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assetURI Pointer to info page or DOI link
dcat:theme Always
dct:description Abstract
dct:modified Publication date
dct:title Title
dct:type See note below; this may need to be done manually for previously published RFCs
adms:status Completed; UnderDevelopment; Deprecated; Withdrawn
dcat:contactpoint publisher or author?
dcat:distribution ???
dcat:keyword keword list
dcat:landingpage ???
dct:language en
dct:relation URIs of related assets (would have to be done manually)
dct:spacial n/a
dct:spacial n/a
dct:temporal ???
foaf:logo include URL of IETF, IRTF, IAB when possible?
Type options (that may apply to RFCs) - Semantics
CoreComponent Core Component A core component is a context-free semantic building block for creating clear and meaningful data models, vocabularies, and information exchange packages [UN/CEFACT CCTS ].
Ontology Ontology A formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualization [ISO/DIS 25964-2].
DomainModel Domain Model A domain model is a conceptual view of a system or an information exchange that identifies the entities involved and their relationships [NIEM Glossary ].
Schema Schema A schema is a concrete view on a system or information exchange, describing the structure, content, and semantics of data.
InformationExchangePackageDescription Information Exchange Package Description A collection of artifacts that define and describe the structure and content of an information exchange [NIEM Glossary]. An Information Exchange Package Description has a specific information exchange context and may refer to other semantic assets.
Thesaurus Thesaurus controlled and structured vocabulary in which concepts are represented by terms, organized so that relationships between concepts are made explicit, and preferred terms are accompanied by lead-in entries for synonyms or quasi-synonyms [ISO 25964-1:2011].
Taxonomy Taxonomy scheme of categories and subcategories that can be used to sort and otherwise organize items of knowledge or information [ISO/DIS 25964-2].
CodeList Code List Complete set of data element values of a coded simple data element [ISO 9735-1:2002, 4.14].
NameAuthorityList Name Authority List controlled vocabulary for use in naming particular entities consistently [ISO/DIS 25964-2].
Mapping Mapping relationship between a concept in one vocabulary and one or more concepts in another [ISO/DIS 25964-2].
SyntaxEncodingScheme Syntax Encoding Scheme Syntax Encoding Schemes indicate that the value is a string formatted in accordance with a formal notation, such as “2000-01-01” as the standard expression of a date. [DCMI Glossary].
ServiceDescription Service Description A service description is a set of documents that describe the interface to and semantics of a service [W3C WS-GLOSS ].
Type options (that may apply to RFCs) - Technical
Technical Interopability Agreement
Security Specification
Communication Protocol
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