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Parent issue: Digital Preservation Policy

Size (time): Medium (6-12 months)


Problem Statement: A Digital Preservation Policy helps address the inherent instability of digital media by providing a plan for technological obsolescence and a long-term plan for the continued authenticity and integrity of the digital records (RFCs and their associated metadata). This document needs to include the criteria that should be measured to determine when to kick up a migration project.

Pros: Will allow for a better financial planning given a documented cycle for review and updates to the documents. It will also allow for better project planning and technical guidance for ongoing support of the Series. A plan would help avoid incurring costs on an ad hoc basis, probably in more of an emergency scenarios.

Cons: This will add a known cost to the maintenance of the RFC Series.

Note: metadata-preservation is dependent on this project

Update: Project underway. The requirements for this effort will inform the RFC Format requirements. See for an early draft.

Note: input being sought on the early draft from the archive and library communities, as well as the RPC. After that input is received and incorporated, draft will go to the RSAG for discussion, and later, out for community discussion.


  • September 2014: incorporate archive/third party input; release to RSAG for input
  • October 2014: incorporate RSAG input; release as a -00 draft to start community input
  • November 2014: topic for RFC Format session
  • Q1 2015: incorporate updates; propose as an IAB stream draft
  • publication not sought until format work comes closer to reality
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