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Parent issue: Understanding the role of metadata in digital preservation

Size (time): Short-term/small

Importance/Urgency: TBD

Problem Statement: A point raised during an STM Assoc. seminar in December 2013 was how publishers should consider carefully consider what metadata is assigned to a document, with a particular eye towards long term digital preservation. Information on the format, tools, etc., should be added such that if/when the document needs to migrate to a new format or be properly recorded for posterity, the information is there from the time the document was accepted in to the archive.

With the RFC format undergoing significant review, and updates of the content of the RFC Info pages happening on a more regular basis, now is a very good time to spend some cycles reviewing what metadata we are adding/collecting to RFCs.

Pros: Better long term preservation support.

Cons: None known

Dependency: Creation of a proper Digital Archive Policy

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