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Parent issue: RFC Production Center / Publisher split

Size (time): (1-6, 6-18, 18+ months) Importance/Urgency:

Problem Statement: In order to reduce IT costs and encourage flexibility for future RFP, the RFC Production Center (RPC) and the RFC Publisher need to be discrete entities. While this has been partially described in 5620bis, actual implementation deviates slightly from what is documented in that RFC. The revised plan must be documented and shared with the community, and implementation of that plan completed before March 2013.

RSE Actions:

  • Document and share with the community a high-level plan and diagram describing the split - DONE
  • Work with AMS (current vendor) to clean up the Statement of Work (SOW) for both the Publisher and the RPC - DONE
  • Work with RPC & Publisher Selection Committee to conclude edits to SoW - DONE

RSOC Actions:

  • Review new SOWs - DONE

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:

  • Work with RSE to clean up the SOW - DONE
  • Create detailed action plan for implementation of split - DONE
  • Document what, if any, changes would need to be completed should the RPC and Publisher move to separate vendors


  • Complete the physical server moves - IN PROGRESS
  • Write and test the electronic signature code for the RPC - IN PROGRESS


Financial: no immediate financial cost; all costs associated with the Publisher will be absorbed by AMS while it is colocated with the RPC

Project schedules:


Estimated completion date: November 2012 July 2013

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