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 +===== rfclint =====
 +Per https://​​project/​rfclint/,​ the actions performed are:
 +  * Validate the file is well formed XML and that it conforms to the XML2RFC Version 3 schema as defined in RFC 7991.
 +  * Verify that embedded XML stanzas are well formed.
 +  * Verify that embedded ABNF is complete and well formed.
 +  * Identify misspelled words.
 +  * Detect duplicate words.
 +==== Spellchecking ====
 +The following is a description of how the selection is done for what is spellchecked. ​ The first thing to note is that this list contains v2 ([[https://​​info/​rfc7749|RFC 7749]]) as well as v3 ([[https://​​info/​rfc7991|RFC 7991]]) vocabulary.
 +**Elements that are checked:**
 +annotation, area, artwork, blockquote, city, cref, code, country, dd, dt,
 +email, keyword, li, name, organization,​ phone, postalLine, refcontent,
 +region, sourcecode, street, t, td, th, title, uri, workgroup
 +**Attributes that are checked:**
 +   '​title':​ ['​ascii',​ '​abbrev'​],​
 +   '​seriesInfo':​ ['​name',​ '​asciiName',​ '​value',​ '​asciiValue'​],​
 +   '​author':​ ['​asciiFullname',​ '​asciiInitials',​ '​asciiSurname',​ '​fullname',​
 +'​surname',​ '​initials'​],​
 +   '​city':​ ['​ascii'​],​
 +   '​code':​ ['​ascii'​],​
 +   '​country':​ ['​ascii'​],​
 +   '​region':​ ['​ascii'​],​
 +   '​street':​ ['​ascii'​],​
 +   '​blockquote':​ ['​quotedFrom'​],​
 +   '​iref':​ ['​item',​ '​subitem'​],​
 +where the first item is the element name and then the list of attributes
 +that would be checked.
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