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Parent issue:

Specific issue:

Size (time): (1-6, 6-18, 18+ months)


Problem Statement: The RFC Editor is responsible for making sure the overall RFC Series uses a consistent format and style. The Style Guide (linked to from the RFC Editor website at documents the style conventions currently in use by the series and stalled in publishing an update over two years ago.

The current plan is to move forward with a revised Style Guide split in to two forms: an RFC to cover the current accepted policies and guidelines, and a web space that holds new guidelines being tested and items that are expected to undergo regular updates (such as an acronym list).

RSE Actions:

  • collect details on what items belong in the Style Guide and determine which are more appropriate for the web space
  • create initial web space

RSOC Actions:

  • provide direction on whether splitting the Style Guide in to two sections (RFC and web space) is reasonable (*DONE*)
  • provide feedback on content

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:

  • provide details of Style Guide related issues to RSE
  • provide feedback on content



  • costs of editor time for collation and review of information to be covered under normal operating costs

Project schedules:

  • Started February 2012
  • First draft of webspace due June 2012


Estimated completion date:

  • November 2012
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