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Experiment: Using GitHub for AUTH48

Draft Process

  1. The author will create a repository with just the XML. We ask that the author not use their existing repository, for various reasons.
  2. The RPC updates the submitted/approved I-D with the items listed below and keeps this file on hand to send to the authors when AUTH48 is initiated.
    • document header
    • copyright
    • status of this memo
    • section movement to meet the style guide requirements (e.g., move acks and contribs to appear at the end)
  3. RFC Editor goes through the EDIT and RFC EDITOR process states and sends an email with a link to the XML file created in step 2 and the edited XML file at the start of AUTH48.
  4. At the start of AUTH48, the author will create a Pull Request (PR) with the changes proposed by the RPC. The authors respond and point to the repository they created.
  5. The relevant people from the RPC will subscribe to notifications from that repository using the “Watch” button and confirm they are watching. For this test case, Heather, Adam, and Martin will follow along as well.
  6. The authors provide a review of the PR they create. That will include line-by-line commentary in the comment section of the PR. This will produce an email sent to anyone watching.
  7. The RPC can review at that point. The RPC will either ask clarifying questions in the comments for the PR, or tag the AD for approval.
  8. Once each author-provided PR is approved by the authors, the authors will merge that PR. The RPC may engage in discussion and/or request AD approval while the PRs are being discussed or may comment after the updates have been merged.
  9. Once all author-provided PRs are merged, the RPC will download the current XML file - Adam or Martin will make sure the RPC has the correct URL to get to that file.
  10. The RPC will produce, if necessary, a new revision of the document and send an email with the link to the XML file to the authors.
  11. If a new version of the document is produced and the authors approve the updated text for publication, they send the RPC their approval.
  12. If the authors don't approve, they update the RPC's PR and we go back to step 4.
  13. Final approval for the full document needs to result in an explicit email to the the RPC from each author indicating approval. GitHub will be used for editorial discussion, but the final text approval will be done via email.

Relevant Documents

    • 2018-03-21: approved for publication as an RFC.
    • 2018-06-14: initiated AUTH48. provided XML file as described in step 2 above.
    • 2018-03-01: approved for publication as an RFC. (in MISSREF because of normative references that are not yet approved)

Evaluation Criteria

To be added.

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