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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 971ASCII, PDF, HTML Survey of data representation standards A.L. DeSchonJanuary 1986    Unknown
RFC 972ASCII, PDF, HTML Password Generator Protocol F.J. WanchoJanuary 1986    Unknown
RFC 973ASCII, PDF, HTML Domain system changes and observations P.V. MockapetrisJanuary 1986Obsoleted by RFC 1034, RFC 1035, Updates RFC 882, RFC 883Unknown
RFC 974 part of STD 10

ASCII, PDF, HTML Mail routing and the domain system C. PartridgeJanuary 1986Obsoleted by RFC 2821Historic (changed from Internet Standard)
RFC 975ASCII, PDF, HTML Autonomous confederations D.L. MillsFebruary 1986    Unknown
RFC 976ASCII, PDF, HTML UUCP mail interchange format standard M.R. HortonFebruary 1986Updated by RFC 1137Unknown
RFC 977ASCII, PDF, HTML Network News Transfer Protocol B. Kantor, P. LapsleyFebruary 1986Obsoleted by RFC 3977Proposed Standard
RFC 978ASCII, PDF, HTML Voice File Interchange Protocol (VFIP) J.K. Reynolds, R. Gillman, W.A. Brackenridge, A. Witkowski, J. PostelFebruary 1986    Unknown
RFC 979ASCII, PDF, HTML PSN End-to-End functional specification A.G. MalisMarch 1986    Unknown
RFC 980ASCII, PDF, HTML Protocol document order information O.J. Jacobsen, J. PostelMarch 1986    Unknown
RFC 981ASCII, PDF, HTML Experimental multiple-path routing algorithm D.L. MillsMarch 1986    Unknown
RFC 982ASCII, PDF, HTML Guidelines for the specification of the structure of the Domain Specific Part (DSP) of the ISO standard NSAP address H.W. BraunApril 1986    Unknown
RFC 983ASCII, PDF, HTML ISO transport arrives on top of the TCP D.E. Cass, M.T. RoseApril 1986Obsoleted by RFC 1006Unknown
RFC 984ASCII, PDF, HTML PCMAIL: A distributed mail system for personal computers D.D. Clark, M.L. LambertMay 1986Obsoleted by RFC 993Unknown
RFC 985ASCII, PDF, HTML Requirements for Internet gateways - draft National Science Foundation, Network Technical Advisory GroupMay 1986Obsoleted by RFC 1009Unknown
RFC 986ASCII, PDF, HTMLGuidelines for the use of Internet-IP addresses in the ISO Connectionless-Mode Network Protocol R.W. Callon, H.W. BraunJune 1986Obsoleted by RFC 1069Unknown
RFC 987ASCII, PDF, HTML Mapping between X.400 and RFC 822 S.E. KilleJune 1986Obsoleted by RFC 2156, RFC 1327, Updated by RFC 1026, RFC 1138, RFC 1148Unknown
RFC 988ASCII, PDF, HTML Host extensions for IP multicasting S.E. DeeringJuly 1986Obsoletes RFC 966, Obsoleted by RFC 1054, RFC 1112Unknown
RFC 989ASCII, PDF, HTML Privacy enhancement for Internet electronic mail: Part I: Message encipherment and authentication procedures J. LinnFebruary 1987Obsoleted by RFC 1040, RFC 1113Unknown
RFC 990ASCII, PDF, HTML Assigned numbers J.K. Reynolds, J. PostelNovember 1986Obsoletes RFC 960, Obsoleted by RFC 1010, Updated by RFC 997Historic (changed from Unknown May 1987)
RFC 991ASCII, PDF, HTML Official ARPA-Internet protocols J.K. Reynolds, J. PostelNovember 1986Obsoletes RFC 961, Obsoleted by RFC 1011Unknown
RFC 992ASCII, PDF, HTML On communication support for fault tolerant process groups K.P. Birman, T.A. JosephNovember 1986    Unknown
RFC 993ASCII, PDF, HTML PCMAIL: A distributed mail system for personal computers D.D. Clark, M.L. LambertDecember 1986Obsoletes RFC 984, Obsoleted by RFC 1056Unknown
RFC 994ASCII, PDF, HTML Final text of DIS 8473, Protocol for Providing the Connectionless-mode Network Service International Organization for StandardizationMarch 1986Errata, Obsoletes RFC 926Unknown
RFC 995ASCII, PDF, HTML End System to Intermediate System Routing Exchange Protocol for use in conjunction with ISO 8473 International Organization for StandardizationApril 1986    Unknown