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All documents will be UTF-8 encoded and MUST apply Normalization Form C to all metadata fields such as document name, authors, and references unless a specific exception is granted by the RSE. The body of the document MAY contain other normalization forms as declared necessary by the authors. Non-ASCII characters are only allowed in author names, contact information, examples, and References. Author names will also require an ASCII representation to encourage broader indexing.

All documents should identify themselves as being UTF-8. For formats that are not inherently defined as UTF-8 only, the document must identify itself as being in UTF-8. E.g. encoding=“UTF-8” for XML, a BOM for plain text, etc.

An implementer must be able to implement the specification without any confusion or ambiguity introduced by the use of UTF-8 rather than ASCII.

People must be able to reference (cite) the RFC from elsewhere in a standard way, including from documents that only support ASCII.

The RFC must be able to reference (cite) other documents in an unambiguous way.

Cross-references (including references to other documents) must be unambiguous even from a printed document.

Tools must be able to index the RFC in various ways, so searching for keywords, author names, and so on can work.

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