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The errata system is a bespoke system with all the associated 
quirks and there is no good reason why we couldn't re-define 
errata so that they  are those things handled by some OSS s/w 
that we pick.


  1. It takes too much of an AD's or the ISE's time to read, review, and verify or reject errata.
  2. “It's not a bug tracking system and each time someone fills a bogus errata it adds burden on protocol implementers.”
  3. Searching for serious errata when faced with an unprioritized list is hard.
    1. Most individual errata are not actually important; the community needs to be able to quickly distinguish between what is and isn't important

Tangential concerns - in scope?

  1. Desire for a system that acts as an idea-for-document-update repository
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