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RFC Production Center requests and requirements for new web presence

Front page should include:

  • Menu Bar (on all pages, actual details TBD)
  • About Us
    • Diagrams w/ links
    • Contact Us
  • About the Series
    • What RFC governs the process
  • Search function
  • Link to site map
  • Activity Stream (something dynamic such as what RFCs have been published today)
  • RSE stuff
    • wiki
    • blog if I ever have one
  • Independent Submissions stuff
  • Easy access to queue
  • Footer / Related Groups

Also on site:

  • History of the RFC Editor
  • Associated mailing lists
  • Author info pages
    • Style Guide
    • Quick Ref
  • Related Group info (RSAG, RSOC)
  • RFC @ IETF
  • News (What's new in the world of RFC Ed)
  • Errata
  • Consolidated terminology
  • FAQ
  • Various Indexes
  • Download page
  • Stats & reports
  • Other repository lists (incl. translations)
  • Note well, Copyright, IPR

Look and feel notes:

  • Better use of space
  • Consistent look & feel
  • Remember “over-40” eyes
  • No video
  • Remain largely text-based
  • Make sure to customize 404 errors

SEO notes

  • a focus on following WCAG 2.0 guidelines will assist in improving the site's indexability by webcrawlers
  • make sure to submit appropriate site maps to Google, Bing
  • follow technical guidelines for inclusion in Google Scholar

Sites to avoid looking like:

  • (info too hard to find)
  • (poor use of white space, hard to find info, too flat a structure)
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