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-Parent issue: ​+Parent issue: ​A home for RFC Editor experiments
-Size (time): ​+Size (time): ​n/a
 Importance/​Urgency:​ TBD Importance/​Urgency:​ TBD
-Problem Statement: ​+Problem Statement: ​The RFC Editor tends to be fairly conservative and careful in what is offered out to the community; the goal being to minimize confusion. ​ While a worthy goal, it could be interesting to have a place where the RFC Editor could experiment with things like new formats or features and get community input. ​ This would allow the RFC Editor a way to be more proactive in engaging the community.
-Pros: +Pros: Potential for higher community engagement and hvaing the RFC Editor get ahead of the curve for changes.  ​
-Cons:+Cons: Time and funding for R&D is a concern.  ​
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