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 +Parent issue: Understanding the role of metadata in digital preservation
 +Size (time): Short-term/​small
 +Importance/​Urgency:​ TBD
 +Problem Statement: ​ A point raised during an STM Assoc. seminar in December 2013 was how publishers should consider carefully consider what metadata is assigned to a document, with a particular eye towards long term digital preservation. ​ Information on the format, tools, etc., should be added such that if/when the document needs to migrate to a new format or be properly recorded for posterity, the information is there from the time the document was accepted in to the archive.  ​
 +With the RFC format undergoing significant review, and updates of the content of the RFC Info pages happening on a more regular basis, now is a very good time to spend some cycles reviewing what metadata we are adding/​collecting to RFCs.
 +Better long term preservation support.
 +None known
 +Creation of a proper Digital Archive Policy
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