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Parent issue: RFC Editor Website update Specific issue: Content, look-and-feel

Size (time): 6-18 months Importance/Urgency: High/Medium

Problem Statement: The RFC Editor website is out of date both in terms of content and its user interface and does not show up at the top of search results when searching for RFCs. Feedback from users is that finding anything other than RFC and I-D is difficult. There is a strong desire within the RFC Editor to make the site more intuitively usable, efficient, and attractive. The current layout leaves a poor impression of the RFC Series and its relevance to modern Internet engineers.

One goal is to avoid website design by committee. Initial discussions with the RFC Production Center suggest that a green-field approach would be most efficient given the current structure (or lack thereof) to the website and its underlying directory.

Update of specific internet drafts such as the Style Guide and Instructions 2 Authors are separate issues.

RSE Actions:

  • Collect initial requirements from RFC Production Center & Publisher, RSAG - *DONE*
  • Determine if any other related projects are happening in the streams - *DONE*
    • There is a SoW for an IETF website redesign; that is a much larger and complex project than the RFC Editor website, and will result in a different look-and-feel
  • Create an RFP to solicit bids on updating the space; send to RFC Production Center and Publisher for input on text of the RFP - *DONE*
  • Get approval from RSOC and IAOC for the proposal *DONE*
  • Oversee the project schedule and provide updates to the community as appropriate *IN PROGRESS*

RSOC Actions:

  • Need input on project funding proposal

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:

  • provide input on requirements suitable for a website designer
  • draft changes to text for all but Independent Submissions
  • provide site access for test instance and changes


Financial: this will require special project funding; we are doing an initial requirements list in order to determine the scope of what a web designer would do for us

Project schedules: work on the content and design of the site will require significant editor input; this will feed in to consideration for increase of editorial staff

Reputation: current site is an embarrassment

Estimated completion date: September 2015

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