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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 699ASCII, PDF, HTML Request For Comments summary notes: 600-699 J. Postel, J. VernonNovember 1982    Informational
RFC 724ASCII, PDF, HTML Proposed official standard for the format of ARPA Network messages D. Crocker, K.T. Pogran, J. Vittal, D.A. HendersonMay 1977Obsoleted by RFC 733Unknown
RFC 725ASCII, PDF, HTML RJE protocol for a resource sharing network J.D. Day, G.R. GrossmanMarch 1977    Unknown
RFC 726ASCII, PDF, HTML Remote Controlled Transmission and Echoing Telnet option J. Postel, D. CrockerMarch 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 727ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet logout option M.R. CrispinApril 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 728ASCII, PDF, HTML Minor pitfall in the Telnet Protocol J.D. DayApril 1977    Unknown
RFC 729ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet byte macro option D. CrockerMay 1977Obsoleted by RFC 735Unknown
RFC 730ASCII, PDF, HTML Extensible field addressing J. PostelMay 1977    Unknown
RFC 731ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Data Entry Terminal option J.D. DayJune 1977Obsoleted by RFC 732Unknown
RFC 732ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Data Entry Terminal option J.D. DaySeptember 1977Obsoletes RFC 731, Updated by RFC 1043Unknown
RFC 733ASCII, PDF, HTML Standard for the format of ARPA network text messages D. Crocker, J. Vittal, K.T. Pogran, D.A. HendersonNovember 1977Obsoletes RFC 724, Obsoleted by RFC 822Unknown
RFC 734ASCII, PDF, HTML SUPDUP Protocol M.R. CrispinOctober 1977    Historic
RFC 735ASCII, PDF, HTML Revised Telnet byte macro option D. Crocker, R.H. GumpertzNovember 1977Obsoletes RFC 729Proposed Standard
RFC 736ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet SUPDUP option M.R. CrispinOctober 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 737ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP extension: XSEN K. HarrenstienOctober 1977    Unknown
RFC 738ASCII, PDF, HTML Time server K. HarrenstienOctober 1977    Unknown
RFC 739ASCII, PDF, HTML Assigned numbers J. PostelNovember 1977Obsoletes RFC 604, RFC 503, Obsoleted by RFC 750Historic (changed from Unknown September 1978)
RFC 740ASCII, PDF, HTML NETRJS Protocol R.T. BradenNovember 1977Obsoletes RFC 599Historic
RFC 741ASCII, PDF, HTML Specifications for the Network Voice Protocol (NVP) D. CohenNovember 1977    Unknown
RFC 742ASCII, PDF, HTML NAME/FINGER Protocol K. HarrenstienDecember 1977Obsoleted by RFC 1288, RFC 1196, RFC 1194Unknown
RFC 743ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP extension: XRSQ/XRCP K. HarrenstienDecember 1977    Unknown
RFC 744ASCII, PDF, HTML MARS - a Message Archiving and Retrieval Service J. SattleyJanuary 1978    Unknown
RFC 745ASCII, PDF, HTML JANUS interface specifications M. BeelerMarch 1978    Unknown
RFC 746ASCII, PDF, HTML SUPDUP graphics extension R. StallmanMarch 1978    Unknown
RFC 747ASCII, PDF, HTML Recent extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol M.R. CrispinMarch 1978    Unknown