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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 677ASCII, PDF, HTML Maintenance of duplicate databases P.R. Johnson, R. ThomasJanuary 1975    Unknown
RFC 679ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, HTML February, 1975, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers D.W. DoddsFebruary 1975Updates RFC 669, Updated by RFC 703Unknown
RFC 680ASCII, PDF, HTML Message Transmission Protocol T.H. Myer, D.A. HendersonApril 1975Updates RFC 561Unknown
RFC 681ASCII, PDF, HTML Network UNIX S. HolmgrenMarch 1975    Unknown
RFC 683ASCII, PDF, HTML FTPSRV - Tenex extension for paged files R. ClementsApril 1975Updates RFC 354Unknown
RFC 684ASCII, PDF, HTML Commentary on procedure calling as a network protocol R. SchantzApril 1975    Unknown
RFC 685ASCII, PDF, HTML Response time in cross network debugging M. BeelerApril 1975    Unknown
RFC 686ASCII, PDF, HTML Leaving well enough alone B. HarveyMay 1975    Unknown
RFC 687ASCII, PDF, HTML IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol changes D.C. WaldenJune 1975Obsoleted by RFC 704, Updated by RFC 690Unknown
RFC 688ASCII, PDF, HTML Tentative schedule for the new Telnet implementation for the TIP D.C. WaldenJune 1975    Unknown
RFC 689ASCII, PDF, HTML Tenex NCP finite state machine for connections R. ClementsMay 1975    Unknown
RFC 690ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on the proposed Host/IMP Protocol changes J. PostelJune 1975Updates RFC 687, Updated by RFC 692Unknown
RFC 691ASCII, PDF, HTML One more try on the FTP B. HarveyJune 1975    Unknown
RFC 692ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on IMP/Host Protocol changes (RFCs 687 and 690) S.M. WolfeJune 1975Updates RFC 690Unknown
RFC 694ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, HTML Protocol information J. PostelJune 1975Updates RFC 661Unknown
RFC 695ASCII, PDF, HTML Official change in Host-Host Protocol M. KrilanovichJuly 1975    Unknown
RFC 696ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, HTML Comments on the IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol changes V.G. CerfJuly 1975    Unknown
RFC 697ASCII, PDF, HTML CWD command of FTP J. LiebJuly 1975    Unknown
RFC 698ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet extended ASCII option T. MockJuly 1975Obsoleted by RFC 5198Proposed Standard
RFC 699ASCII, PDF, HTML Request For Comments summary notes: 600-699 J. Postel, J. VernonNovember 1982    Informational
RFC 703ASCII, PDF, HTML July, 1975, survey of New-Protocol Telnet Servers D.W. DoddsJuly 1975Updates RFC 679Unknown
RFC 704ASCII, PDF, HTML IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol change P.J. SantosSeptember 1975Obsoletes RFC 687Unknown
RFC 705ASCII, PDF, HTML Front-end Protocol B6700 version R.F. BryanNovember 1975    Unknown
RFC 706ASCII, PDF, HTML On the junk mail problem J. PostelNovember 1975    Unknown
RFC 707ASCII, PDF, HTML High-level framework for network-based resource sharing J.E. WhiteDecember 1975    Unknown