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Parent issue: RFC Series Streams Specific issue: How to add a new document stream to the Series

Size (time): 18+ months Importance/Urgency: High/Medium

Problem Statement: The concept of RFC Streams was defined in RFC 4844. At the time, the addition of new document streams was not advised. As the Series eveolves, however, it becomes possible and even likely that new communities of document authors will want to publish through the Series while not being a “fit” for the broader IETF, IRTF, IAB, or Independent Submission streams.

In May 2012, a group focusing on federated internet identity policies called REFEDs contacted the RFC Series Editor regarding potentially becoming a new stream. Determining if their documents would add to the quality and value of the Series, whether those documents should be published through an existing stream, and what the financial implications will provide an excellent “pilot” to explore what it would take to add a new document stream to the Series.

RSE Actions:

  • Open discussion with REFEDs, keeping RSOC and RPC informed
    • List of questions for a new stream and REFEDs responses
  • Explore any reasonable alternatives (a new, separate contract with AMS? Feed REFED docs through the Independent Stream? Other?)
  • Formula for financial costs potentially associated with a new Stream?

RSOC Actions:

  • Feedback required on procedure for adding new streams and how to determine quality

RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:

  • provide input on staffing impact
  • provide input on how to determine quality


Financial: Adding a new stream will have financial impact, but exactly how much will depend on a variety of factors, including

  • number of new documents published
  • training time for staff and new authors

Project schedules: While important, this may not impact schedules for RFC Format or Style Guide efforts.

Reputation: Must determine selection and process criteria in order to make sure the quality of the RFC Series as a whole is maintained

Estimated completion date: TBD

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