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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 699ASCII, PDF, HTML Request For Comments summary notes: 600-699 J. Postel, J. VernonNovember 1982    Informational
RFC 759ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Message Protocol J. PostelAugust 1980    Historic
RFC 760ASCII, PDF, HTML DoD standard Internet Protocol J. PostelJanuary 1980Obsoletes IEN 123, Obsoleted by RFC 791, Updated by RFC 777Unknown
RFC 761ASCII, PDF, HTML DoD standard Transmission Control Protocol J. PostelJanuary 1980Obsoleted by RFC 793, RFC 7805Historic (changed from Unknown April 2016)
RFC 762ASCII, PDF, HTML Assigned numbers J. PostelJanuary 1980Obsoletes RFC 758, Obsoleted by RFC 770Historic (changed from Unknown September 1980)
RFC 763ASCII, PDF, HTML Role mailboxes M.D. AbramsMay 1980    Unknown
RFC 764ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Protocol specification J. PostelJune 1980Obsoleted by RFC 854Unknown
RFC 765ASCII, PDF, HTML File Transfer Protocol specification J. PostelJune 1980Obsoletes RFC 542, Obsoleted by RFC 959Unknown
RFC 766ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Protocol Handbook: Table of contents J. PostelJuly 1980Obsoleted by RFC 774Unknown
RFC 767ASCII, PDF, HTML Structured format for transmission of multi-media documents J. PostelAugust 1980    Unknown
RFC 768 a.k.a. STD 6

ASCII, PDF, HTML User Datagram Protocol J. PostelAugust 1980    Internet Standard
RFC 769ASCII, PDF, HTML Rapicom 450 facsimile file format J. PostelSeptember 1980    Unknown
RFC 770ASCII, PDF, HTML Assigned numbers J. PostelSeptember 1980Obsoletes RFC 762, Obsoleted by RFC 776Historic (changed from Unknown January 1981)
RFC 771ASCII, PDF, HTML Mail transition plan V.G. Cerf, J. PostelSeptember 1980    Unknown
RFC 772ASCII, PDF, HTML Mail Transfer Protocol S. Sluizer, J. PostelSeptember 1980Obsoleted by RFC 780Unknown
RFC 773ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on NCP/TCP mail service transition strategy V.G. CerfOctober 1980    Unknown
RFC 774ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Protocol Handbook: Table of contents J. PostelOctober 1980Obsoletes RFC 766Unknown
RFC 775ASCII, PDF, HTML Directory oriented FTP commands D. Mankins, D. Franklin, A.D. OwenDecember 1980    Unknown
RFC 776ASCII, PDF, HTML Assigned numbers J. PostelJanuary 1981Obsoletes RFC 770, Obsoleted by RFC 790Historic (changed from Unknown September 1981)
RFC 777ASCII, PDF, HTML Internet Control Message Protocol J. PostelApril 1981Obsoleted by RFC 792, Updates RFC 760Unknown
RFC 778ASCII, PDF, HTML DCNET Internet Clock Service D.L. MillsApril 1981    Historic
RFC 779ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet send-location option E. KillianApril 1981    Proposed Standard
RFC 780ASCII, PDF, HTML Mail Transfer Protocol S. Sluizer, J. PostelMay 1981Obsoletes RFC 772, Obsoleted by RFC 788Unknown
RFC 781ASCII, PDF, HTML Specification of the Internet Protocol (IP) timestamp option Z. SuMay 1981    Unknown
RFC 782ASCII, PDF, HTML Virtual Terminal management model J. Nabielsky, A.P. SkeltonJanuary 1981    Unknown