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-Parent issue: ​+Parent issue: ​Relevance of the IETF and the Series in Layer 9
 Size (time): xxx months from start Size (time): xxx months from start
-Importance/​Urgency: ​Medium/Low+Importance/​Urgency: ​High/Low
 +Description: ​
 +There is an activity going on in Europe to build a catalog of information pointing to various legal, political, technical, and other "​semantic assets"​ relevant to the EU organized by ISA (http://​​isa/​). ​ Work with the this group to get the RFCs in the catalogue is of value for having the IETF seen as a equal player, and provide easy alternative access in places where people may not traditionally look for or find RFCs.  ​
 +The platform they are using is called "​Joinup"​ and you can get more information on the catalog here: https://​​catalogue/​all?​current_checkbox=1
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