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 +Parent issue: XML review
 +Size (time): ​
 +Importance/​Urgency: ​
 +Problem Statement: Requiring the RFC editorial staff to become both expert in RFC style as well as the XML language and structure adds to the issue of finding and training qualified staff to work on documents. ​ While there will be tools to help create the necessary XML files for publication,​ there will still need to be a high level of expertise among the editors to help authors who themselves do not have XML expertise in creating properly formatted XML files for the editorial process. ​ One possible solution is to outsource the XML review and cleanup of Internet Drafts going through the RFC publication process.
 +This would allow the RPC and Publisher to focus on being editors rather than XML experts. ​ It could potentially improve turnaround time when we move to the XML format, by allowing individuals to apply discrete areas of expertise to moving documents along more efficiently.
 +This would add to the cost of publishing RFCs.
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