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-Parent issue: ​+Parent issue: ​Relevance of the IETF and the Series in Layer 9
-Size (time): ​xxx months from start+Size (time): ​months from start
-Importance/​Urgency: ​Medium/Low+Importance/​Urgency: ​High/Low
 +Description: ​
 +There is an activity going on in Europe to build a catalog of information pointing to various legal, political, technical, and other "​semantic assets"​ relevant to the EU organized by ISA (http://​​isa/​). ​ Getting information about RFCs in to this repository is of value for several reasons, both political and technical. ​ By providing information regarding RFCs in a place where people interested in EU ICT interoperability will look, we encourage acceptance of open standards and global interoperability,​ and broaden the potential readership of RFCs.
 +The platform they are using is called "​Joinup"​ and you can get more information on the catalog here: https://​​catalogue/​all?​current_checkbox=1
 +[[eu-ict-notes|Project Notes]]
 RSE Actions: RSE Actions:
 +  * Identify the steps required to automatically feed metadata regarding RFCs into the Joinup system 
 +  * Work with the RPC to add the necessary metadata fields required by this program to the Info pages and RFC database 
 +  * Work with the RPC or create an SoW to develop the necessary tool(s) to automate this activity
 RSOC Actions: RSOC Actions:
 +  * No action at this time
 RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions: RFC Production Center & Publisher Actions:
-  * +  * Work with the RSE to identify and add necessary metadata fields 
 +  * Create the RDF file for use by the Joinup project
 Costs/​Benefits Costs/​Benefits
-Financial: ​+Financial: ​TBD
 Project schedules: Project schedules:
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