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This is the list of feedback received to date regarding the new RFC Editor website. If you have additional questions, suggestions, or concerns, please post to [email protected]. Please send bug reports to [email protected].

Feedback Notes
1 clicking on “Advanced Search” in the upper right works completely differently from all the other links. All the other links keep the table of contents on the left, but “Advanced Search” loses it. Willfix
2 the HTML isn't standards compliant. Willfix
3 On Google Chrome -- When I click on HTML (ascending) for instance… Apparently the entire page is downloaded at once. My browser freezes and I'm enjoying the spinny circle of happiness. (update: the spinning finished after 10 minutes) - Maybe bringing down 100 or so and then having navigation that lets you download another 100 or the rest. Willfix
4 On my iPhone in Safari, the whole page appears to download fine (less than 4 secs), but I'm on wi-fi, not the mobile network. I'm not concerned about my data plan (since mine is unlimited), but this could be troublesome for some. - Maybe bringing down 100 or so and then having navigation that lets you download another 100 or the rest. Willfix
5 The left-hand menubar disappears and the top menu icon appears when the width goes below 801px, but the space for the lefthand menubar remains, blank, until the width goes below 701px. This results in unintentional bad layout for widths of 701px to 800px. Investigating
6 If one runs javascript, there seems to be javascript snippet which for some widths runs _all the time_, and results in constantly changing values for the left: style of the <div/> with id=“responsive-menu”. I haven't looked closely if the style itself is being manipulated or if the flutter I see in my page inspector is the result of width changes in a subsidiary element. I suspect however that this could cause bad battery-draining on mobile devices of the wrong widths. Also, it seems to me that things work fine without javascript enabled, so I'm not sure exactly why that over-eager snippet is in use. Investigating
7 The rfc errata summary table doesn't adapt well to widths less than 1212px Investigating
8 re clicking on “Browse RFCs by Status” & Best Current Practice I get a randomized list of 25 BCPs. it would seem to me that if the title is “Browse RFCs by Status” _ would get all the BCPs (or maybe the 1st 25) in order the same is true for the other categories as well Investigating
9 re: clicking on Official Internet Protocol Standards. I get an ordered list of internet standards some of which are missing (e.g. STD 1 & STD 2) and some of which show up in more than one box (e.g., STD 5 & 13) seems like this needs more work imo - all std #s should appear once (even to say “not issued”) and only once & include all the RFCs that make up a STD the current format makes it hard to say what STD 13 (for example) consists of There is an option to show/hide retired STD numbers; current default is to hide. After further discussion, will leave as is and add more text to indicate what can be shown
10 re: RFC Status Changes. this is incomplete- e.g. RFC 1058 is missing (I do not know if any other RFCs are also missing). More important - in a number of cases a RFC was written (in the case of RFC 1058 it was RFC 1923) that said why the 1st RFC was made historic - I think it is very important to include any such RFCs in this list so the readers can find out what happened - there is good information in some of these (no so good in others - RFC 4450) many of these RFCs can be found by searching for Historic in the index Investigating
11 Serving up your own version of jQuery, Reponsive Menu, and so on instead of using the widely-cached ones means that if there are security bugs found in them (which there are), you will continue to serve the buggy versions long after the bugs have been fixed. WordPress default. Will investigate using public version post-cutover.
12 There appears to be a large amount of CSS that is never used. This makes the page less responsive WordPress defaults. Won't fix.
13 The CSS source is not prettified, so it is impossible to follow and analyze. WordPress defaults. Won't fix
14 Serving up your own version of jQuery, Reponsive Menu, and so on instead of using the widely-cached ones significantly slows down page loading. WordPress default. Will investigate using public version post-cutover.
15 Having “RFC Editor” in monospace font is exactly the wrong message to give. A better logo design is desired, but low on the list of priorities
16 The Internet Society logo appears too far beneath “Sponsor” Investigating. May be limited by WordPress in how they integrate images into the template (automatic white space)
17 FF (with noscript) reports mixed content just to left of lock icon Investigating
18 ISSN is too prominent for my tastes Fixed
19 RFC1984/BCP200 is not in [1], I guess that's a transition thing only Transition thing
20 IETF, IRTF and IAB could usefully be links as the ISE is Won't fix; anecdotal evidence suggests more people are familiar with “IETF than “Internet Engineering Task Force”
21 Errata verification login didn't carry over for me, probably my browser's fault Transition
22 Chrome on the iPhone worked too, but took a good 10 seconds to respond. Investigating; not enough information
23 My only nit is that whoever designed the look is too much in love with gray boxes and grey shadows… Holding off on the color conversation.
24 The grey box in the middle makes it hard to read the text. Lightening it would help a lot. Won't fix
25 One comment though on the “recent RFCs” right-hand side column. I wonder if this wouldn't make sense to consolidate the different views of a RFC. To discuss further with the IESG
26 Re: errata page - The text is all shown in a grey background block in the middle of the page, which is fine, but for some reason when there's a blank line in quoted text, that displays as a white bar across the block. There's a thin darker grey line between errata, but for me at least it's hard to see. White bars would be a nice separator between the errata Investigating
27 Much the same issue (as with item 26, re: errata page) with the cluster pages. The thin, slightly darker grey bar (against a grey background) between items is much too subtle for my eyes. As a result all the items just run together. Investigating
28 My $0.02, ditch the grey background! Barring dire emergencies, all text should be black on white. Won't fix
29 The new site looks good, except for one thing -- the drop-shadow border around the content. It's visually jarring and doesn't add to the design - consider removing it? Investigating
30 Define 404 as TBD pages, e.g. redirect to a “pretty” 404/resource missing IETF form with IETF-intelligent links. Fixed
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