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Parent issue: Outreach

Size (time): 18+ months

Importance/Urgency: High

Problem Statement: Based on the feedback culminating in the rfcplusplus BoF at IETF 102, the community would like to have a better understanding of how the world sees the RFC Series, both in relation to the different document statuses and streams (if there is recognition that there are different document streams and RFC that are not standards) and who actually uses RFCs.

RSE Actions:

  • Discuss marketing/branding options with Greg Wood, ISOC DONE
  • Develop a clearer problem statement to capture the areas of concern around streams and statuses
  • Develop an outreach plan that will pull in feedback from more areas than just the IETF

RSOC Actions:

  • Review

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:

  • No actions required


Financial: n/a

Project schedules:

  • This was noted by the RSE as important but not urgent, with efforts constantly underway and a more focused push expected after the RFC Format project was in production


  • High impact to reputation

Estimated completion date: ongoing

Notes on developing an outreach plan

Who is/are our target audience(s)?

  • Initially, the organizations that the IETF, IAB, and ISOC have liaison relationships with, as well as open source community groups such as the various NOGs
  • In the future, this may expand to anyone we can identify as consumers of RFCs

What goal(s) are we trying to achieve?

  • Awareness that the RFC Series exists
  • Gain clarity on how the target audiences perceive RFCs

What strategies will we use to achieve our goal(s)?

  • Reach out via liaisons to notify organizations of any significant changes in the series (e.g., format changes)
  • Consider developing a user group of SDO editors

What activities and tasks do we need to perform to succeed?

Who will be responsible for executing each activity?

What specific outcome(s) do we expect to see from each activity?

How will we measure success when evaluating each activity?

What is our timeline for each activity?

What process will we implement to track our progress?

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