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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 607ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on the File Transfer Protocol M. Krilanovich, G. GreggJanuary 1974Obsoleted by RFC 624, Updated by RFC 614Unknown
RFC 608ASCII, PDF, HTML Host names on-line M.D. KudlickJanuary 1974Obsoleted by RFC 810Unknown
RFC 609ASCII, PDF, HTML Statement of upcoming move of NIC/NLS service B. FergusonJanuary 1974    Unknown
RFC 611ASCII, PDF, HTML Two changes to the IMP/Host Protocol to improve user/network communications D.C. WaldenFebruary 1974    Unknown
RFC 612ASCII, PDF, HTML Traffic statistics (December 1973) A.M. McKenzieJanuary 1974    Unknown
RFC 613ASCII, PDF, HTML Network connectivity: A response to RFC 603 A.M. McKenzieJanuary 1974Updates RFC 603Unknown
RFC 614ASCII, PDF, HTML Response to RFC 607: "Comments on the File Transfer Protocol" K.T. Pogran, N. NeigusJanuary 1974Updates RFC 542, RFC 607Unknown
RFC 615ASCII, PDF, HTML Proposed Network Standard Data Pathname syntax D. CrockerMarch 1974Obsoleted by RFC 645Unknown
RFC 617ASCII, PDF, HTML Note on socket number assignment E.A. TaftFebruary 1974    Unknown
RFC 618ASCII, PDF, HTML Few observations on NCP statistics E.A. TaftFebruary 1974    Unknown
RFC 619ASCII, PDF, HTML Mean round-trip times in the ARPANET W. Naylor, H. OpderbeckMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 620ASCII, PDF, HTML Request for monitor host table updates B. FergusonMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 621ASCII, PDF, HTML NIC user directories at SRI ARC M.D. KudlickMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 622ASCII, PDF, HTML Scheduling IMP/TIP down time A.M. McKenzieMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 623ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on on-line host name service M. KrilanovichFebruary 1974    Unknown
RFC 624ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on the File Transfer Protocol M. Krilanovich, G. Gregg, W. Hathaway, J.E. WhiteFebruary 1974Obsoletes RFC 607Unknown
RFC 625ASCII, PDF, HTML On-line hostnames service M.D. Kudlick, E.J. FeinlerMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 626ASCII, PDF, HTML On a possible lockup condition in IMP subnet due to message sequencing L. Kleinrock, H. OpderbeckMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 627ASCII, PDF, HTML ASCII text file of hostnames M.D. Kudlick, E.J. FeinlerMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 628ASCII, PDF, HTML Status of RFC numbers and a note on pre-assigned journal numbers M.L. KeeneyMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 629ASCII, PDF, HTML Scenario for using the Network Journal J.B. NorthMarch 1974    Unknown
RFC 630ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP error code usage for more reliable mail service J. SussmanApril 1974    Unknown
RFC 631ASCII, PDF, HTML International meeting on minicomputers and data communication: Call for papers A. DanthineApril 1974    Unknown
RFC 632ASCII, PDF, HTML Throughput degradations for single packet messages H. OpderbeckMay 1974    Unknown
RFC 633ASCII, PDF, HTML IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule A.M. McKenzieMarch 1974Obsoleted by RFC 638Unknown