC 1158, Updated by RFC 2011, RFC 2012, RFC 2013Internet Standard
RFC 1214ASCII, PDF, HTML OSI internet management: Management Information Base L. LaBarreApril 1991    Historic
RFC 1215ASCII, PDF, HTML Convention for defining traps for use with the SNMP M.T. RoseMarch 1991    Informational
RFC 1216ASCII, PDF, HTML Gigabit network economics and paradigm shifts P. Richard, P. Kynikos1 April 1991    Informational
RFC 1217ASCII, PDF, HTML Memo from the Consortium for Slow Commotion Research (CSCR) V.G. Cerf1 April 1991    Informational
RFC 1218ASCII, PDF, HTML Naming scheme for c=US North American Directory ForumApril 1991Obsoleted by RFC 1255, RFC 1417Informational