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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 930ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet terminal type option M. Solomon, E. WimmersJanuary 1985Obsoletes RFC 884, Obsoleted by RFC 1091Unknown
RFC 931ASCII, PDF, HTML Authentication server M. St. JohnsJanuary 1985Obsoletes RFC 912, Obsoleted by RFC 1413Unknown
RFC 932ASCII, PDF, HTML Subnetwork addressing scheme D.D. ClarkJanuary 1985    Unknown
RFC 933ASCII, PDF, HTML Output marking Telnet option S. SilvermanJanuary 1985    Proposed Standard
RFC 934ASCII, PDF, HTML Proposed standard for message encapsulation M.T. Rose, E.A. StefferudJanuary 1985    Unknown
RFC 935ASCII, PDF, HTML Reliable link layer protocols J.G. RobinsonJanuary 1985    Unknown
RFC 936ASCII, PDF, HTML Another Internet subnet addressing scheme M.J. KarelsFebruary 1985    Unknown
RFC 937ASCII, PDF, HTML Post Office Protocol: Version 2 M. Butler, J. Postel, D. Chase, J. Goldberger, J.K. ReynoldsFebruary 1985Obsoletes RFC 918Historic
RFC 938ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol functional and interface specification T. MillerFebruary 1985    Experimental
RFC 939ASCII, PDF, HTML Executive summary of the NRC report on transport protocols for Department of Defense data networks National Research CouncilFebruary 1985    Unknown
RFC 940ASCII, PDF, HTML Toward an Internet standard scheme for subnetting Gateway Algorithms and Data Structures Task ForceApril 1985    Unknown
RFC 941ASCII, PDF, HTML Addendum to the network service definition covering network layer addressing International Organization for StandardizationApril 1985    Unknown
RFC 942ASCII, PDF, HTML Transport protocols for Department of Defense data networks National Research CouncilFebruary 1985    Unknown
RFC 943ASCII, PDF, HTML Assigned numbers J.K. Reynolds, J. PostelApril 1985Obsoletes RFC 923, Obsoleted by RFC 960Historic (changed from Unknown December 1985)
RFC 944ASCII, PDF, HTML Official ARPA-Internet protocols J.K. Reynolds, J. PostelApril 1985Obsoletes RFC 924, Obsoleted by RFC 961Unknown
RFC 945ASCII, PDF, HTML DoD statement on the NRC report J. PostelMay 1985Obsoleted by RFC 1039Unknown
RFC 946ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet terminal location number option R. NedvedMay 1985    Proposed Standard
RFC 947ASCII, PDF, HTML Multi-network broadcasting within the Internet K. Lebowitz, D. MankinsJune 1985    Unknown
RFC 948ASCII, PDF, HTML Two methods for the transmission of IP datagrams over IEEE 802.3 networks I. WinstonJune 1985Obsoleted by RFC 1042Unknown
RFC 949ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP unique-named store command M.A. PadlipskyJuly 1985    Unknown
RFC 950 part of STD 5

ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure J.C. Mogul, J. PostelAugust 1985Updates RFC 792, Updated by RFC 6918Internet Standard
RFC 951ASCII, PDF, HTML Bootstrap Protocol W.J. Croft, J. GilmoreSeptember 1985Errata, Updated by RFC 1395, RFC 1497, RFC 1532, RFC 1542, RFC 5494Draft Standard
RFC 952ASCII, PDF, HTML DoD Internet host table specification K. Harrenstien, M.K. Stahl, E.J. FeinlerOctober 1985Errata, Obsoletes RFC 810, Updated by RFC 1123Unknown
RFC 953ASCII, PDF, HTML Hostname Server K. Harrenstien, M.K. Stahl, E.J. FeinlerOctober 1985Obsoletes RFC 811Historic
RFC 954ASCII, PDF, HTML NICNAME/WHOIS K. Harrenstien, M.K. Stahl, E.J. FeinlerOctober 1985Obsoletes RFC 812, Obsoleted by RFC 3912Draft Standard